Hacks Submitted

  1. 4

    Future of Browsing Interaction (FBI) From UCLA

    Submitted by FBI

    In the future, webpages need to not only display information, but also interact with users, intuitively. Using the hand gesture technology Xiaoyi Zhang built, FBI will make webpages more than just webpages.

    • FBI Members
    • Yufei Chen
    • Xiaoyi Zhang
    • Phi Dang
  2. 5


    Submitted by WWH

    You've always wanted to find out who's looking at your Facebook profile. Now you actually can.

    • WWH Members
    • Kevin Deng
    • Stephani Alves
    • Eric Wang
    • Song Zheng
  3. 6


    Submitted by TigerBlood


    • TigerBlood Members
    • Ravi Srinivas Ranganathan
    • Avinash Chandrashekar
    • Henish Shah
  4. 9


    Submitted by PHackD

    Use augmented reality technology to give a rebirth to static poster. Just by using an Android phone, you can watch the trailer, know the cast of movie, find nearby showtime and even share the movie with you friend even WITHOUT A SINGLE TAP! Check it out!

    • PHackD Members
    • Chen Liu
    • Dong Wang
    • Yuchen Liu
    • Bin Bi
  5. 38

    Stealth Pedal

    Submitted by Zac

    A camouflaged foot pedal that can be configured to execute windows hotkeys.

    • Zac Members
    • Zachary Policzer
  6. 69


    Submitted by servU team

    servU is a SMS-based services in which anyone with a text-messaging plan can get information wherever and whenever. Services right now include weather, maps, dictionary, news and music billboard. Based off Google Voice free-texting and python in Linux.

    • servU team Members
    • Benjamin Lin
    • Elison Chen
    • Rupen Dajee
    • Sam Chuang
  7. 70


    Submitted by out and about

    Minimalist event management and ticketing with QR codes & mobile app to redeem tickets.

    • out and about Members
    • Samir Mody
    • Prasanth Veerina
    • Angela Navarro
    • Dylan Vassallo
  8. 76

    Cloud Decision

    Submitted by Cloud Decision

    Imaging when you are in a store to buy some clothes, you have 2 choices that both of them you really like. However, your budget allows you to buy only one. Which should you get? Post it on Cloud Decision, and let the Internet users decide for you! Of course, CD can be used for other scenarios also. We use Flickr API and YUI to develop the website. All the work is done in 24 hrs.

    • Cloud Decision Members
    • Tianji Wu
    • Di Wu
  9. 78


    Submitted by maxmeanmin

    Have you ever found yourself staring at the clock, wondering what to do? Well, look no further, because we've got the right solution for you. Just pick an amount of time you have to spare, and LifeMixer will spice up your life.

    • maxmeanmin Members
    • alvin huynh
    • chieh-ting yeh
    • kevin nguyen
    • tak chan
  10. 79

    Yahoo! Messenger TTS Service

    Submitted by First-Year Yahooligans

    In order to make up for Yahoo! Messenger's lack of a text to speech service, we decided we would make a Yahoo! Messenger client that can send and receive messages, along with the program dictating the messages that are received. For an added twist, try talking to "TuringCleverBot" to experience talking to an AI with a voice.

    • First-Year Yahooligans Members
    • Alexander Ramirez
    • Shahid Chohan
  11. 80


    Submitted by

    Creating an add-on for Firefox which intuitively gives users the web- search result they want when they select text. From getting a word's meaning, to getting a product's price in Amazon, to opening up a Wikipedia page, this add-on aims to read your mind.

    • Members
    • Priya Meenakshi S
    • Inchara S
    • Siji Rachel Tom
  12. 83

    Twitter Explorer

    Submitted by SNAG

    uses the users tweets to determine the news, videos, images and products that might be most relevant to him/her

    • SNAG Members
    • Aditya Modi
    • Nitish Dalal
    • Sharan Munyal
    • Gokul Krishna
  13. 88


    Submitted by GeoGamers

    AR game played using geopositioning technologies, allowing players to interact in the real world.

    • GeoGamers Members
    • Matt Millar
    • Caleb Turner
    • Bijan Eghtesady
  14. 89

    UCLA - Youtube Theater

    Submitted by Team Nature

    An online theater for you and your friends, Youtube Theater allows groups of people to watch Youtube videos simultaneously with powerful controls for deciding breaks, or skipping and queuing videos.

    • Team Nature Members
    • Glen Takahashi
    • Brian Ngo
  15. 90


    Submitted by Bhartiya Bruins

    Converse Globally ! Break the language barrier in your social network ! Understand and discuss with your friends in your own language on Facebook - we will handle the rest ! Be Linguipendent !

    • Bhartiya Bruins Members
    • Palash Agrawal
    • Gauresh Rane
    • Prerna Vij
    • Atindriyo Sanyal
  16. 91

    Anonymous Text MatchUp

    Submitted by The Evansters

    Get randomly linked up to another person using our service. Start texting away and your phone number will be hidden!

    • The Evansters Members
    • Jon Chan
    • Aimee Ma
    • Evan Stanford
  17. 93


    Submitted by


    • Members
    • test