Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs

The ActionScript® 2 API described here has been deprecated. Yahoo! is proud to now offer an all-new ActionScript 3.0 API to developers. You can find the documentation, component download and examples on the Maps Section of the Flash Developer Center, here on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

We will continue to keep the ActionScript 2 documentation available right here for developers still using it, however Yahoo! will not continue to provide support for it and are recommending that everyone upgrade to the AS3 API to take advantage of the many new features.

Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs

  • ActionScript-Flash API - Create a rich Flash application using a Yahoo! Map using ActionScript® 2.
  • JavaScript-Flash API - Create great applications quickly with using JavaScript™ and a Flash based map. No Flash programming required!
  • Flex™ API - Flex 1.5 developers can use the Flex API with the Macromedia® Presentation Server Technology to create powerful applications.
  • Reference Manual - Documentation for the three Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs.

Rate Limit

The Yahoo! Flash Maps APIs are limited to 50,000 queries per IP per day. See information on rate limiting. For guidance on how to integrate these APIs into your business applications or to request a rate limit exception, please see our Usage Policy.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo! Maps APIs is governed by the Yahoo! Maps APIs Terms of Use and the Yahoo! Maps Terms of Use. These Terms of Use supplant the general Yahoo! Developer Network Terms of Use. See also the Usage Policy for more information about acceptable usage of these APIs or to request additional queries.

Support & Community

All Yahoo! Maps Web Services are discussed on the yws-maps mailing list.

The yws-maps-flash mailing list is available for Flash API specific questions.

Also, check out the ydn-flash discussion group and the Flash Developer Center.

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