Error Messages and Codes

This document describes the various error code responses you might see when making an API call. If there is a problem serving your request, you'll receive a response with an HTTP error code and an error response in the format you tried requesting (XML, JSON). The default is XML.

The Error Codes

Following is a list of the HTTP error codes you may encounter:

Code Description
200 OK. No Error
300 Multiple Choices. Collection of possible resources
301 Moved Permanently. Resource has moved
303 See Other. Redirection
304 Not Modified. Resource has not been modified (conditional GET)
400 Bad Request. Malformed syntax or a bad query
401 Unauthorized. Action requires user authentication
403 Forbidden. Authentication failure or invalid Application ID
404 Not Found. Resource not found
405 Not Allowed. Method not allowed on resource
406 Not Acceptable. Requested representation not available for the resource
410 Gone. The URI used to refer to a resource
500 Server Error. Internal Server Error

The XML body

For each error, you'll receive an XML response of the following form:

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