Site Exclusion

Site Exclusion is available for search campaigns and can be set at the campaign level.


The following fields are available for creating and managing site exclusions.

Name Description Type Add Delete
Campaign ID The ID of the parent campaign. long required required
Landing URL The URL of a specific domain to block your search campaign from serving on. Valid values are URL strings, for example: string required required

Create a Site Exclusion

The following example contains the fields required for blocking a search campaign from serving on a specific domain. All other fields in this spreadsheet are blank and are not shown:

Action Object Type Campaign ID Landing URL
Add Site Exclusion 123

Update a Site Exclusion

Updates are not supported for Site Exclusion. If you need to update an existing Site Exclusion, you need to delete the relevant one and add a new one.

Delete a Site Exclusion

To delete a Site Exclusion, the required fields are Action, Object Type, Landing URL and the Parent Campaign Id:

Action Object Type Campaign ID Landing URL
Delete Site Exclusion 123