Chapter 6. Guidelines for Yahoo Messenger IM SDK Applications


This document sets forth the specifications which developers utilizing the Yahoo Messenger IM SDK must follow. Failure to follow these guidelines shall be considered a violation of the Yahoo Messenger IM SDK Terms of Use. This documents consists of three parts describing mandatory requirements for developing, testing, certifying and deploying software clients using the Yahoo Messenger IM SDK:

  1. Guidelines for using Yahoo Messenger IM SDK. The guidelines detail the conditions for using the Yahoo Messenger IM SDK, branding requirements and regions where the SDK cannot be used.
  2. Product design framework. The product design framework is based upon Yahoo’s understanding of how users utilize Yahoo Messenger. We consider this design framework the standard for delivering a superior experience to Yahoo Messenger users.
  3. Certification framework. All applications must be tested by the application developer according to this framework. Applications that do not meet the certification criteria may have their Yahoo Developer Network API key revoked which will result in the service being terminated.

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