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    Welcome to HackU @ UT

    Submitted by

    Welcome to Hack U at UT Austin

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    • Yahoo! Hack U team
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    picture comparison game design

    Submitted by Kang-He

    we design a game protocol for creating similar pictures and comparing pictures.

    • Kang-He Members
    • Dan He
    • Sophia C.-Y. Kang
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    Tramp Runner

    Submitted by Tramp Runners

    A game in which you are representative of a human jumping on a trampoline that actually follows the laws of physics for a trampoline track idealized as a series of masses connected by ideal springs in the middle of a fixed track.

    • Tramp Runners Members
    • Julian Michael
    • Evan Ott
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    Part Downloader

    Submitted by Black Rose

    Part Downloader

    • Black Rose Members
    • Samuel
    • Shourav
    • Chakradhar
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    Notifications Of Bollywood Movies

    Submitted by SAS IS R8 HERE!!!!

    Prior Notification Of the selected Movies (like trailer realease,song release,movie release ) through an e-mail to the user.

    • SAS IS R8 HERE!!!! Members
    • Anusha Suresh
    • Sunandita Patra
    • Sonam Kumari
  6. 38

    Easy Cure

    Submitted by Caps-2

    Remote Medical Help Provider by the use of SMS/GPRS Facility

    • Caps-2 Members
    • Abhinav Gupta
    • Abhishek Ashish
    • Abhishek Borar
    • Pranjal Yadav
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    Submitted by Sansaar

    This is a virtual classroom that provides several personalized and customizable features to the expert account holder.

    • Sansaar Members
    • Anant Pushkar
    • Ankur Pandey
  8. 50


    Submitted by Team HALF

    Boggle versus everyone in real time. Made in HTML5, works in all HTML5 supported browsers. Device independent. Technologies used: HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS, and NowJS.

    • Team HALF Members
    • Farhad Abasov
    • Hassaan Markhiani
    • Andy Luong
    • Li Zhang
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    Submitted by Team Lonestar

    It is a hack that syncs all of your google documents in a local folder on your computer as well as your Dropbox account so you truly have them whenever and where ever. The hack I wrote is intelligent enough to automatically create a local directory if one doesn't exist for the purpose, and hooks into your Dropbox and Google accounts seamlessly with the appropriate authentication.

    • Team Lonestar Members
    • Vivek Karuturi
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    Teeter Party

    Submitted by

    Cooperate with your team to show off your superior sense of balance.

    • Members
    • Craig Yeh
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    Proximity Chat

    Submitted by Proxy Chat

    Our android app(and hopefully multi platform app) will help facilitiate the sociliazatoin of people who are in the vicinity of one another, for example people who lets say go to start bucks and log into the proximity chat room of starbuck's and soicialze. This can also be used on college campuses and other well populated areas. Our goal with this app is to bring people who are in the same "proximity" closer to one another through socializing.

    • Proxy Chat Members
    • Shane Fisette
    • Chris Villarreal
    • Michael Dang
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    Submitted by D


    • D Members
    • 1
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    Submitted by Prad Nelluru

    Realtime twitter visualization as a storm of tweets molding a landscape.

    • Prad Nelluru Members
    • Prad Nelluru
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    Connect the Dots

    Submitted by Between the Lines

    This game puts connect the dots on the map, literally! Create a route that other users can attempt to complete by visiting each location in order. You can create a route that makes an interesting picture or one that gets people to explore their city in ways they might never have done before.

    • Between the Lines Members
    • Aaron Stolarz
    • Spencer Scorcelletti