Yahoo Messenger API

Yahoo Messenger is the premier instant messaging (IM) platform, used on a wide variety of desktop and mobile clients. The SDK offers developers a trusted platform to manage contact and group lists, presence information, real-time instant communications, and data transfer to and from clients instantly throughout the world.

Accessing the Data

Using the data in your application

In order to access Messenger data in your application, you’ll need to get a Yahoo API key and configure it to use Yahoo Messenger. You can do this by creating a project for your application.

Create a Project


Your use of the Yahoo! Messenger IM SDK should not exceed 5,000 daily unique users. If you believe your application will exceed such volume, pleasecontact us.

Use of the Yahoo! Messenger IM SDK is subject to additional guidelines.


By using the Yahoo Messenger developer service, you agree to the Terms of Use.


Learn how to use the Yahoo Messenger API through descriptions of its queries and parameters. In addition, the documentation also inculdes sample code to help get you started.



Join the conversation on the Yahoo Messenger developer forum to get help and touch base with other developers.