Yahoo! Hadoop Tutorial

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Yahoo! Hadoop Tutorial. This tutorial includes the following materials designed to teach you how to use the Hadoop distributed data processing environment:

  • Hadoop 0.18.0 distribution (includes full source code)
  • A virtual machine image running Ubuntu Linux and preconfigured with Hadoop
  • VMware Player software to run the virtual machine image
  • A tutorial which will guide you through many aspects of Hadoop's installation and operation.

The tutorial is divided into seven modules, designed to be worked through in order. They can be accessed from the links below.

  1. Tutorial Introduction
  2. The Hadoop Distributed File System
  3. Getting Started With Hadoop
  4. MapReduce
  5. Advanced MapReduce Features
  6. Related Topics
  7. Managing a Hadoop Cluster
  8. Pig Tutorial

You can also download this tutorial as a single .zip file and burn a CD for use, and easy distribution, offline.


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