Hacks Submitted

  1. 4299


    Submitted by Friends

    The hack basically is an android app which takes gps location of a group of people who kind of want are lost and want to gather at a place. It sends directions to walk to each of them through sms in real time , so that finally they meet at one place.

    • Friends Members
    • Aditya Barelia
    • Anshul Singhle
    • Nikunj Patel
    • Rohit Kumar
  2. 4302

    Voice based railway information query for android

    Submitted by BTSS

    Voice based railway information query for android

    • BTSS Members
    • Biswajit Das
    • Tamal Sen
    • Sandipan Mandal
    • Subhadip Kundu
  3. 4303


    Submitted by RSA

    Use this application to plan your railway itinerary on the Indian Railways and find all connecting trains to your destination. But trains here are rarely on time, so choose trains with as much buffer time you are comfortable with. Choose your trip wisely.

    • RSA Members
    • Amit Datta
    • Subhro Roy
    • Rahul Chatterjee
    • Sanket Agarwal
  4. 4304

    Health Organiser

    Submitted by Saviours

    It's an android app based on online medical advisory model(if u ask your query,you will get a solution).It also consists of health calculators,health articles and news .It also consists of local map listings of hospitals based on geo location.

    • Saviours Members
    • Praveen Kavuri
    • Vinodh Kumar Sunkara
    • Dheeraj Borra
    • Manikanta Grandhi
  5. 4305

    Facebook metro

    Submitted by Last minute

    A better facebook

    • Last minute Members
    • Salil Panikkaveettil
    • Aakash Subhankar Bhowmick
  6. 4306

    Spell your thought

    Submitted by Inception

    Gives suggestions while chatting to specific users based on the chat history and personalized information.

    • Inception Members
    • Suhansanu Kumar
    • Shubhang Verma
    • Akash Maurya
    • Nilesh Khade
  7. 4307

    College Network

    Submitted by воинов

    It aims to connect college student to aid them to make plans to go for Internship, Entrance Exam, Fest etc and save money and increase social interaction.

    • воинов Members
    • Devender
    • Vipul Jain
    • Saurabh Agarwal
    • Nadeem Anjum
  8. 4309

    Hacking Food

    Submitted by

    We have many recipe sites which give you the way to make a recipe if u know the name of recipe , but the more problematic issue is we have many igrediemts but we dont know what gud things can be made out of it....This app is dedicated to those who want to eat gud thing but need not follow khana khazana for knowing the name of recipe......we are hacking food !!!

    • Members
    • M.SheshaSai
    • Maila Adithya
    • Bipin
  9. 4310


    Submitted by The Answer is 42

    It is a chrome extension which provides an easy way to mail with a single click .

    • The Answer is 42 Members
    • Amit Kumar Pandey
    • Animesh Sinha
    • Krishna Kant Sijariya
    • rajeev reddy
  10. 4312

    Whistle Blower

    Submitted by MTCS

    Showing statistics about political leaders across constituencies on India Map

    • MTCS Members
    • Abhijnan Chakraborty
    • Ranajoy Pal
    • Prasenjit Gayen
    • Tanmoy Datta
  11. 4315


    Submitted by red_crystal

    Adds auxiliary user interface layer to yahoo mail facilitating integration with Springpad for attaching annotations and private notes for mails and attachments.

    • red_crystal Members
    • Gaurab Paul
    • Srijan Kedia
    • Arohi Kumar
  12. 4316


    Submitted by SREKCAH

    Instantaneous Answering App integrated with Yahoo messenger to give fast answers using online community

    • SREKCAH Members
    • Sourav De
    • Prrajal Sahu
    • Swastik Singh
    • Deepit Purkayastha
  13. 4318


    Submitted by

    Shutty is an application to shutdown all computer within the local network if they are in up state of specified ip.

    • Members
    • Abhishek soni
    • Phanindra Sharma
  14. 4319

    Compare Hatke

    Submitted by Compare Hatke Team

    The hack will help you by arranging for the cheapest deal for any product on web . User can search for anything he can think of(obviously product) and we will present various copies of that product available on e-shops all over INDIA. User would not have to go to every site one by one and compare himself. We will do everything for him with a click.

    • Compare Hatke Team Members
    • Prashant Kumar Singh
    • Srikanth Sethumadhwan
  15. 4320


    Submitted by DSSP

    While travelling the user will enter the names of locations as breakpoints and when one has reached that location the app will send an sms to the selected to the selected relatives as an information.Also an alarm can be set for some location.

    • DSSP Members
    • pranjal sahu
    • sourav de
    • swastik singh
    • deepit purkayastha
  16. 4321


    Submitted by Three Blind Mice

    A new way to communicate

    • Three Blind Mice Members
    • Mihir Rege
    • Vikrant Varma
  17. 4325


    Submitted by Solitaire

    This hack will make search more intelligent. If a user wants to get some information about a particular word/phrase in a given webpage, the hack will first extract information from the webpage and give search results based on the categories and context of the webpage in relation to the word/phrase chosen.

    • Solitaire Members
    • Nitish Kr. Jaipuria
    • Atish Bhattacharya
  18. 4326


    Submitted by Dugtrio

    This hack maintains a database of facebook users and keeps track of their likes in movies, music and books. Using this database, it suggests a new user people who have similar interests. The matching is done using a sophisticated algorithm. The matched user location is shown on the map.

    • Dugtrio Members
    • Ritwik Yadav
    • Siddharth Kumar
    • Saurabh Hota
  19. 4327

    tweet analytics

    Submitted by 42

    Twitter currently extracts 'trending topics' from the entire tweet database, many of which will not be relevant to the user. The interests of the user are more accurately portrayed by his followees' tweets, so we extract trending topics from this subset of users to make them more relevant. A similar analysis can be applied to Twitter lists.

    • 42 Members
    • Prateek Agarwal
    • Vinay Kola
    • Vicky Chijwani
    • Prashant Tibrewal
  20. 4328


    Submitted by

    Ever faced with dilemma of reserving a ticket when you are not sure about your travel and decided to reserve sometime later and found that seats are filled? Our app addresses your problem. All you need to do is to register your journey details along with critical Available seats number at which you want to get reminded. SMS and mail reminders are sent to you whenever Available seats touches your need

    • Members
    • T Sri Krishna Vihar
    • Bibhas Das
    • Kishen Kumar Patro
    • Anuj Agarwal
  21. 4329


    Submitted by Phoenix

    Extending the Yahoo Mail to help the visually impaired !

    • Phoenix Members
    • Anirban Saha
    • Tapas Kr Mishra
    • Suraj Nayak
  22. 4331


    Submitted by Red pelican

    An innovative web application built upon cutting edge web technologies to analyse, retrieve and manage relationships among words in a systematic and structured manner

    • Red pelican Members
    • G Paul
    • Rahul Katare
    • Sagar Khurana
  23. 4332


    Submitted by WebCrawlers

    I'll describe it later ...

    • WebCrawlers Members
    • Sai Nikhil
    • Manoj Babu
    • Meghanath Macha
  24. 4333


    Submitted by hackers' doom

    There are a lot of rural locations in India of which you can not find a path on map( may be it is Google map or Yahoo map). So, if anyone wants to go to a remote place, he may not get path to follow on map but if his/her friend has gone to that place already, he/she can see the path followed by friend. There are certain other benefits from this app.

    • hackers' doom Members
    • Rahul Sharma
    • Bipul Karnani
    • Vishal
    • Somesh Jain
  25. 4335

    Part Downloader

    Submitted by C4

    Part Downloader

    • C4 Members
    • Samuel
    • Shourav
    • Chakradhar
  26. 4336


    Submitted by

    Problem - People addicted to something like casino or bar generally can't resist themselves on seeing it. Solution - This app shall provide them a path avoiding such things as much as possible given a source and a destination.

    • Members
    • Shambhu Prasad
    • Shashwat Kumar
  27. 4337

    Easy Cure

    Submitted by Caps-2

    Remote Medical Help Provider using SMS/GPRS Facility

    • Caps-2 Members
    • Abhinav Gupta
    • Abhishek Ashish
    • Abhishek Borar
    • Pranjal Yadav
  28. 4339

    911 india

    Submitted by studcoders

    US has 911..we have nothing like an emergency response system or an emergency services portal..the hack is to create an emergency services portal linked with the Central Response System to provide emergency services accessible everywhere and anytime and that too real fast.The hack automatically detects your location and provides a range of emergency services for you in a rather simplified UI.

    • studcoders Members
    • Ankesh Anand
    • Honey Joshi
    • Manvendra Tomar
    • Anant Pushkar
  29. 4341


    Submitted by snappers

    Search by image for a product and then get the best deals for the same.

    • snappers Members
    • aditya mangal
    • parag singhal
    • kunal minda
    • Vikash Agarwal
  30. 4342

    Movie Buffs?This is the place

    Submitted by 3 Hackateers

    Prior notification of the Bollywood Movies(like trailer,song release or movie release) through email.

    • 3 Hackateers Members
    • Sunandita Patra
    • Anusha Suresh
    • Sonam Kumari
  31. 4343


    Submitted by Sansaar

    This is a virtual classroom system that provides a large range of useful and customizable features to teachers holding expert account to run online courseware without any knowledge of webdevelopment.

    • Sansaar Members
    • Anant Pushkar
    • Ankur Pandey
  32. 4344


    Submitted by codeplay

    A music player which creates mood based playlists for the user for his music library. Using machine learning for the classification.

    • codeplay Members
    • Anurag Kyal
    • Gazal Garg
    • Rohit Hiwale
  33. 4345


    Submitted by InnoCom

    An application to communicate from computer to mobile.

    • InnoCom Members
    • Abhishek Choudhary
  34. 4354


    Submitted by studcoders

    will be edited in some time now...

    • studcoders Members
    • Ankesh Anand
    • Honey Joshi
    • Manvendra Tomar
  35. 4355


    Submitted by hackUiitkgp

    Tweeting and mailing a piece of text or a picture is just a right click away!

    • hackUiitkgp Members
    • Viswas Kumar Kushwaha
    • Debajit Dey
    • Amit Meher
    • Tabassum Parveen
  36. 4356

    Course Finder

    Submitted by The Muse

    A personalised search engine which will search for home pages of different courses available taught in various reputed Universities across the globe. Search results provide links to those pages which do not have restricted access and thus will benefit student community all around the world. Our search engine is a great time saver for students searching for study material relevant to a particular course since general search engine provides many irrelevant results.

    • The Muse Members
    • Mohit Sharma
    • Nishant Dalmia
    • Imran
    • Ronak Kumar Heliwal
  37. 4357


    Submitted by h4ckers

    The hack is a geo based social event manager.

    • h4ckers Members
    • Arohi Kumar
    • Srijan Kumar
    • Bhavesh Bhati
    • Swarn Prabhat
  38. 4358

    Music Jockey

    Submitted by codeplay

    A mood based dynamic playlist management tool addon to MPD. The mood classification of songs uses kNN classifier.

    • codeplay Members
    • Rohit Hiwale
    • Anurag Kyal
    • Gazal Garg
    • Keshav Anand
  39. 4359


    Submitted by LazyMonkeys

    Tired of searching on YouTube for your favorite songs/videos...Tired of making playlists...Here's a player which knows your likes and dislikes and updates your playlist...

    • LazyMonkeys Members
    • Kaushik Kumar Mahato
    • Sumit Saurabh
    • Anjani Kumar
    • Saurabh Goel
  40. 4360

    Course Finder

    Submitted by The Muse

    A personalised search engine which will search for home pages of different courses available taught in various reputed Universities across the globe. Search results provide links to those pages which do not have restricted access and thus will benefit student community all around the world. Our search engine is a great time saver for students searching for study material relevant to a particular course since general search engine provides many irrelevant results.

    • The Muse Members
    • Mohit Sharma
    • Nishant Dalmia
    • Imran
    • Ronak Kumar Heliwal
  41. 4361

    Website Navigator for Blind People

    Submitted by RIUK

    This hack will help blind people to navigate through different websites without getting any sort of hindrance.

    • RIUK Members
    • Katish Paran
    • Indra Vikas
    • Rohit Anand
    • Udayan Das
  42. 4365


    Submitted by

    yahoo mail

    • Members
    • ankur
  43. 4370


    Submitted by

    Present music albums as gifts to FB friends by first getting their profiles from FB and recommend them according to their taste.

    • Members
    • Swarnim Soni
    • Rishi Garg
  44. 4374

    Expense remember

    Submitted by

    It keeps track of the money you spend when you go as group to a restaurant. And share the money spent. Just to remember who spent how much so that many misunderstandings can be prevented later.

    • Members
    • Dheepikaa
  45. 4376

    Client specific Portfolio generator

    Submitted by PHM

    This hack automatically generates a url with the selected photos in an elegant manner.

    • PHM Members
    • Pranav Prabhakar
    • Hari Prasad SR
    • Muthu Ganesh
  46. 4384


    Submitted by 3ADDkids

    E-mails can grow into really long threads. It is very time consuming and distracting to read every quoted portion of the mail and its replies. In this hack, we are developing a new view for threaded mails where replies are rendered right next to the text that they quote. This gives threaded mail a Question-Answer look. Start threading.

    • 3ADDkids Members
    • Ashok Gautham
    • Praneel Raja
    • Abhinay Sama
  47. 4388


    Submitted by Titans

    It is a chrome extension. This app fetches the top 3 likes in categories Music, Athletes, Sports Team from Facebook and displays the latest news and information about them. Ex: If you ManUtd and if there is a match ManU vs Chelsea, you will get updates in chrome automatically. And for Music, the latest music videos of that particular musician or album will be displayed. This removes the necessity to visit FB pages to get the info about their favorite sports team or athletes.

    • Titans Members
    • Sabarinath N P
    • Rajan Bhargava
    • Kavin Karthik
  48. 4391

    buddy helper

    Submitted by no_device_found

    An android app which uses location aware data to perform different functions.you can use the app to find where your friends are hanging out right now and the app plots the location of your friends on a map.You can also use the app to find the nearest blood donors ,nearest restaurants .. etc etc

    • no_device_found Members
    • P.Naveen Raj
    • Purusoth Mahendran
    • Yuvaraja
    • Prakesh
  49. 4393


    Submitted by HackMode

    Notifies upcoming events based on user's interest and location. The events can include online/onsite events, movies, etc..

    • HackMode Members
    • S. Chandra Mouli
    • A. Manjunath
    • Ch. V. S. Manoj Kumar
  50. 4406


    Submitted by darkknight

    The top picks of a person in Categories of dining,shopping,entertainment whuch he frequently visits,is listed and could be shared among his social networking platform.

    • darkknight Members
    • anandhakumar.p
    • prakash.c
    • viswanathan.v