Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by We call ourselves Jarvis

    Podcatcher for the cloud. Send your podcast to the streaming service of your choice. (Google music)

    • We call ourselves Jarvis Members
    • Jarvis Johnson
  2. 2


    Submitted by Team T-Spin

    A Chrome extension that allows the user to manipulate div elements on any website, moving them, resizing them, etc. and save their changes so that when the page loads again, their customized layout is retained.

    • Team T-Spin Members
    • The Dekel
    • Daniel Whatley
  3. 3

    Anything for A T-Shirt!

    Submitted by

    This hack gives a outline of the any of the events happening where free food, t-shirts or prizes will be available and displays this in one place for easy access and awesome free things.

    • Members
    • Chasity Holiday
  4. 4


    Submitted by ARKTOS

    GuessIt is an educational game that allows users to play a fun puzzle game to recognize and learn about monuments and places around the world. In addition to being a game, it also keeps track of the popularity and importance of the monuments that the users recognize. This game can be extended to any popularity classification problem. For instance, companies can use the same game to establish distinguishability of their logos and brands. The prototype works on desktop as well as mobile …

    • ARKTOS Members
    • Mattia Fazzini
    • Leandro Sales
    • Shauvik Roy Choudhary
  5. 5

    Face The Music

    Submitted by Face The Music

    Face The Music is an unique way to experience music. FTM uses face recognition to create a playlist customized to your mood. FTM also lets user's arrive at an elevated mood level if they choose to by customizing their playlist based on their current mood level and target mood level. FTM was built in less than 24hours, by HCI professionals using user centered design methodology and 10 redbulls. Face The Music currently uses Face.com API for facial recognition and Last.fm API for music.

    • Face The Music Members
    • Nachiketas Ramanujam
    • Kartik Agarwal
    • Tarun Chakravorty
    • Boris De Souza
  6. 6


    Submitted by

    Remixr is a realtime mobile audio sampler. Get ready to sample all the sounds around you and experience your environment in a creative new way.

    • Members
    • Andrew Panfel
  7. 7

    Let's Watch YouTube

    Submitted by

    A solution to this problem: http://xkcd.com/920/

    • Members
    • Hunter Scott
  8. 8

    XKCD Pro-Regress Bar

    Submitted by Team Granfalloon

    XKCD Comic 1017

    • Team Granfalloon Members
    • Vidhur Vohra
    • Michael Revell
  9. 9

    Dropbox Portable Client

    Submitted by Team Granfalloon

    Java Dropbox Portable client. Truly portable.

    • Team Granfalloon Members
    • Vidhur Vohra
    • Michael Revell
  10. 11

    Pandora's Crow Bar

    Submitted by

    Upon "thumbs upping" a song, Takes title, artist, and album from the page and searches for it on yahoo music/ saves the music to some a webpage.

    • Members
    • Rachel Keslensky
    • Stephanie Brown
  11. 12

    Dictionary Attack

    Submitted by The Grumpy Owl

    A script for automating company-specific dictionary attacks for use in penetration testing.

    • The Grumpy Owl Members
    • Anthony Taormina
  12. 13

    Chrome Extension Yahoo Answers

    Submitted by Team Granfalloon

    Chrome Extension Yahoo Answers

    • Team Granfalloon Members
    • Vidhur Vohra
    • Michael Revell
  13. 14


    Submitted by Buzzters

    Its difficult to keep track of people you are going to meet for a meeting (movie, coffee, business etc.) especially when someone is late or when we are driving and making call and texting at the same time. Our app makes life easier by keeping a real time tracker of each person approaching the destination with visual map overlays and continuous distance and estimated arrival times of each person in the meeting. This avoids the inconvenience of calling and texting while commuting.

    • Buzzters Members
    • Adhish Bhobe
    • Shibani Medhekar
    • Sanika Mokashi
    • Amol Shintre, Rohit Mathews
  14. 15


    Submitted by ChaosMakers

    A GT student protection app that actually sounds like it can make a difference

    • ChaosMakers Members
    • Rohit Mathews
    • Shrutii Sarda
    • Amol Shintre
    • Sanika Mokashi
  15. 16


    Submitted by Daniel Hooper

    CodeBook is a javascript sketchbook that improves the programming experience by adding instant feedback and direct interaction to your code. Inspired by a design by Bret Victor.

    • Daniel Hooper Members
    • Daniel Hooper
  16. 17


    Submitted by

    Tracks mouse movement meta-data for usage by clients and/or web admins

    • Members
    • Coby Lu
    • Kefu Zhou
  17. 18

    Annotate Anything

    Submitted by Buzzters

    In the age of everything becoming "social", you can listen to the same songs as your friends, read what news stories your friends are reading, and know about their locations in real time. For meaningful interaction though, its hard to know what your friends are saying about stories you read - either their comments get buried in 100s of comments, and often it's just boring to keep scrolling to see what friends are saying. Additionally, you just lose context about what exactly your frie…

    • Buzzters Members
    • Sanika Mokashi
    • Shibani Medhekar
    • Adhish Bhobe
    • Rohit Mathews, Amol Shintre
  18. 19


    Submitted by Georgia Techie

    This hack gathers nutritional information on each product purchased in the grocery store and presents healther/cheaper alternatives with coupons.

    • Georgia Techie Members
    • Venkatraman Sridharan
    • Lucien
    • Vinayak
    • Pratik
  19. 20


    Submitted by ARKTOS+

    SmartReply allows users to keep track of items in email while composing a reply message.

    • ARKTOS+ Members
    • Mattia Fazzini
    • Leandro Sales
    • Shauvik Roy Choudhary
  20. 21

    Node Lookup

    Submitted by LolThreadSafety

    A utility to help migrating applications when the node.js api changes.

    • LolThreadSafety Members
    • Cameron Paul
    • Patrick Lucas
  21. 22

    So near,yet so far!

    Submitted by We_almost_did_it

    The app enables friends to find a hangout spot which is close to all of them.Once they share their location,each of them get walking or driving directions to the hangout spot which is plotted on the ARGON AR browser.

    • We_almost_did_it Members
    • Dinesh Deiveegan
    • Akshay Chander
    • Pradeep Jawahar
    • Janani Narayanan
  22. 23

    Yahoo! Test

    Submitted by


    • Members
    • Subram