SendMessage sends a new email message to another user.


  • Read/Write: Yahoo! Mail


Name Description
message ComposeMessage
savecopy Whether to save a copy of the message.


Name Description
mid New message ID if "savecopy" is set in parameter list.
HumanVerificationRequired SendMessage returns this error with a Captcha to be answered by the user. The subsequent SendMessage request should contain the Captcha answer. The message is sent only if the Captcha is answered correctly.
CanNotSendMessage SendMessage returns this error when the message will not be sent because the message content is considered to be spam or phishing. The user should change the message content before trying to send the message again.
AccountVerificationRequired SendMessage returns this error when the user’s account has been blocked. A URL is also returned in this response. The user has to go to the URL and follow the steps to unblock the account. No messages can be sent from the account till the user unblocks the account.

Sample SendMessage requests and responses with Captcha responses in SOAP and Json are given below.


Captcha Request
Captcha Response
SendMessage Request with Captcha Response

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