DownloadAttachment downloads a file attached to a message. Anti-virus scanning can be performed and an error will be returned if a virus is detected.


Virus Scanning Endpoint


  • Read Full: Yahoo! Mail
  • Read/Write: Yahoo! Mail


Query string arguments.

Yahoo! Mail New Style

Name Description
fid ID of the folder containing the message.
mid New style message ID of the message containing the attachment.
pid ID of the specific part to download.
tnef (optional) Index of an individual attachment within a TNEF attachment (winmail.dat).
appid (optional) Its Optional to have application id in request
clean If set to 1, the attachment needs scanning because it may have a virus. If set to 0, no scanning is required.
inline If set to 1, download as inline. No content disposition is set in this case.

Error Codes

Virus scanning related error codes:

Error Code Meaning
download_av_internal_error Internal error.
download_av_error Virus was detected.
download_av_no_virus Attachment does not have a virus.
download_has_virus_cant_clean Attachment has a virus that can’t be cleaned.
download_cleaned Attachment had a virus and was cleaned.
download_not_scannable Attachment is not virus scannable.
download_av_server_down Server is down.
download_has_virus Attachment has a virus.


Possible errors and their HTTP responses when no redirect URL is provided:

Error Code HTTP Response Meaning
invalid_cookies 404 Invalid cookies
could_not_open_udb 500 Server error.
no_credentials 404 No credentials.
cred_decrypt_failed 404 Failed to decrypt credentials.
mailbox_open_err 500 Could not open mailbox.
unable_to_get_message_info_or_part 500 Unable to get message information
could_not_get_archive_content 500 Unable to get attachment content.
tnef_not_found 500 tnef attachment not found.
bad_tnef_param 500 tnef attachment does not exist for that parameter.
part_not_found 500 Part not found.
redirect_url_missing 500 Redirect URL is missing.
internal_error 500 Internal error.
attachment_not_found 500 Attachment not found.


Response HTTP header
A successful download returns the file contents and error messages during download are returned as below with error code.

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