Hacks Submitted

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    Hack Boss

    Submitted by

    Hacking Boss

    • Members
    • Sudhir
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    Submitted by Pharmf679

    Hello! dcebked interesting dcebked site! I'm really like it! Very, very dcebked good!

    • Pharmf679 Members
    • Pharmf679
    • Pharmf679
    • Pharmf679
    • Pharmf679
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    Android p2p collaborator

    Submitted by DayHacker

    An android app and associated collaborative platform which enable voice calls and enhanced services in a peer-to-peer manner bypassing the telecom network seamlessly.

    • DayHacker Members
    • S J Balaji
    • Harisankar H
  4. 11

    FlashDeck U

    Submitted by Decksters

    Our hack creates a deck of standard 'Flash Cards' for a given set of input words. It is unique in the fact that we don't need to rely on standard decks to make our flash cards.

    • Decksters Members
    • Subendhu Rongali
    • Raghavendra Bommaraju
    • V Yaswanth Kumar Reddy
    • Rachit Kumar
  5. 14


    Submitted by l33t

    Allows a student to plan sensible bunks.

    • l33t Members
    • Vignesh J
    • Bala Kumar P
  6. 16


    Submitted by conTROLLs

    Create an API repository for java development. Supports dependency resolution, local/remote repositories, eclipse plugin, etc.

    • conTROLLs Members
    • Niharjyoti Sarangi
    • Anik Sengupta
    • Prateek Dhawalia
    • Prasanna Venkatesh
  7. 17


    Submitted by XXX

    The purpose of our hack is to remotely control the laptop, from an android mobile. We have three modes, Keyboard,Mouse,Game controller ( specifically for gaming !! ) . We also use a Motion Sensor to detect the motion of the mobile.

    • XXX Members
    • Harish
    • Balaji
    • Karthik
  8. 18

    ERP (Easy Route Predictor)

    Submitted by 3_Idiots

    This Android app gets the destination of the user. The source is found using GPS. It finds the various possible routes to reach the destination and selects the route which has lesser distance and lesser traffic. Real time traffic flow data is obtained from the website www.ctis.in and the data is analyzed to get the routes with the lesser traffic.

    • 3_Idiots Members
    • Prashanth U S
    • Pradeep M
    • C.Kishore Kumar
    • Prashanth P
  9. 19

    ExGeo Tracker

    Submitted by Technocrabs

    A simple Expense Manager which puts Users, Business, and Yahoo! in a win win situation!

    • Technocrabs Members
    • Prateek Srivastava
    • Ganesh Patil
    • Harsh Mahajan
    • Akshay Goyal
  10. 20


    Submitted by Still searching

    A hack to recommend similarly tagged blogs to the user based on his preferences.

    • Still searching Members
    • Vaibhav Agarwal
    • Anuja Agrawal
    • Nitin Motiani
    • Vijay Kartik
  11. 21

    Question recommender system

    Submitted by Binary Coder

    user will be presented a set of question based on past answered history, based on what all question user has answer and votes of the question user will be provided some familial similarity with the question, based on question similarity user will be recommended question which he can answer.

    • Binary Coder Members
    • Siddharth Kumar Jain
    • Amit Kumar Maurya
    • Mehul Patidar
  12. 22

    Android p2p collaborator

    Submitted by DayHacker2

    An android app and associated collaborative platform which enable voice calls and enhanced services in a peer-to-peer manner bypassing the telecom network seamlessly.

    • DayHacker2 Members
    • Sachin Jain
    • Harisankar H
    • Sagar Borkar
    • S J Balaji
  13. 24


    Submitted by WaterBottle

    E-mails can grow into really long threads. It is very time consuming and distracting to read every quoted portion of the mail and its replies. In this hack, we are developing a new view for threaded mails where replies are rendered right next to the text that they quote. This gives threaded mail a Question-Answer look. Start threading.

    • WaterBottle Members
    • Ashok Gautham
    • Praneel Raja
    • Abhinay Sama
  14. 25


    Submitted by WaterBottle

    Fold away irrelevent portions and focus on what matters

    • WaterBottle Members
    • Ashok Gautham
    • Praneel Raja
    • Abhinay Sama
  15. 26

    heaven on earth

    Submitted by webusters

    A tool to find the most desirable place to stay. It considers your office location etc into account.

    • webusters Members
    • Ajey
    • Pranay
  16. 29

    $ell it !!!

    Submitted by Blitzstreak Boyz

    - Web portal -where merchants address and price in his shop is registered - Can be sent by sms(kookoo API) Farmer calls the IVRS - gives his pincode and his crop(type and quantity)(asks in regional language) - Calculates the the best profit place and apprx time to reach and tells him (distance can be found using Yahoo API) - Top 3 shops will sent as SMS

    • Blitzstreak Boyz Members
    • P Sai Bhushan
    • A Janardhan Reddy
    • K Pradeep Kumar Reddy
  17. 31

    Smart Search

    Submitted by Anonymous

    Combine the different results from various e-commerce website

    • Anonymous Members
    • Deepak Bhardwaj
    • Sunny.
    • Gursharan Singh
    • Sajal Sagar Singh
  18. 33

    Buddy Helper

    Submitted by angrycoders

    An android app which uses location aware data to perform different functions.you can use the app to find where your friends are hanging out right now and the app plots the location of your friends on a map.You can also use the app to help your friends and get help from your friends.

    • angrycoders Members
    • Yuvaraja Balamurugan
    • Purushoth Mahendhran
    • Naveen Raj
  19. 36

    Remind Me

    Submitted by Titans

    This hack provides an additional button in yahoo mail to create a service that reminds user to reply to that particular email, after the duration chosen by him. The reminder is sent via sms and email (optional )

    • Titans Members
    • Sabarinath N P
    • Kavin Karthink
    • Rajan Bhargava
  20. 37


    Submitted by

    It is personalised search according to my clicks and prefrences ans in advanced search i can get results according to my friends preferences and clicks with desired topic.

    • Members
    • Nagarjuna Malempatti
    • Puneet Gupta
    • Manik Jindal
    • Chirag Choudhary
  21. 38


    Submitted by

    HTML5 based video chatting without any extra plugins installed

    • Members
    • Pavan Kumar Sunkara
    • Sai Sreenivas Kodur
  22. 39

    Money Tracker

    Submitted by XxX

    Keeping track of money spent, owed and lent to friends and others.

    • XxX Members
    • Dheepikaa
    • Abhik Mondal
  23. 40


    Submitted by HackMode

    Displays onsite/online events based on user's interest and location including matches, movies, contests, etc..

    • HackMode Members
    • S. Chandra Mouli
    • A. Manjunath
    • Ch. V. S. Manoj Kumar
  24. 41


    Submitted by Anonymous

    Counterpart of GCC, this is Android Compiler Collection. You can compile and run code written in C, CPP, PHP, Perl and Python right on your Android device.

    • Anonymous Members
    • Prabhakar Kumar
    • Soumil Agarwal
    • Ankith Sudheer Karat
    • Sampangela Vamsi Krishna
  25. 46


    Submitted by InfoGuys

    People send an sms to our app, and we send back info

    • InfoGuys Members
    • Karthik K
    • Pankaj Kumar
  26. 47


    Submitted by GodSpeed

    On dialing a fixed number, and giving present location and destination, the hack will return distance away and landmarks inbetween as response. Additional features will be added based on time.

    • GodSpeed Members
    • Saketh BSV
    • M.Pavankumar Reddy
  27. 48


    Submitted by InfoGuys

    People contact our no. and we send back info

    • InfoGuys Members
    • Karthik K
    • Pankaj Kumar
    • Abhik Mondal
    • Parthasarathy
  28. 50

    Study Expense

    Submitted by H!jACK U

    Hack which help a Student/Guardian to find out the average expense for studying in different engineering colleges in India and Abroad. Student users updates their expenses once they visit the site. Hence the site is kept live.

    • H!jACK U Members
    • Abhijith C S
    • Nandakishore M M
    • Junaid Babu
  29. 52

    Vacation Planner

    Submitted by

    Rail Ticket Booking simplified

    • Members
    • Akhilesh Godi
    • Chinmay Bapat
    • Parthasarathy Gopavarapu
    • Shivam Shrivastava
  30. 53

    pick a pic

    Submitted by V haz teh codez

    A hack to connect between people from a pic!!

    • V haz teh codez Members
    • Siddartha S
    • Vageesh D C
    • K Vignesh
  31. 54


    Submitted by InfoGuys

    Get any information you want with a single sms

    • InfoGuys Members
    • Karthik K
    • Pankaj Kumar
  32. 55


    Submitted by ar2d332

    A domestic help robot that aids users in locating objects in their house/office. The user requests for an object and the robot locates this object by using a local database as well as image results from a web search. If it does not find the object, it replies with a link to the closest shop selling it.

    • ar2d332 Members
    • Sarang B
    • Deepak V
    • Manimaran S S
    • Pradyot K V N
  33. 56


    Submitted by

    The app gets the data about ratings from imdb and yahoo movies and based on rating and comments it replies if a movie is awesome enough to watch in theatre

    • Members
    • Puneet Gupta
    • Manik Jindal
    • Nagarjuna Malempati
  34. 57


    Submitted by

    Missed Events

    • Members
    • Siddhant Mutha
  35. 59


    Submitted by SAP

    We copy contents from one computer to another with just a ctrl-c in the first comp and ctrl-v in the second, given the two systems are in the same network.... Copying never got so easy!

    • SAP Members
    • Praneel Raja
    • Sandeep Madanala
    • Abhinay Sama
  36. 60


    Submitted by XXX

    Our hack is used to control a system remotely. We enable four modes of operation . Controller - gaming Motion keypad - disabled friendly keypad&mouse - generic purpose

    • XXX Members
    • S.Harish
    • S.Balaji
    • M.Karthik
  37. 61


    Submitted by Freeder

    Freeder makes the RSS reader more powerful by helping extract content from small/truncated RSS feeds. Users can also follow content from Twitter users or lists; the content is extracted from the links. The output is cleanly presented. The UI is adaptive, and responds to change in size, orientation etc, and does well with phones, tablets, computers..all of them.

    • Freeder Members
    • Ameya Karve
    • Sarthak Pathak
    • Anoop Varghese
  38. 62

    Deck u

    Submitted by Decksters

    We can make a personalized deck of flash cards. We just need to enter the words you wish to add and the hack queries the definitions and pronunciation and stores it as a set of sticky notes(flash cards). they are stored in the local storage and can be cleared anytime we want.

    • Decksters Members
    • Subendhu Rongali
    • Raghavendra Bommaraju
    • V Yaswanth Kumar Reddy
    • Rachit Kumar
  39. 63


    Submitted by RSM

    A gift suggestion app. Read things your friend likes from FB and suggest a gift. Present can be given on occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary or to express gratitude for favour or apprication.

    • RSM Members
    • Swarnim Soni
    • Rishi Garg
    • Mehak
  40. 64

    bezhan hacker

    Submitted by sana&bezhan


    • sana&bezhan Members
    • bezhan
    • cristiano.sana
    • bezhan
    • sanaakram