Yahoo! HotJobs Resume Search API

The Yahoo! HotJobs Resume Search API can be used to create and modify searches, view search results and view candidate resumes in real time. This API document is useful for Yahoo! HotJobs customers and/or partners who wish to access the Yahoo! HotJobs resume database remotely through the medium of an Applicant tracking system or a resume aggregator solution. More information regarding access to the Yahoo! HotJobs resume search solution is available here.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Get a Yahoo! HotJobs Web Services license key.
  2. Read the HotJobs Resume Search API User Guide.

Using the HotJobs API


The Yahoo! HotJobs Web Services operates via HTTP requests. Requests are formed by starting with a service endpoint URL, and then results are returned by the service in XML format which varies per service. Applications can use these services by submitting a request, fetching the response, and parsing the returned XML and extracting the required information.

Yahoo! HotJobs Resume Search Web Services:

Allows you to authenticate yourself to the webservice and provides you the unique token which identifies your session.

Resume search
Allows you to provide your search criteria for candidate discovery.

Modify Search
Allows you to modify the search criteria that you had already provided using the Resume Search web service.

Search Results
Allows you to obtain candidate profile information for the criteria that you had provided using the resume search web service.

View Resume
Allows you to get complete details (including resume) of any candidate that had been returned by the search results web service.

Support and Community

Questions and suggestions on the HotJobs web services are discussed on the Yahoo! HotJobs Developer Community forum. If you have questions or need technical support, please use this forum.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo! HotJobs API is governed by the Yahoo! APIs Terms of Use.