Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by NoOneHacksLikeGaston

    An Android location based shopping list--pings you when you're close to stores carrying items.

    • NoOneHacksLikeGaston Members
    • Andrew Mains
    • Simeon Yoseph Wyle
    • Brian Lin
    • Sterling P. de Mille
  2. 2


    Submitted by Cute Little Asians

    Multiplayer bomberman game using WebGL and NodeJS/NowJS.

    • Cute Little Asians Members
    • Amber Feng
    • Allen Chen
    • Brandon Wang
  3. 3

    Semantic Version Control

    Submitted by Blarg

    A semantic version control system that versions parse trees instead of text files.

    • Blarg Members
    • Ankur Dave
    • Jonathan Ewart
    • Tikhon Jelvis
  4. 4


    Submitted by DJS

    A real-time media sharing framework for developers.

    • DJS Members
    • Kevin Hwang
    • Freddie Meyer
    • Ajay Tripathy
  5. 5

    Musical Composition Generator

    Submitted by Set Bang

    The program takes user inputs and creates unique musical compositions.

    • Set Bang Members
    • Greg Roberts
    • Kevin Funkhouser
    • Owen Lu
  6. 6


    Submitted by Fizix

    A physics engine supporting elastic collisions, inelastic collisions, springs, gravity, and more!

    • Fizix Members
    • Chenyu Zhao