Hacks Submitted

  1. 1


    Submitted by Groopiez

    A way to connect with people going to concerts. Really love bizarre music? Friends don't want to go to ANOTHER lo-fi-tapecore-indie-tronica show? No problem, find some people to hang out with on Groopiez.

    • Groopiez Members
    • Esten Hurtle
    • Nick Inzucchi
    • José Nelson Alfonseca Alves
    • Kaushal Agrawal
  2. 2


    Submitted by Tukio

    Tukio is an Android app that allows user shared pictures, tweets to become the public face of an event

    • Tukio Members
    • Amin Akali
    • Varun Arora
    • Jonathan Chen
    • Matthew Gallabrese
  3. 3


    Submitted by The Happoning Team

    Ever wanted to throw a last minute BBQ? But it wouldn’t be worth firing up the grill unless at least five friends committed to going. Or go out for drinks? But it’d be way more fun if three people joined you. Or maybe throw a big party? If 50 people come, drinks are on you! We introduce Happoning.com - collective partying power! The key idea here is that when planning an event, the host can specify some simple extra constraints. You’ll only throw X event if Y peopl…

    • The Happoning Team Members
    • Chris Harrison
    • Stephen Oney
    • Jason Wiese
    • Turadg Aleahmad
  4. 5

    Troll the Trolls

    Submitted by Troll

    Submit the name and email address of an internet troll to the site - if enough people submit that address, his/her email will be submitted to over 10 annoying email lists!

    • Troll Members
    • Justin Mares
  5. 6


    Submitted by D1W

    International Chat room that matches you with strangers who speak other languages. All text comes to you in your native language. A tool for international fellowship.

    • D1W Members
    • Amos Yuen
    • Chong Xie
    • Kevin Yang
    • Ethan Gladding
  6. 7


    Submitted by Team America

    We've all had those moments: you get out of bed, make your daily commute, and receive an assignment to write a report for your biggest American client... Then it hits you: you live in China, and you don't know a word of English. Linguistify can write it for you! Need a perfect translation? Maybe you want some notes compiled into a paper? Perhaps you're simply a shitty writer? We've got you covered.

    • Team America Members
    • Ryan Lester
    • Jayanth Muthya
  7. 8


    Submitted by BROosevelts

    Mapping trending social events from the interent (specifically twitter) onto a geographical space.

    • BROosevelts Members
    • Carlos Gil
    • Nick Zukoski
    • Keith Williams
    • James Maclean
  8. 9


    Submitted by Node.js is Awesome

    An collaborative webapp that allows you to voice chat and work on math problems with a group of people. Keeps track of all of your "scratchpads" and the revisions therof.

    • Node.js is Awesome Members
    • Kerry Snyder
  9. 10


    Submitted by Tired

    A framework to test and tune genetic algorithms; and then an application of this framework, a visual 20 questions in which a genetic algorithm attempts to draw the shape you're thinking of.

    • Tired Members
    • David Orr
  10. 11


    Submitted by Wavy

    Collaboratively create art with your friends around you or with a complete stranger over the internet!

    • Wavy Members
    • Alex Crichton
    • Kelly Harrington
    • Minh Tam Le
  11. 12


    Submitted by

    A web-based editor with VI-like keybindings. Supports offline, and DnD.

    • Members
    • Martin Petrov
  12. 13


    Submitted by

    Travel sensibly.

    • Members
    • Chris Lee
    • Jeff Cooper
    • Prasnath Somasundar
    • Vinay Vemuri
  13. 14


    Submitted by Team Explorenger

    Android application built to provide a framework for crowdsourcing location based information retrieval/verification. Specifically targeted is Open211.org. Our demonstration app is a scavenger hunt.

    • Team Explorenger Members
    • Derek Kozel
    • Sam Gruber
  14. 15


    Submitted by The Power Ragers

    Where are you friends going for the night? Where are the hottest venues in town? Who can you meet up with? Fourdrinking is a web application that will enable users to identify their friends nearby and see which bars they are at. The app, in its name, is fourdrinking purposes.

    • The Power Ragers Members
    • Andrew Furman
    • Michelle Lee
  15. 16


    Submitted by Recursive Services

    Locality brings small business loyalty into the mobile age - making loyalty programs more convenient for consumers while providing powerful data to local companies.

    • Recursive Services Members
    • Todd Medema
    • Craig Younkins
    • Scott Martin
    • Ryhan Hassan
  16. 17


    Submitted by what is this i don't even

    Users provide a ScheduleMan link, our webapp automatically looks up what textbooks they need from the CMU bookstore and provides price comparisons.

    • what is this i don't even Members
    • Rick Benua
    • Kellie Medlin
    • Dennis Meng
    • Lindsay Zhong
  17. 18


    Submitted by Sparq Industries

    A calendar system with geolocation integrated into an augmented reality system.

    • Sparq Industries Members
    • Tom Xu
    • Ankit Soni
  18. 19

    High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse Cannon

    Submitted by Directed Karma

    Attack and disruption

    • Directed Karma Members
    • Jesse Salazar
    • Dean Veleker
    • Rajeev Sharma
    • Mostafa Fahmy
  19. 20


    Submitted by Optinary

    One click solution to all your traveling needs.

    • Optinary Members
    • Yi Xiang Chong
    • Tony Liang
  20. 21

    Crime Stopper

    Submitted by

    No seriously, how many times has the thought that you were "so close" sent shivers down your spine? In today's testing times of crime and larceny, we bring a ray of hope with our real-time crime detecting app :P We track tweets to gauge an idea on crimes happening around you, and bring a comprehensive map representation to you!

    • Members
    • Anirudh Koul
    • Sadhwi Srinivas
  21. 22

    LyricsTube - Fastest Search Experience

    Submitted by Mr Koul

    Imagine watching music videos and singing along their lyrics with the FASTEST all AJAX search experience. Presenting Lyrics Tube. Made with mashing up Google Suggest, Youtube Search, Last.FM, Bing, Yahoo Query Language and several lyrics sites on the net. Mr Koul's third project in one night.

    • Mr Koul Members
    • Anirudh Koul
  22. 23


    Submitted by saso


    • saso Members
    • 125639
    • sssas