Hacks Submitted

  1. 3


    Submitted by Brazil Team

    NeoTouch shows web content through many devices in a cheaper and effective way, using YQL and TreesaverJS (an open-source HTML5 & JavaScript framework).

    • Brazil Team Members
    • Daniel Filho
    • Fabio Dan Dias Cardoso
    • Irae Carvalho
  2. 4


    Submitted by Team UIUC

    Transforms news and blog content into a rich media experience. Reads content juxtaposed with relevant images -- images may suggest products or services to users as a form of immersive advertising.

    • Team UIUC Members
    • Sam Liu
    • Karan Parikh
  3. 5


    Submitted by D1W

    Ruum is a fast, easy file sharing and collaboration tool. With just a few clicks, you can create an interactive space where users can share files, chat, and leave comments.

    • D1W Members
    • Arjuna Hayes
    • Amos Yuen
    • Chong Xie
    • Ethan Gladding
  4. 6


    Submitted by Putting the CS in UCSD

    User context aware music recommendation.

    • Putting the CS in UCSD Members
    • Andrew Huynh
    • Lynn Nguyen
    • Leilani Gilpin
    • Matt Peterson
  5. 7


    Submitted by MichiganE

    1. Instant analysis of crowd reaction 2. Chrome extension for rating websites and identifying emerging topics - both globally and within the social neighborhood.

    • MichiganE Members
    • Avishay Livne
  6. 8


    Submitted by Kazimierz

    A content aggregator that allows the user to browse the most important news and media items in their social circles.

    • Kazimierz Members
    • Drew Bratcher
    • John Marshall
  7. 9


    Submitted by gt_hax0r

    yFoodie provides a platform for restaurant owners to deliver a better in-restaurant experience to users.

    • gt_hax0r Members
    • Shauvik Roy Choudhary
    • Sahil Miglani
    • Utkarsh Shrivastava
  8. 10


    Submitted by The Real UTCS

    Annotate allows you to comment wherever you want in an online article, and recommends other media based upon your interactions.

    • The Real UTCS Members
    • Gaurav Sanghani
    • Andy Brown
    • Aaron Stolarz
    • Russell Bicknell
  9. 11


    Submitted by Easel

    An attempt at creating the best media consumption experience possible.

    • Easel Members
    • Michael Teng
    • Farhad Abasov
    • Michael Akilian
  10. 12


    Submitted by U of T

    An automatic photo-essay generator for top news sources - think boston.com's The Big Picture, but for other news sites, created with Yahoo! technology.

    • U of T Members
    • Rory Tulk
    • Andrew Trusty
  11. 13


    Submitted by Wolfpack

    Fact #1 Todo lists are boring. Fact #2 Todo lists dont help you get things done. S.S.D.D is a smart todone-er which helps you with suggestions in getting things done. Being in NYC, this todone-er is tailored towards getting clothes shopping done efficiently and quickly. The app uses your facebook login, to identify the clothing brands that you "Like". Based on these, the app provides focused, relevant information on the deals on those brands. The application also has an advertisi…

    • Wolfpack Members
    • Niranjan B Prithviraj
    • Rengarajan Venkatachari
  12. 14

    SpotLight - Illuminate your corner of the world!!!

    Submitted by Blue Ribbon

    SpotLight brings focus to "content on the streets" (the long tail of content), something that exists but is often difficult to find through browser based search. Besides leveraging content that exists, it also enables the community to generate and share localized content. SpotLight delivers a unique and compelling user experience by blending together fun and utility value. The fun element is introduced through the concept of "Top 3" ranks for items in any category at a given location. Use…

    • Blue Ribbon Members
    • Sridhar Bommaiah
  13. 15


    Submitted by Plan 9

    Thema (greek for text) is an online collaborative article editor which, based on your what you're writing about, detects and suggests keywords, images and articles to help your research. It also allows you to send the finished article to a CMS to be published. It's built with Node.js, Redis, Zemanta, jQuery and YQL. The demo CMS uses Drupal.

    • Plan 9 Members
    • Alexandru Badiu
  14. 16

    Web Overlay

    Submitted by Alex Alex David David

    A web extension platform which allows the user to get and customize an easy to use dashboard.

    • Alex Alex David David Members
    • David Truong
    • David Nufer
    • Alex Leone
  15. 17

    Video Content Analyser

    Submitted by VideoAnalyse

    Textual meta-data in tittle , tags and surrounding texts associated with the video powers the todays video search engine. For e.g. if i upload a video of some random event and tag it with Tom Cruise, Hollywood Movie Star etc., it is very likely that current video search engine will return this video when searched for Tom Cruise. Current search approach falls severely short by ignoring the richness of information within the video medium; an engine should ideally use this information to help a …

    • VideoAnalyse Members
    • Saurav Kumar
  16. 18

    PhotoSense: Making Sense of Travel Photos

    Submitted by PhotoSense

    If you are in a rush and have only 2 days (or if you are feeling adventurous and have lots of time) to spare, which landmarks can you visit? This application helps answer that question. That is, it automatically builds an itinerary of travel photos for a given city. Users typically click more than a couple of pictures when they visit a landmark. Usually when they arrive at the landmark, sometime later and maybe when they leave. The duration of a visit to a particular landmark is est…

    • PhotoSense Members
    • Susheel