Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by ViSe

    Visual Search

    • ViSe Members
    • Thien Nguyen
    • Nikita Spirin
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    Submitted by

    Multiplayer game between humans and zomies!

    • Members
    • Sandeep Bhattaram
    • Thayalan Pirapakaran
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    Submitted by API Superglue

    Music recommendation and play back system. Uses YQL to allow for search of tracks, artists, and recommendations and plays all tracks by embedding the corresponding YouTube video.

    • API Superglue Members
    • Alex Lopatin
  4. 4


    Submitted by SIGViz

    Lights, sounds, and other visual experiments

    • SIGViz Members
    • RJ Marsan
    • Bhargav Nookala
    • Jessica Metro
    • Nelson Osacky
  5. 5


    Submitted by StoryMap

    Storymap seeks to record the stories of people around the world. Every human being owns a story worthy of our ears and our time. All stories have at least one nugget of universal truth. Storymap seeks to capture the stories of the world and to geographically visualize them.

    • StoryMap Members
    • Eric Mills
  6. 7

    Armarium Infragilis

    Submitted by PenguinCoders

    Using Armarium Infragilis, you can embed any kind of private data into a file and only the ones who know the passphrase and who has the USB key will be able to locate and read your data. The carrier file executes as though nothing has been changed.

    • PenguinCoders Members
    • Can Selcik
    • Jordan Kravitz
    • Anarghya Mitra
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    Submitted by Team ITALIA

    pipeSMS is a text messaging service for those without data access or smart phones. Official #: (415) 830-4303 We have a variety of features, including: - display stock quotes (quote *symbol*) - display local events (events *city/zip*) - display weather (weather *zip/city*) - return directions without GPS (dir *origin* to *dest*) - compute mathematics (math *query*) - display latest headlines (headlines) - use thesaurus (thes *word*) - & more! Apple reminds America... "If you …

    • Team ITALIA Members
    • Yogesh Italia
    • Nihit Desai
    • Perry Huang
    • Arnold Kao
  8. 9


    Submitted by ##uiuc

    A site that displays a list of the images from the subreddit you choose. You can add these images to your favorites.

    • ##uiuc Members
    • Corbin Souffrant
    • Murph Finnicum
    • Kevin Larson
    • Daeyun Shin
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    Submitted by The Lone Rangers

    With the amount of information on the internet nowadays there is no excuse to not knowing what something is anymore. People have access to the internet everywhere. With the help of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from the Simpsons, KWIK-E-SMART aims to remove the conundrum of "not knowing what somthing is" in only one click. Whereas until now the common method of "looking something up" is searching it on a search engine, then choosing a link to go to, then clicking it, and only then seeing the content…

    • The Lone Rangers Members
    • Thomas Johnston
  10. 11


    Submitted by Robot Pirate

    An artificial intelligence capable of information queries and some easter eggs.

    • Robot Pirate Members
    • Sam Liu
  11. 13

    Lotus Search

    Submitted by Zealous Amoeba

    A serendipitous path through the Internet.

    • Zealous Amoeba Members
    • Robert Pieta
  12. 14

    EVA - Time spent well

    Submitted by Education Virtually Anywhere

    Eva helps students find classes to attend in their free time to get a more well rounded education. In addition, Eva helps students find classes they missed by searching to see if it happens later on in the day.

    • Education Virtually Anywhere Members
    • Harsh Singh
    • Philip Hann
    • Mihir Angal
  13. 15


    Submitted by Hackatron

    We've designed a system that consists of software running on the PC and an android app that communicate with each other and in turn allow the user to log-in and log-out of his/her computer system and online accounts based on the user's distance from the computer. It uses the user's signature and the user's location as factors of authentication. Such a system has never before been implemented and offers two crucial layers of security.

    • Hackatron Members
    • Manoj Krishnan
    • Vishnu Nair
    • Anirudh Ravula
    • Arpit Agarwal
  14. 16

    Remote Network Control Interface

    Submitted by Party Rock Illinois

    Simulation of a future home environment centered around mobile control and hardware implementations of future technology

    • Party Rock Illinois Members
    • Matthew Dierker
    • Alex Smith
    • Brady Salz
    • Joseph Shim
  15. 17

    Screw IT

    Submitted by HEYWATSUP

    Wanna screw the stuff that screw you? Install this small chrome extension!

    • HEYWATSUP Members
    • Jicong Wang
    • Feng Shan
    • Dongjin Wang
    • Caoyang Shi
  16. 18

    kawthar meziane

    Submitted by

    born in 29/09/1982 mail created in 07/07/2010

    • Members
    • mansour ouahchia mohamed
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    Submitted by fuad

    vChatter: The best video chat app on Facebook.         Email ___ : …

    • fuad Members
    • faudfuad