Hacks Submitted

  1. 1

    Lost in Translation

    Submitted by Team Awesome

    Translation by Voice: An innovative approach to translation by voice. Typically translation by voice is done by having human translators. This is a fully automated approach. - Dial (916) 790-2202 - Follow the instructions - Press # after you finish speaking your message Translation by SMS: Accessible translation for people without smartphones. It works on any phone with SMS capabilities. - Send your sms to (646) 257-3549 in the following format target language; text to b…

    • Team Awesome Members
    • Boris de Souza
    • Dilip Patharachalam
    • Shiva KM
    • Aravind Ramanathan
  2. 4


    Submitted by TeamCoCNinja

    A blog for students of the CoC.

    • TeamCoCNinja Members
    • Yuval Dekel
    • Abhishek Shroff
    • Cesar Gonzalez-Flores
    • Reid Baker
  3. 5


    Submitted by The Men Who Stare at Code

    Stitch 0.1 is a web based application based on Google Streetview API. Stitch takes in an unlimited amount of panoramic photos and is capable of linking them together to create a fairly immersive pseudo three-dimensional mapping experience. There are many programs out there that can create panoramic images but we recommend 'Robot View' created by our co-author on this web-application, Peter Karasev with the help of Ethan Rublee. The web application was made by the members listed below.

    • The Men Who Stare at Code Members
    • Karol Chudy
    • Marin Zaimov
    • Peter Karasev
    • Jake Heinrichs
  4. 8


    Submitted by Olag

    find friends events on a map

    • Olag Members
    • Henry Zhu
    • Nathan Eppinger
    • Sarosh Shahbuddin
  5. 9


    Submitted by wcniogaqlpa

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    • wcniogaqlpa Members
    • wcniogaqlpa
    • wcniogaqlpa
    • wcniogaqlpa
    • wcniogaqlpa
  6. 10


    Submitted by Oppoliclepe

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oppoliclepe Members
    • Oppoliclepe
    • Oppoliclepe
    • Oppoliclepe
    • Oppoliclepe
  7. 11

    Find Freemen

    Submitted by Metro - GT

    Counter Op mod. for Half Life 2

    • Metro - GT Members
    • Shane del Solar
    • Nicholas Rodine
    • Will Grube
  8. 12


    Submitted by Cleaning Crew

    Generates proactive RSS feeds of botnet activity. Feeds: spam email known malicious URLs compromised websites

    • Cleaning Crew Members
    • Nicholas Smith
  9. 13


    Submitted by ManHunters

    We are creating a mobile app that allows you to play man hunt with your android phone. One of the players will be deemed "it" at random and the other player's goal is to "tag" this person by going near them. Their phone will tell them when they get closer to the person that is "it" using a warm/cold scheme.

    • ManHunters Members
    • Greg Azuolas
    • Kevin Coleman
    • Matthew Petersen
    • Karan Daftary
  10. 14

    Steam YQL Open Table

    Submitted by Link Jesus

    Wraps the Steam Web API for easy use through YQL. This API lets you get information about users, games, and leaderboards in the Steam service. Has already been uploaded to github and submitted as a pull request to the official list of YQL community tables.

    • Link Jesus Members
    • Andrew Guyton
    • Hillary Lipko
  11. 15

    Steam Sales via YQL and Feed43

    Submitted by Link Jesus

    Created an RSS feed of Steam sales. Grabbed a page of specials, narrowed it down to relevant info with YQL (select * from html) and then parsed it into a pretty feed using Feed43.

    • Link Jesus Members
    • Andrew Guyton
    • Hillary Lipko
  12. 16

    RSS Hacking

    Submitted by Link Jesus

    Collection of smaller hacks combining Feed43 and YQL. Demonstrates working examples of: 1) Feed from a static webpage (a webcomic) 2) A feed from another RSS feed (the Technique) 3) A feed from a YQL query And culminates in the most technically interesting example: 4) A feed from a YQL query from a feed Other misc examples: 5) A feed from Dropbox recent activity 6) A feed from the AutoHotKey_L recent changes page 7) A feed of the Technique classifieds

    • Link Jesus Members
    • Andrew Guyton
    • Hillary Lipko
  13. 17


    Submitted by Team Awesome

    Taking gossip to the next level...

    • Team Awesome Members
    • Dilip Patharachalam
    • Shiva KM
    • Boris de Souza
    • Aravind Ramanathan
  14. 18


    Submitted by Scripters

    We are providing a service in the form of a mobile-web application that renders a much better user-company relationship than existing ones by navigating through phone trees in an efficient manner.

    • Scripters Members
    • Venkatraman Sridharan
    • Rob Monday
    • Deepesh Nair
    • Hari Narayanan Ramar
  15. 19

    What's in Town

    Submitted by

    It's a social app for Android platform that will help users to find any social events such as dining, upcoming events and movies in specific town.

    • Members
    • Michael Dandy
  16. 20


    Submitted by Team Name Team Name Team Name

    Letting family members know you're safe is a top priority. It is a serious dilemma when faces with a natural disaster. Updating your safe status should be easy and simple. Enter safeupdater.

    • Team Name Team Name Team Name Members
    • Andrew Panfel
  17. 21

    Any Chat

    Submitted by Any Chat

    A site that gives you people to talk to and things to talk about. The site's goal is to let you socialize when you want, but also let you do it in a meaningful way.

    • Any Chat Members
    • Anton Pantev
  18. 22


    Submitted by UrbanMedia

    Web based mobile app that allows users to quickly find music they are in the mood for on the go.

    • UrbanMedia Members
    • Drew Bratcher
    • John Marshall
  19. 23


    Submitted by SparmivTeam

    The hack is a new social network that gives to users the possibility to translate the comments of their friends.

    • SparmivTeam Members
    • Zakaria BARJ
    • Ismail Fourari
    • Aharchaou Mehdi
    • Taha Tribak
  20. 24


    Submitted by

    Like Omegle, Geomegle pairs you randomly with another visitor to the site. However, we make use of users' location information to let you choose a region from which the person you will chat with is chosen.

    • Members
    • Patrick Lucas
    • Cameron Paul
  21. 25

    Slot Machine

    Submitted by Half-Asleep-ers

    A Slot Machine hack by hacking a Kinect.

    • Half-Asleep-ers Members
    • Ramik Sadana
    • Kartik Agarwal
  22. 26

    Accessible accessibility

    Submitted by Good Doers

    To make everything that is wrong about accessibility on a PC right. We are the good doers.

    • Good Doers Members
    • Matthew Swarts
    • Ramik Sadana
  23. 27


    Submitted by Buzzters

    A mobile application on Android that allows you to specify changes to ringtones depending on your schedule.

    • Buzzters Members
    • Amol Shintre
    • Rohit Mathews
    • Khyati Shrivastava
    • Shibani Medhekar, Adhish Bhobe
  24. 28

    Be Mario!

    Submitted by HooYa!

    Have you ever wanted to live in Mario's world? Run, jump and play around as you wish... Hands free.. :)

    • HooYa! Members
    • Kaushik Ravichandran
    • Madhumitha Ravichandran
    • Shruthi Adappa
    • Sasi Siddharth Muthurajan
  25. 29

    Got Lucky

    Submitted by HooYa!

    Love to spend money by saving? Join the club... You don't have to go in search of discounts anymore. They come right to you where you shop, stop and search.. Virtually...

    • HooYa! Members
    • Kaushik Ravichandran
    • Madhumitha Ravichandran
    • Shruthi Adappa
    • Sasi Siddharth Muthurajan
  26. 30

    Project Referrer

    Submitted by Solo Gig

    If a recruiter is looking at your portfolio, and wants to know your worthiness without contacting you, this will provide a way to see your skills and contact your manager for that project. I created a plug in using JQuery which let's people create a skills cloud and associate it with projects by just specifying the skills set per project in the project description. The plugin handles on click highlighting of skills and de highlighting. I have mocked stuff up for the data about project m…

    • Solo Gig Members
    • Ankur Patankar
  27. 31

    Ceci n'est pas une hack

    Submitted by Angry Nipple Ticks

    The treachery of submissions. This is just a rebuild of my submission with Sean Hussey at the 2010 HackU.

    • Angry Nipple Ticks Members
    • Jenny Rainwater
    • Sean Hussey
  28. 32


    Submitted by H4G

    An Android App for helping out: A. Autistic Children. B. Visually Challenged People Works in 2 modes: A. Autism Helper : (Picture to Speech) A grid of pictures corresponding to basic everyday actions/needs is displayed. User clicks a picture (for what he needs) Based on users current location (GPS) a language is chosen (e.g if lat,lon == 48,2 Language is French) Phone speaks the text corresponding to the picture pressed (in the local language) B. BlindHelper : (Spee…

    • H4G Members
    • Arunabh Verma
  29. 33


    Submitted by Uh

    Picks out songs based on your location, the weather, and the season

    • Uh Members
    • Angela Mingione
    • Andrew Panfel
  30. 34


    Submitted by 69

    Suggests to the visitor places that they should travel to based on popularity. They then select the most intriguing visuals, and a new list of suggestions and friends that stay there are supplied. And there is a non-Euclidean sphere....

    • 69 Members
    • Anthony Robledo
    • Vineet Patil
    • George P Burdell
    • Arunabh Verma
  31. 35

    Quest Huntr

    Submitted by Team CrazyHorse

    Awesome scavenger hunt app.

    • Team CrazyHorse Members
    • Alex Milstead
    • Ben Olive
  32. 36

    Placemaker Greasemonkey user script

    Submitted by Placemaker

    A user script that uses Yahoo Placemaker through YQL to identify places on the page and gives the user one click access to information about and around each place. The idea is to provide more context to the user through resources like news, Twitter and Flickr feeds, Wikipedia information and maps.

    • Placemaker Members
    • Tarun Yadav
    • Neha Gautam
  33. 37


    Submitted by gt_hax0r

    Online shopping is the most popular means of purchasing items today. In real shops, one tips or donates the change amount to the store or a campaign it supports. Why not use the same concept for online shopping? RounDonor provides a means for online businesses to support online campaigns by providing a choice for their customers to donate the change (from the rounded value). RounDonor integrate a payment processing service (currently PayPal) to split the money between the business and the…

    • gt_hax0r Members
    • Shauvik Roy Choudhary
    • Pushkar Kolhe
  34. 38


    Submitted by JBHackers

    Recommender sys

    • JBHackers Members
    • Jayasree Kumar
    • Bhagyashree Bhati
  35. 39

    Georgia Tech Stinger Bus Tracker for Google Chrom

    Submitted by The Wet Bandits

    This extension for Google Chrome will allow users to check when the next stinger bus/trolly will arrive at a specific bus stop on GA Tech campus

    • The Wet Bandits Members
    • Derek Miller
  36. 40

    Dimension X

    Submitted by Army of Bees

    A location-based multiplayer game.

    • Army of Bees Members
    • Tim Dorr
  37. 41


    Submitted by xdpktl

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    • xdpktl Members
    • xdpktl
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