JSON-RPC Endpoint

The JSON-RPC endpoint is "https://mail.yahooapis.com/ws/mail/v1.1/jsonrpc"and it implements the JSON-RPC spec on top of the Web service. Requests are serialized JavaScript following a specific data format. Each serialized JavaScript object contains the following properties:

  • method: name of the API method being called.
  • params: an array containing the method parameters.
  • id (optional): the ID of the request, allows asynchronous clients to match a response back up with the original request.

    The service responds with serialized JavaScript as well. Once again, the JavaScript object follows a specific data format:

  • result: the return from the API method, must be null if there was an error.
  • error: an error object resulting from the call being made (like an exception), must be null if there was no error.

JSON-RPC Sample Request

JSON-RPC Sample Response

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