Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by appempofe

    Thank You For This Post, was added to my bookmarks.

    • appempofe Members
    • appempofe
    • appempofe
    • appempofe
    • appempofe
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    Street Defense

    Submitted by Packet Snatchers

    Street Defense is a multiplayer tower defense type game that uses your geo location to create the game map and the streets as a path between the two players bases. Street Defense also integrates with facebook to add additional features including stronger monsters based on a random selection of your facebook friends.

    • Packet Snatchers Members
    • Jackson Thomas
    • Leland Ball
    • Anthony Mayer
    • Zach Badger-Markey
  3. 618


    Submitted by Its6AMandImTired

    A Scene Generator for JavaScript to generate dynamic scenes on the fly. This uses the HTML 5 Canvas to render everything, and can be expanded upon with relative ease.

    • Its6AMandImTired Members
    • Andrew Hushbeck
  4. 619


    Submitted by Cinesauri

    Let's you easily browse/search all of your movies. Also let's you vote on movies with friends to quickly choose what to watch at parties.

    • Cinesauri Members
    • Eric Spishak
    • Brad Bicknell
    • Eric Shellan
    • Abhishek Choudhary
  5. 620

    Search Voxelizer

    Submitted by 404

    Visualize an internet search with snazzy Minecraft-style voxels. Also: make google and yahoo angry at you for overusing their search APIs...

    • 404 Members
    • Riley Adams
  6. 621

    Java Co Ed

    Submitted by Team Penguin

    This is a "Java Collaborative Editor". It enables multiple users to edit, compile, and run the same java program in real time. In addition there is a chat room, so that users can communicate. This is accomplished through the use of HTML5 Websockets in Node.js (with Socket.io).

    • Team Penguin Members
    • Caio Tenca
    • Rebekah Nelson
  7. 622

    The John Cage machine

    Submitted by Team Thunder Dinosaur-Puppies

    A webcam-driven procedural music generator. (Currently it lives on my laptop as a Java program, so we don't have an associated URL...)

    • Team Thunder Dinosaur-Puppies Members
    • Yuki Liang
    • Michael Erickson
  8. 623

    Data Speak

    Submitted by Chaos

    Graphs and describes arbitrary data.

    • Chaos Members
    • Siwei Kang
    • Min Sul
    • DJ Sprouse
    • James Athappilly
  9. 624

    Katamari Hack

    Submitted by Alex Alex David David

    Play Katamari Damacy on any webpage. Roll your ball to victory in this multiplayer game against your friends.

    • Alex Alex David David Members
    • Alex Leone
    • David Nufer
    • David Truong
  10. 625


    Submitted by flickrMosaic

    flickrMosaic creates incredible mosaics of flickr images. You can use your own images or search for ones from flickr. There is an option to download images so you can share your favorite ones with the world!

    • flickrMosaic Members
    • Cullen Walsh
    • Pania Thong
    • Josh Scotland
  11. 626

    How will your day be?

    Submitted by The Flower 3

    We use take a user's Google Calendar and tell them how their day will be. There's climbing and rappelling involved, and also a very special guest appearance.

    • The Flower 3 Members
    • Golf Sinteppadon
    • Shurui Sun
    • Eui Min Jung
  12. 627

    Zynga Hacku

    Submitted by David Truong

    Hack your way to victory in this cityville hack.

    • David Truong Members
    • David Truong
  13. 628

    Get That Junk Off My Screen

    Submitted by Group Awesome

    Make the web the way you want to see it

    • Group Awesome Members
    • Jehad Affoneh
    • Anirudh Srinivas
    • Sterling Swigart
    • Ambar C
  14. 629


    Submitted by environmentally friendly

    A hack for KEXP radio fans. This is dedicated to keeping tabs on what music is played on local Seattle radio. Users may see what has been recently played and keep track of songs they like. The hack features a web page that interfaces with the Grooveshark tinysong API to generate playlists and play back favorited or recent music from the radio.

    • environmentally friendly Members
    • Will Beebe
    • David Bergsman
    • Steve Geluso
    • Trent Walkiewicz