Hacks Submitted

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    Yahoo Answers Instant

    Submitted by Benhur

    Its an Instant Yahoo Answers site... You can just enter a text and the answer for that is automatically loaded. I am from Bangalore,India

    • Benhur Members
    • Benhur
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    Submitted by Flickpolis

    photo + location + moments

    • Flickpolis Members
    • Soe Thiha
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    Submitted by for test


    • for test Members
    • cahyo
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    Phone direction search

    Submitted by KooKoo hacker

    Search directions by calling a phone number and saying what you are searching for. This is mostly a demo hack which showcases how you can integrate KooKoo api with other APIs easily to do mashups.

    • KooKoo hacker Members
    • C.Chaitanya
  5. 16

    Bound in Blood

    Submitted by Galactus

    Hack about how social media and open web technologies can be used to save lives.This hack is all about connecting person who is willing to donate blood to person who is in need. This hack can even serve as a platform to give away things for cause. Build with nodejs,twitter firehose,google map. Location aware and feature mobile support. unlock badges by donating blood or helping some one to find right blood group. @realskb

    • Galactus Members
    • Sourabh Behra
  6. 18


    Submitted by Solo

    This solution enables browsing by integrating apps on smart phone with SMS application.

    • Solo Members
    • MS
  7. 19

    Make A Wish

    Submitted by Beanbag Hackers

    Make a Wish (read:wishlist) from you mobile by scanning the product you want or by taking a picture or by adding it through the web. Let your friends choose the product from your wishlist and get ready to be gifted! :-) Features: -Centralized Wishlist -Location aware Wish-list Items -Friends can collaborate, to avoid duplicate gifts. -Location based, and product based wish discovery. Make-A-Wish is a social, mobile & location based solution where you can go and create your wish …

    • Beanbag Hackers Members
    • Nidhi Chaudhary
    • Anurag Jain
  8. 20

    Dial a score

    Submitted by Team dial a score

    This is an IVR application for cricket scores and news. It is especially relevant to the Indian market where mobile data service and internet penetration is low. It provides a simple interface, wherein a user can simply dial a number and listen to the latest score updates and news.

    • Team dial a score Members
    • Suman W M Sivachar
    • Shivaprakash H M
  9. 21

    Instant Carpool

    Submitted by cZars

    Instant carpool matches drivers and riders in real time as they travel. The driver gets ride requests on the (Android) phone from would-be riders. The rider gets regular GPS-based updates on the car’s approach.

    • cZars Members
    • Deepak Singh Rawat
    • Vaibhav Saini
    • Praveen Kumar
  10. 22


    Submitted by Bhaskar

    Business/Functionality Aspect: When Networking sites are growing at a rapid rate, so as the users getting registered to those sites, but there are not many unique users on those sites. In my hack I want to target following core pain points:- 1. How a user can manage his ever growing list of networking sites? 2. How he can be benefited by managing this information? Technology: Taking a different stand from usual LAMP stack, I tried to leverage Java based Open Source framework: aribaweb

    • Bhaskar Members
    • Bhaskar Mangal
  11. 23

    Disturb me NOT

    Submitted by Fire Exit Hackers

    Ever been irritated my naggy girlfriends sending too many texts or your manager constantly texting you about your whereabouts? Wish you had an app that automatically replied to boring texts like "where are you" or "what are you doing"? Disturb me not is your answer! The automated text messenger! Feature List : 1)Parses incoming message from selected people and replies automatically in accordance with the current open application. 2)Integratable with Google + Circles when API is released.…

    • Fire Exit Hackers Members
    • Karthik Hebbar C
    • Arjun Rao
    • Pallavi Maiya
  12. 24

    My Life : Feed Aggregation

    Submitted by Infinity

    In Todays diverse world of twitter, facebook, google, yahoo. there is a need of unification, we find large number of feed aggregation solution but all require the use of programming knowledge at consumer end or require you to get tied up to them effectively adding one more network to your worries.. This is a simple attempt to bridge that gap.

    • Infinity Members
    • Anant Shrivastava
  13. 25

    Thy Knowledge

    Submitted by Nicholas Francis

    Technology Used: Google Custom search, YUI Reset! Students and kids who go on to internet to find relevant information regarding their project end with irrelevant, inappropriate content or promoted links. And kids are being over exposed to a lot of distracting materials on the internet. ââ¬ÅThyknowledgeââ¬Â makes use of Google custom search API to find relevant search results from a set of most trusted and children safe websites, filtering unnecessary noises, The site focuses on gi…

    • Nicholas Francis Members
    • Nicholas Francis
  14. 26

    Car Pool

    Submitted by Team Enablers

    An application which allows one to share cab with friends easily. 1. It leverages on social connections from sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This makes this more secure. 2. The other person never get to know your phone number. The whole notification happens over a conference call and SMS

    • Team Enablers Members
    • Varunkumar Nagarajan
    • Arunkumar Nagarajan
    • Sreekanth Gunda
  15. 27


    Submitted by BeePower

    Get your geek address on the net. Showoff the hardware/software that you use and checkout what others are using. Check us out now at http://igeek.at

    • BeePower Members
    • Prateek Dayal
    • Avinasha Shastry
  16. 28

    Is it a myth?

    Submitted by Rainmaker

    Ever participated in cricket gossip? You must have heard myths created by misinformed people. We present information in a meaningful way so that you can see for yourself whether it is a myth or a fact.

    • Rainmaker Members
    • Sudheera Satyanarayana
  17. 29

    Remote Mobile

    Submitted by Ashwanth Kumar

    Remote Mobile helps control any electronic device with a Mobile Phone call. Basically you install a client service in any of the electronic device (which can be programmed) of your choice. Currently a windows C# based service has been implemented. You can maintain a set of profiles (commands) that you need to execute, and sync it across all devices. When making a call, the corresponding program shall be executed. Technically: A Manual phone call based cron job, which can be activated …

    • Ashwanth Kumar Members
    • Ashwanth Kumar
  18. 30


    Submitted by EvoDuo

    Events aggregator from multiple sources using various APIs, tools and libraries like * YQL * YUI * HTML5 Geolocation * Google reverse geocoding * Microformats to export event data in hCalendar format. We were missing out way too many events because there are so many events platforms like Meetup, Upcoming, Eventbrite, Last.fm, Facebook etc. By aggregating the events, we didn't want to miss out on a good event.

    • EvoDuo Members
    • Vamsee Kanakala
    • Thejaswi Puthraya
  19. 31

    Pineapple Playlist

    Submitted by The JellyBeans

    Pineapple playlist is a simple playlist web application that allows you to make playlists from a variety of media sources on the net and even music files on your own computer! Although it currently only supports YouTube and Vimeo, Pineapple Playlists is built to accommodate as many new services one wishes...

    • The JellyBeans Members
    • Abhishek Patil
    • Aneesh Muralidharan
    • Aaditya Sriram
    • Rohan Prabhu
  20. 32

    Can you spot me

    Submitted by Hacksplorers

    It is an app which combines the two google apps, google earth and google-maps. The persons present location is recovered every second by the google map and using reverse geocoding(which gives the address from the coordinates) the address is sent to google-earth. This app creates an animation kind of view when you are travelling

    • Hacksplorers Members
    • diksha gohlyan
    • Jeh Agarwal
    • Arvind M
  21. 34

    Hack City

    Submitted by Marathon

    The hack aims to provide all the city information in one click. Tourist Destination , places of day-today importance ( transport , government buildings etc). The hack provides a blend of information in the form of map , virtual tour , photo , twits , news etc. The point to note here is the whole application is single page and no page refresh to provide a seamless integration of various datas.

    • Marathon Members
    • Avinash
    • Sushant
    • Hemanth Verma
    • Pooran
  22. 35


    Submitted by Team24by7

    Context sensitive assistance for users on a website based on predictions. See this url http://www.sumitkumar.in/hackday/index.html for details. We will keep updating the html page.

    • Team24by7 Members
    • Sumit Kumar
    • Vijay Jandhyala
    • Lingaraj
  23. 36


    Submitted by Marathon

    Meet friends and strangers alike. Pool in your friends from facebook, yahoo, google, twitter and choose them under 'Show always', 'Ask me', 'Always hide'. When you are somewhere alone and want to spend time with friends, switch on the app and check for friends and strangers and meet!

    • Marathon Members
    • Pratik Mandrekar
    • Pooran Prasad
    • Sushant
    • Hemanth Verma
  24. 37


    Submitted by

    ViewNearby is a mobile application which helps the user to find location around him by using his camera. The app finds out POIs (Points of Interest) in a specific direction which user points his camera to - "Augmented Reality (AR)". The direction and orientation of the device is retrieved from the compass and accelerometer in the mobile device.

    • Members
    • Pankaj Nathani
  25. 38


    Submitted by teamunwired

    Multi player version of the popular game, angry birds :)

    • teamunwired Members
    • Jaseem Abid
  26. 39


    Submitted by searchrs

    This hack allows companies to utilise all employee connections to make deeper search into LinkedIn profiles.

    • searchrs Members
    • Sumit Datta
  27. 40

    Call Adivser

    Submitted by Confused Coders

    This is a mobile hack for android platforms. Sometimes in the thick of things of life we tend to miss keeping in touch with people we care about. While Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are fine, nothing quite replaces the phone call. This app tries to bridge this gap by giving us the list of people whom we have not called in a while. It draws a sorted suggestion showing since when we are not in touch with a person who is in our mobile contacts. Calls can be made to a person through…

    • Confused Coders Members
    • Abhishek Sinha
    • Jai Ranjan Kumar
    • Ravi Babu
  28. 41


    Submitted by The Higher Order Bits

    This tiny web app aims to collect and share information ratings and pictures about street food joints that are usually unavailable on any search engine.

    • The Higher Order Bits Members
    • Amal Antony
    • Vikram Kamath
    • Prashanth Pai
  29. 43

    DropBox on SMS

    Submitted by DropPad

    The app enables one to transfer/send by email the files in their dropbox folder by just sending a single SMS from a mobile phone. As it is just an SMS away a normal no GPRS mode phone can be your email client. You can also view your Dropbox files , retrieve your events and delete files

    • DropPad Members
    • Saket Kumar Choudhary
  30. 44


    Submitted by AarvayLabs

    A robust application which computes the taste of a person using his/her Facebook data and relating it to Wikipedia Articles using a self developed algorithm that computes the Maximum Common Backlinks and using YQL term extractor to intersect related "important" terms! Quite good for a one day hack. It helps to match a user with a highly "similar" person to the user!

    • AarvayLabs Members
    • Vignesh Rajagopalan
  31. 45


    Submitted by HardwareZ

    Uses gesture based recognition to control a arduino powered robot which streams live video

    • HardwareZ Members
    • Sudeep Nayak
    • Dilip Mannil
  32. 46

    Custom Home Page

    Submitted by coolHackers

    This extension for chrome can be used to create a custom home page containing elements from different web pages. For example we can bring in the search boxes from Yahoo, Google and Bing and everytime you open a new tab, all the three search boxes appear. Like this we can bring widgets from different webpages and our custom home page displays it all together in a single place.

    • coolHackers Members
    • Naveen DS
    • Mohammed Yasar Arafath A
  33. 47


    Submitted by sudo rm -rf *

    iRENT is a house/apartment hunting website which allows user to search based on locality, distance from point of interest( like near workplace ) and rent. It provides a functionality to add houses to wish list and compare them based on various factors like restaurants, schools, book store etc. So user can visualize the data more powerfully and make intelligent decisions based on locality analysis. Check out some of the working demo at URL.

    • sudo rm -rf * Members
    • Gaurav Gupta
    • Saket Saurabh
    • Abhinav kushwaha
  34. 48


    Submitted by Commuters

    Kopa is a freshly baked event-based share-pooling mobile app from the Ideophone bakery. Kopa uses Facebook events to find like-minded users and helps them share rides with people attending the same event. Centred around events, it ensures similar interests as well as convergence at the same place at a time.

    • Commuters Members
    • Anenth Guru S
    • Sandeep Bhaskar
    • BalasundaraRaman L
    • Nabila Kazmi
  35. 49


    Submitted by Dot Exe

    We are enthusiastic quizzers. So Cwiz collects the rss feeds of top quiz blogs in India and picks a random question every time.

    • Dot Exe Members
    • Dayanand Prabhu
    • Oliver Zico Mendes
    • Charan GP
    • Prateek Rao
  36. 50


    Submitted by tuxcanfly

    This is a simple google chrome chat plugin for jabber/xmpp.

    • tuxcanfly Members
    • Javed M A Khan
  37. 51

    flickr badges

    Submitted by Daleks

    Badges - a great way to add a tinch of fun for our loyal users. We present flickr badges - know what you are on flickr !! Explore, compare, see what your friend's are, and go ahead and unlock some more :) Live URL - http://ec2-46-137-231-46.ap-southeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com/ http://flickrbadges.in/ For the impatient ones, a preview - http://twitpic.com/5ynyje/full

    • Daleks Members
    • Abhishek Mishra
    • Suryajith Chillara
    • Praneeth Bodduluri
  38. 52


    Submitted by Oh Boy!

    A command line hack tool to view the popular site dearblankpleaseblank.com

    • Oh Boy! Members
    • Yadu Nand B
    • Joji Antony
    • Arjun SR
    • Dhananjay Navaneetham
  39. 53


    Submitted by Code Warriors

    An android mobile app that helps update your family via an SMS, about your travel/location update. Can help track your journey and keep your dearies informed with an assured privacy.

    • Code Warriors Members
    • Ramprakash Ramamoorthy
    • Neha Gupta
    • Vignesh V
  40. 54


    Submitted by Bazinga!

    Tripster is a Google chrome extension, which lets the user track price drops on cleartrip.com.

    • Bazinga! Members
    • Ashish Yadav
    • Mohit Ranka
  41. 55

    Hack a deal

    Submitted by Mango Bench

    Our hack combines idea of social gaming with location based advertising. User will be able to see the deals around his location and guess what, to get extra discounts in the deals listed, the user takes a challenge and plays a game. When user earns a discount by playing the game, merchants enjoys an extra advertisements space.

    • Mango Bench Members
    • Ajay Alfred
    • Praveena Kumara D
    • Rajath R
  42. 56

    Mind Controlled Robot

    Submitted by Ygeeks!

    Our hack is basically a robot which moves forward with it's speed depending on the user's concentration. The more you concentrate, the faster it moves. If your concentration decreases, so does the speed. We've used a special gel-less EEG(electroencephalogram) device and have basically deciphered a few waves( http://tinyurl.com/3gne6u9 ) of your brain. This is just a proof of concept and further implementation to control wheelchair etc is possible.

    • Ygeeks! Members
    • Ashwin Deshmukh
    • Avik Dhupar
  43. 57

    What the Hole

    Submitted by Null Pointers

    An application that pulls out geo tagged pictures of pot-holes around Bangalore and overlays them on a Map. Users accessing the site can then read description about the Pothole. Based on the Geo co-ordinates the responsible Area Councillor's information is shown for users to contact

    • Null Pointers Members
    • Amit Khare
    • Dhruva Krishnan
    • Ashwin Murali T
    • Saurabh Minni
  44. 58


    Submitted by HardwareZ

    Gesture recognition (Kinect) to control an arduino based bot which streams video back to the user

    • HardwareZ Members
    • Sudeep Nayak
    • Dilip Mannil
  45. 59


    Submitted by Solohacker

    It is basically a flickrbot which aggregates photos based on hastags,location and userid. Photos will be automatically tagged using face.com 's API and they are mashed up and people get to rate which is better and which is not,

    • Solohacker Members
    • Abishek Bhat
  46. 60

    Catch Me If You Can

    Submitted by

    Its basically a location based tracking web applications which uses mobile gps and google maps to track down your friend easily. As soon as you and your friend login to the site both will get a 4digit pin code which will connect bot of you to put your locations in the google map and using directions api it will help you to get directions realtime and also the distance b/w both of you. Not only that we can calculate the avg time to find if he is walking or driving and can also predict the esti…

    • Members
    • Anupam Sen
  47. 61


    Submitted by Social Hackers

    A mobile(Android) app for a normal citizen to "cribb" about the issues in the neighborhood revolving around the government. eg : Post a snap of a pothole with some description using the app. A web-mash up (using google maps) for a corporator to fix the issues raised and realise his/her stand against all the complaints and thus win the love from the citizens. This would result in clear onus of work and ensure its completion. In this process citizens earn various badges and corporators do …

    • Social Hackers Members
    • Manish Kumar
    • Jayanth Saimani
  48. 62

    Twitter Sentiment analysis

    Submitted by Elam

    The Application will give a sentiment analysis on what user talks about the event or film or other's. whether it's positive or negative and which source is used mainly to talk about it. and from which location user had posted maximum positive and negative comments.

    • Elam Members
    • Elamparuthi
  49. 66

    Learn GRE Vocab

    Submitted by Pheonix

    Targeted Problem : Students preparing for GRE/GMAT/CAT/GATE are required to learn real big lists of words and their meanings which we are supposed to use in the Exams. This is quiet daunting, as we dont know HOW ? Attempted Solution : The "Improve Your memory" Books say 'Connect Words, Use them, and it will be earier'.... But lets face it, we are stilll clue less, How can i use it between friends, i just cant remember it :-( So this Hack aims to make an IMAGE on your mind, By …

    • Pheonix Members
    • Parth Mudgal
  50. 67

    Help Me!

    Submitted by VJTI Raackers

    Help Me! is a web application, wherein users tweet with hashtag #help, if they require any kind of help. The location of the tweeters will be displayed on map and also the description of the help they need. The users of the application will see the tweets on maps and would decide whether to help the needy or not. The user could also customize the results based upon the proximity of his proximity.

    • VJTI Raackers Members
    • Rahul Bobhate
    • Aniket Divekar
    • Vaibhav Devekar
    • Aniket Alshi
  51. 68

    Location & Company Aware Services

    Submitted by Nerd Herd

    Location is as important as who you are with at that location. The hack use data mining technologies to determine the company you are in, and then present relevant groupon deals.

    • Nerd Herd Members
    • Teja Pratap Bollu
    • Harshit Rohatgi
    • Dheeraj Rajagopal
    • Dev Tekriwal
  52. 69

    Arun Kumar

    Submitted by

    Tag Your Facebook Friends In Flickr Photos

    • Members
    • Arun
  53. 70

    Moody Music

    Submitted by TeamSolo

    An iphone app which lets you filter music as per your mood, all the while tracking your mood changes, and represents that data in a statistical graphical formal, which can be used by the user. Keeps a track of your daily mood swings, all the while providing better filtered music.

    • TeamSolo Members
    • Navjot Singh
  54. 71

    ShutterBug Profiler

    Submitted by VAV

    A simple tool to analyze all your photos and get to know more about your photography!! Variety of analysis from your history to get the pattern, when you click, how you wish to click, and many more. Unlike existing software tools / online services, this tool uniquely analyzes your history and produces graphs, with trends, patterns, etc. [Technology: PHP, MySQL and jQuery]

    • VAV Members
    • Aravinda V K (Data Analysis and UI)
    • Vinay Raikar (UI)
    • Vijay Kumar M (Data Extraction)
  55. 72


    Submitted by Trickycoders

    Tag Your Facebook Friends In Flickr Photos Problem. At present when we upload a photo to flickr. We are unable to tag/note a person who is in facebook. This App enabled to add note along with facebook url and there will also be a facebook update about the tagging.

    • Trickycoders Members
    • Arun
  56. 73


    Submitted by

    It is a desktop tool to upload any type of media file and share it with your friends. You need not log into separate accounts and upload each of them individually. Right click on the image/video and click 'share', and it is shared on a variety of sites like flickr,twitter,picasa,youtube,facebook etc. In short,Share photos,videos and tweets with a click from your desktop!

    • Members
    • Sandeepa Nadahalli
    • Phalgun Guduthur
    • Phaneendra Hegde
    • Geetanjali Gubbewad
  57. 74

    D.A.M.N - Single Serving Friend

    Submitted by Wolfpack

    Connecting people on demand to enable them to share meter fare in Cabs/auto-rickshaws. This is done by finding out common routes that different people want to take at a given time. The motivation behind this solution is that public transport is cumbersome, and inconvenient. Auto rickshaws, and Cabs are convenient, but pricey. What if you could find someone nearby to share the fare with, anytime you decide to go out? This also reduces carbon footprint while saving you money. Techno…

    • Wolfpack Members
    • Niranjan B Prithviraj
    • Rengarajan Venkatachari
  58. 75


    Submitted by Cheaps

    India has more than 30 online stores. It is very difficult to find the best prices and deals from all these stores. Cheapr solves this problem by searching prices from all these stores and finding the best prices for you. Cheapr never stores prices and you always get latest prices. Cheapr uses smart algorithms to get the most relevant prices for you so you never miss that sweet deal. Cheapr searches prices for - books, movies, mobiles, cameras and computers across more than 30 online stores.

    • Cheaps Members
    • Ved Antani
  59. 76


    Submitted by Team_Mobilize

    GameCenter a.k.a Clues and Cues is a social gaming app that engages users to play a treasure hunt game on their mobile. The treasure clues are spread over a region, and the user is presented with various riddles to reach the final treasure. Each clue leads to a location, which the user has to reach. On reaching the location, the application running on User's mobile sends back Location data to the GameCenter running on Cloud. The GameCenter decides on the next clue to be sent back to the u…

    • Team_Mobilize Members
    • Vivek Juneja
    • Abhishek Sahay
    • Vinod Ramamoorthy P
  60. 77


    Submitted by SocketStorm

    DIY Real-Time server health monitoring using Arduino and PHP

    • SocketStorm Members
    • Viral Sachde
    • Arun Vijayan
    • Saurabh Minni
  61. 78


    Submitted by

    Our application lets you search how different people experienced the similar feeling that you are feeling right now.

    • Members
    • Sasanka Rajaram
    • Valmiki
  62. 79


    Submitted by

    ViewNearby is a mobile application which helps the users to find out locations around them by using their mobile camera. The application helps the user find points of interest (POI) in the direction that they point their camera - Augmented Reality. The direction and the orientation of the device is retrieved from the compass and accelerometer in the mobile phone.

    • Members
    • Pankaj Nathani
  63. 80


    Submitted by

    Our application lets you search how different people experienced the similar feeling that you are feeling right now.

    • Members
    • Sasanka Rajaram
    • Valmiki jansi
    • Deepthi
  64. 81


    Submitted by OpenCV++

    KinectWithoutKinect is a framework written in C++ which will provide game developers an advantage to develop motion games without the need of expensive hardware like XBox and Kinect. This hack was developed using a normal web camera. We dug a little deeper into OpenCV API and thought will fill the gap of face emotions detection. This framework can be easily integrated into the web for online fun games. This took approximately 20 Hrs to complete.

    • OpenCV++ Members
    • N Bhargav
    • Sidhartha Mani
  65. 82

    Steak Sauce Pictures

    Submitted by Swiss Paneers

    Steak Sauce Pics is the new human-powered image rank. Today the relevance of image search results is drastically poor. Our solution provides the most relevant pictures from the web for a given search term. We demonstrate our solution with the search term: "nerd".

    • Swiss Paneers Members
    • Jon Maim
    • Sunil Tej G
    • Barbara Maim
  66. 83


    Submitted by Oh boy!

    Geographic visualization of origins of Wikipedia page edits using Yahoo! maps.

    • Oh boy! Members
    • Mohamed Naufal
    • Joji Antony
    • Arjun S R
  67. 84

    Tweet Enthu

    Submitted by kiraak

    Our application lets you search how different people experienced the similar feeling that you are feeling right now. You will know how your friends reacted in a similar situation on one click and also how famoiu personalities reacted in a similar situation.

    • kiraak Members
    • Sasanka Rajaram
    • Valmiki jansi
    • Deepthi Gangala
    • Uday Kamal
  68. 85

    Session Review

    Submitted by illuminatis

    Session Review lets a professor , speaker, student etc analyze his/her performance during a particular class / session. People can create a session with the set of questions they tend to ask during that time. This hack creates a real time statistics, giving the result about his/her performance. This could help people to determine whether they are able to communicate properly or not. It could also help a student as it shows him where he stands in a class.

    • illuminatis Members
    • Bipul Jain
    • Yashpal SIngh S
  69. 86


    Submitted by teamHack

    Chat with near by people anonymously to get quick info. Users share their location anonymously with this webapp. They can see people around their current location who are using this app and chat with them anonymously.No other information other than location info is shared. This app is useful to get quick local info like if a shop is open or not or if there's traffic jam.

    • teamHack Members
    • Arun Prabhakar
    • Abhay P
  70. 87

    Firstamong Dashboard

    Submitted by Nannu n Nievu

    Firstamong is a widget dashboard where a user can see his/her favorite widgets at one place. Firstamong uses Yahoo authentication. It has a lot of widgets like Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Portfolio Management and a customized RSS feed aggregator. The user is provided with the customized playback for videos on Facebook. The user can subscribe or unsubscribe to RSS feeds. It reduces users effort and time by bringing in popular widgets at one place.

    • Nannu n Nievu Members
    • Raghavendra Nayak
    • Nivedita Nayak
  71. 88

    SpotLight - Illuminate your corner of the world!!!

    Submitted by Blue Ribbon

    SpotLight brings focus to "content on the streets"(the long tail of content), something that exists but is often difficult to find through browser based search. Besides leveraging content that exists, it also enables the community to generate and share localized content. SpotLight delivers a unique and compelling user experience by blending together fun and utility value. The fun element is introduced through the concept of "Top 3" ranks for items in any category at a given location. User…

    • Blue Ribbon Members
    • Sridhar Bommaiah
  72. 89


    Submitted by greaseMonkeys

    Lets a user draw images on a touch (mobile) device. Stores the sequence of images and creates a relatively light mobile animation studio.

    • greaseMonkeys Members
    • Chinamyi S.K.
    • Joanne George
    • Daniel James
    • Derick Mathew
  73. 90


    Submitted by Inglourious Hackers

    Where is your next tour going to be? If you are a Movie junkie, you can perhaps visit places featured in famous movies. Using YQL, IMDB API, Placefinder API and Google Earth Web API, FilmiTraveller helps you view these places on the globe, read about them on wikipedia and plan your itinerary, should you choose to visit them. Screencast : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYtUgzu1VmE

    • Inglourious Hackers Members
    • Elvis Joel D'Souza
    • Aritra Ghosh Dastidar
    • Gopi Krishnan Nambiar
    • Ashutosh Pandey
  74. 91


    Submitted by Tagpipers

    Photography is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular hobby. With more and more people going for higher end cameras like DSLRs and even various Digital Cameras, cameras are coming with numerous settings - and with exact settings, great shots can be achieved. Photo formats also have adapted to store such details, including details such as ISO levels, aperture, exposure etc in the EXIF format. Our hack is a simple search engine that searches for various photos based in information provided in…

    • Tagpipers Members
    • Amod Kumar Pandey
    • Nikhil Baliga
    • Srikanth Seshadri
  75. 92


    Submitted by Still Alpha

    Auto generates crosswords using data from the free data on the web.

    • Still Alpha Members
    • Dheeraj Sayala
    • Saket Bhushan
  76. 93

    Instant Movie Sharing

    Submitted by WiredIn

    this hack helps users to find the movies stored on their facebook friend's hard disk.

    • WiredIn Members
    • Samridhi Shree Choudhary
    • Rohit Mishra
    • Paras Narang
  77. 94


    Submitted by Ya-ackers

    Sports Hack : Visual representation of the history of cricket, where numbers tell the story.

    • Ya-ackers Members
    • Souvik Roy
    • Konark Modi
    • Yathirajan BM
    • Vignesh Rajagopalan
  78. 95

    Give me red

    Submitted by Blood seekers

    Give the gift that costs nothing but means everything: blood. Our application is to help the community get access to ââ¬Åbloodââ¬Â during emergencies. We have developed an app which works on real time which uses both web and mobile (via SMS) , it lets the users send sms to the server in case of emergencies quoting the ââ¬Åblood groupââ¬Â and the ââ¬Ålocationââ¬Â and the app sends message to all the users who are present in that particular location at that time referring to …

    • Blood seekers Members
    • Suhas G
    • Keerthi kumar
    • Ullas J
  79. 96


    Submitted by C.E.A.T. (Connecting Ethernet All the Time)

    Its a visual story board for kids which enables them to read and experience the content augmented with images and videos using a temporal timeline analysis. It has read, write and save capabilities. It helps enhancing imagination and creativity among children through a immersive experience and acts as a great e-learning tool.

    • C.E.A.T. (Connecting Ethernet All the Time) Members
    • Bharath C.
    • Kirthi Prakash R.
    • Spoorthy A Raman
    • Vinay C.P.
  80. 97

    What the Shell!!

    Submitted by RSVP

    - Simple, Powerful. As simple as its definition. As powerful as its definition. An App development framework that uses simplicity of Shell Script Syntax and builds powerful apps. The example speaks for itself

    • RSVP Members
    • Robin
    • Prashanth R
    • Suhas bharadwaj
    • Vinay k N
  81. 98

    Bahu Bhasiye SMS

    Submitted by Bean Bag 2

    A multi lingual SMS portal localized for Indian languages where sender will input sms in English and select the language he needs the sms to be delivered for eg Hindi, kannada etc, the receiver gets sms in that language. Advertisers can also use it as marketing purpose in localized language.

    • Bean Bag 2 Members
    • Muruga Prabu M
    • Chandan Prasad Gupta
  82. 99

    Smart Rail Router

    Submitted by The Unknowns

    Smart Rail Router hack uses the graph of rail routes to determine the possible commute path for a given source and destination locations. The train stations and rail routes are represented as nodes and links of the graph respectively. For a given query with a source and destination locations, the entire graph is parsed to determine the trains moving between these two stations. As a next step, the availability of seats/berths in these trains is queried online and displayed. The functionality …

    • The Unknowns Members
    • Raghav Chandra
    • Mayur Kamat
    • Preetam Purbia
  83. 100

    Emergency Message Service(EMS)

    Submitted by Trackers

    An emergency message service which allows a mobile user(currently android app or a text sms) to send an emergency sms to a server. It then sends geo information about this user from the android app and an emegency service provider can see an maps interface to keep track of all such requests received. The app starts to track the emergency service requester's location and frequently updates it for the service provider to locate and reach quickly.

    • Trackers Members
    • Anurag Nilesh
    • B N Patil
    • Muthu Subramanian
  84. 102


    Submitted by Sleepless Knights

    How many times have you missed your stop because you fell asleep in your bus? Well, you'll never miss your stop again. This android app wakes you up when you reach near your destination

    • Sleepless Knights Members
    • Prashanth Kamle
    • Mahesh Kumar D B
  85. 103

    BlueHood Travel Application

    Submitted by THE INFINITE LOOP

    This is a travel assistant with twitter interface. The tour of a registered user is monitored vis his tweets and necessary information is given to him in our portal. There is also a platform(website) where the user can log in and can pen down his experience , post links to the photo albums of the trip and hence keep the memories of the trip safe at a single place. We also provide expenses management of the tours and ensure that the person spends only pre determined amount during the trip.

    • Shreyas Kulkarni
    • Nithin Kumar B
    • Gourav H Dhelaria
    • Karthik SK
  86. 104

    BlueHood Travel Application

    Submitted by

    This is a travel assistant with twitter interface. The tour of a registered user is monitored vis his tweets and necessary information is given to him in our portal. There is also a platform(website) where the user can log in and can pen down his experience , post links to the photo albums of the trip and hence keep the memories of the trip safe at a single place. We also provide expenses management of the tours and ensure that the person spends only pre determined amount during the trip.

    • Members
    • Shreyas Kulkarni
    • Nithin Kumar B
    • Gourav H Dhelaria
    • Karthik SK
  87. 105

    Real Time User Feedback at Events

    Submitted by Phoenixes

    This Hack helps event organizers to make users more participative on Social Media, there by engaging audience in the event as well as bringing digital coverage. This Hack allows users to give feedback and the feedback is represented pictorially back to the users to keep the audience engaged in the event.

    • Phoenixes Members
    • Dileep Kamujula
    • Sourava Mishra
    • Saurabh Sinha
  88. 106

    SOS chat

    Submitted by FirstTimeHackers

    Say you are chatting with a friend . You are forced to go away from PC or net for some reason (emergency) then you can just continue the chat in your mobile through sms on your side. You can send an sms to a number given by us to the person you want to send it to . It'll be sent to him as a chat text in his chat client. Other Use cases - you can send sms to yourself or others as a remainder when you're offline so that when you go online it would have appeared in your chat so that you&…

    • FirstTimeHackers Members
    • Sandeep Raju P
    • Vivek P
    • Raveendra Hegde
  89. 107

    Captain Cook

    Submitted by

    An easy to use cooking web app that runs on PCs as well as the most popular brand of cell phones. The app works differently from most of the conventional cooking websites, by taking you step be step through the cooking process in real time.

    • Members
    • Akshata Patil
    • Divya Sambasivan
    • Nikita John
    • Ankush Agarwal
  90. 108

    World So Far

    Submitted by The A Team

    This is a data visualization of the evolution of the various countries over the years along various factors whose data was recorded by a verifiable authority. This helps the lay man understand the trends involved in certain concerning issues easily. This also serves as a motivational and inspirational source for the general public.

    • The A Team Members
    • K V Adhityan
  91. 109


    Submitted by AnswerHackers

    Looks for people's tweets based on specific #-tags and answers their queries using Yahoo answers

    • AnswerHackers Members
    • Amaresh
    • Kaushik Devarajaih
  92. 110

    Hazaroo Anna

    Submitted by Ethical Hackers

    Location based CORRUPTION reporting and view application. Problem ======= 1.People pay bribe and nobody comes to know about this. Im speaking at the grass root level. 2.People pay bribe to Babus just because they dont have something that is required. Solution ======== 1.People who take bribe are made social and every body identify them as Mamu and makes them ashamed about that. 2.When people need to go to a government office to get some tasks, they can see the bribe reports in the…

    • Ethical Hackers Members
    • Madhu,
    • Vreddhi
    • Abhijeet
  93. 111

    Assist people find Required Proffessional Connections easily.

    Submitted by Phoenixes

    This Hack allows people to quickly find contacts from different social networks in a handy manner. Can be used when a person is looking for a known connection, to recommend to a job position you know of.

    • Phoenixes Members
    • Dileep Kamujula
    • Sourava Mishra
    • Saurabh Sinha
  94. 112


    Submitted by Bhaskar

    Business/Functionality Aspect: When Networking sites are growing at a rapid rate, so as the users getting registered to those sites, but there are not many unique users on those sites. In my hack I want to target following core pain points:- 1. How a user can manage his ever growing list of networking sites? 2. How he can be benefited by managing this information? Technology: Taking a different stand from usual LAMP stack, I tried to leverage Java based Open Source framework: aribaweb

    • Bhaskar Members
    • Bhaskar Mangal
  95. 113

    Spartans vs Persians

    Submitted by Sleepless Code Junkies

    This is a simple web based 2D multi-player game where a team of Spartans and Persians slug it out on a battle field in a team death-match. The total number of Persians out-number the Spartans by a large margin. Staying true to history however, the Spartans in this game are also extraordinarily brave and tough and are more than a match for the Persians. The game has been designed for arbitrary scaling by leveraging server side technologies such as node.js, socket.io and expressjs. The UI ha…

    • Sleepless Code Junkies Members
    • Ganeshji Marwaha
    • Rajasekharan Vengalil
  96. 115

    Flickr Tag Recommendations

    Submitted by Happy Feet

    We automatically build and recommend tags when a user is in the process of uploading photos to Flickr. For eg: When a user uploads a photo and tags it with "holi", we recommend the tags: "celebration", "color" "india". We find that the recommended tags generated, can also be used as query suggestions for Flickr search queries. How it is done: 1. We take an input tag provided by the user and get all the other tags that co-occur with this tag. 2. The most frequent co-occuring tags …

    • Happy Feet Members
    • Susheel Kiran Javadi
    • Santosh VKRN
    • Venkat Thippana Rao
  97. 116


    Submitted by The HackBadgers

    A hack for hackers. HackBadge allows hackthon organizers to create pages (hackbadge.com/yourHackathon) and allows attendees to connect their GitHub hack repos to the event. Each project get's it's own badge in the page with voting and code analytics from all teams. Vote up a project that you like and by the end of the event, guess who's trending.

    • The HackBadgers Members
    • Roshan Vidyashankar
    • Akash Manohar
    • Nagarjun Palavalli
  98. 117


    Submitted by Inglorious Hackers

    MeetApp allows a set users/friends to decide upon an optimum meeting place to hangout. This meeting place is determined based on the users involved in the meet and their choice of meeting place type.(like a cafe, theaters, restaurants etc) with in a particular radius. Carpooling app is developed to serve the purpose of car pooling. This is achieved by taking in the source and destination locations of the people who travel at more or less the same time. The carpooling problem is an NP Comp…

    • Inglorious Hackers Members
    • Aswani chandra
    • sai sashankh donkena
    • Sandeep Reddy Kandula
  99. 118


    Submitted by Technocrats

    Tracking devices are costing high and it is not feasible for everyone to go for it.So we developed this simple utility to track anything with a gps mobile that can run google latitude application.It can alert the user if their device goes out of particular defined region.

    • Technocrats Members
    • Balachandar KM
    • P.Kannan
    • A.SelvaKumar
    • Yarish Kumar
  100. 119

    youtube bookmark

    Submitted by Hacksplorers

    User can copy the url of youtube video watching into the web page. We will then provide them accessibility to add Bookmarks to those videos and watch their desired parts of video at desired time on one click

    • Hacksplorers Members
    • diksha gohlyan
    • Jeh Agarwal
    • Arvind M
  101. 120


    Submitted by HackerSquad

    'Twemote' is Twitter Remote. It provides a user who has access to only SMS, the power to control his computer and use it to access the Internet and forward the results to his/her mobile phone, on the fly! This is especially useful for people with mobile phones, but no support for GPRS and Internet, to * fetch information from his computer by browsing and viewing files and folders, * send emails to his friends and colleagues with attachments that are stored in his computer, * get…

    • HackerSquad Members
    • Abhishek Shrivastava
    • Jithin K. Rajeev
    • Sumit Ranjan
    • Akash Chauhan
  102. 121

    Captain Cook

    Submitted by

    An easy to use cooking web app that runs on PCs as well as the most popular brand of cell phones. The app works differently from most of the conventional cooking websites, by taking you step be step through the cooking process in real time.

    • Members
    • Akshata Patil
    • Divya Sambasivan
    • Nikita John
    • Ankush Agarwal
  103. 122

    Treasure Hunt on Maps

    Submitted by Bhidu-Log

    Quiz platform where users can answer and ask questions. The interface is innovatie to have location specific questions

    • Bhidu-Log Members
    • Ramkumar Shankaranarayana
    • Rajesh Kumar S A
    • Kadam Jeet Jain
  104. 123


    Submitted by Geekd

    Changing phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information is a part of life. Kontakt will send out vCard to your phone, everytime one of your friends changes his/her contact information.

    • Geekd Members
    • Karthik Kastury
    • Raison Dsouza
    • Kenneth Dsouza
  105. 125

    Chronos cube

    Submitted by

    Rotate a cube in processing using a watch

    • Members
    • Shashi Gowda
  106. 127


    Submitted by The guy behind the guy behind the guy

    You have wanted forever to take a trip to that fab destination. While you have been stuck in this town, your friends have been globetrotting, and gloating about it on facebook! No more. Its payback time. Use FakeMyTrip to create fake trips to your favorite destination. Following is how it works 1. Take your picture on a plain background. 2. Signin on fakemytrip, and select destination where you want to go. 3. Share the images with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. Following…

    • The guy behind the guy behind the guy Members
    • Kadam Jeet Jain
    • Rajesh Kumar
    • Ram Kumar
  107. 128

    RSS Reader

    Submitted by Uncaught Exception

    An android application which provides RSS Feeds from various sites using YQL. YQL is used to query various websites which provides rss feeds. YQL returns JSON page which parsed and rendered in the application.

    • Uncaught Exception Members
    • Srinidhi VK
    • Sunil BN
  108. 129

    Wiki Deluge

    Submitted by daemon

    This is an audio podcast script for wikipedia articles. It enables users to listen to wiki knowledge while they are idle and too lazy to read through the wikipedia.

    • daemon Members
    • Anoop Thomas Mathew
  109. 130

    The Hackbook

    Submitted by

    The idea is to integrate the hackbook with facebook. Users can update their status on facebook using this site. User can comment on its wall & profile using either their thehackbook account or facebook account. There are different rooms available like hackroom, webroom,linuxroom, backuproom for the backup of their important datas. Each activity of users on thehackbook will be notified on their facebook wall ..You need user ID to login which is available on site.

    • Members
    • Neel kamal
  110. 132

    Tweet Enthus

    Submitted by Kiraak

    Our application lets you know how your friends have reacted to a similar that situation hat we are in. It lalso lets us know how famous personalities have reacted.

    • Kiraak Members
    • Sasanka Rajaram
    • Valmiki jansi
    • Deepthi Gangala
    • Uday Kamal
  111. 133

    Local Social

    Submitted by OpenHackers

    Ur status updates in facebook are only visible to people within x kms radius of u. 'x' is input from user. A mobile app is used to request for status update, which passes the request to a server which contains the geolocation of all other users. Use Cases: Can be used for planning hangouts, meetings, local events For sharing local information, discussing local issues.

    • OpenHackers Members
    • Nikhil Jindal
    • Vijit Singh
    • Nitin Goyal
  112. 134


    Submitted by Jaguar

    HackPower, is a quick real time solution to problem of active crowd sourcing of supply & demand to manage laptop power effectively in large group events like Yahoo Hack Day 2011. It requires installation of small WMI application on the individual laptop which monitors and feeds live laptop power status to centralized server at different thresholds(80/40/20 minutes). The location of the laptop is calculated using GPRS or on the installed wifi spots. The server provides good visual indicator to…

    • Jaguar Members
    • Gururaj K
    • Shirish Goyal
  113. 135

    Green Ambiance

    Submitted by GoGreen

    Application to track and monitor the electricity consumption.

    • GoGreen Members
    • Siva Kumar Palanivel
    • Praveen Kumar
    • Sathish Kumar Kandasamy
    • Infanta Fernando
  114. 136

    By2 Auto

    Submitted by By3

    Been ripped off by autos before? Wouldn't you rather split the fare with someone else who's going to the same destination? AutoLocator locates in real-time people in your vicinity also looking for autos to the same destination.

    • By3 Members
    • Sohan Maheshwar
    • Abhishek Alva,
    • Saket Srivastav
  115. 137

    Big Brother

    Submitted by The guy behind the guy behind the guy

    Red alert if your kid is watching black listed sites. Its a hardware hack using Arduino

    • The guy behind the guy behind the guy Members
    • Rajesh Kumar S A
    • Kadam Jeet Jain
    • Ramkumar Shankaranarayana
  116. 138


    Submitted by ByteBitten

    The app is geared to enable smarter access to Craigslist. 1. Single view user interface. No browsing to multiple pages. 2. Geolocation : Look up location (direction to) of seller/buyer on the same console. 3. Multilingual : Convert search results to your desired language. 4. SMS integration. Contact Seller/Buyer right for the application. 5. Map Integration : Find distance between seller/buyer. Technologies Used : HTML5, CSS3, YQL, Google App Engine, Google Translate, Google Map, Geol…

    • ByteBitten Members
    • Prateek Agarwal
    • Amit Agarwal
  117. 139


    Submitted by iCoders

    This iPad app displays all the picture's from Facebook, Picasa and Flickr, of the logged in user. The user can then drag and drop images from one service to another and they will be copied to the other server. Reason:- To move picture from one service to another without downloading pics to your machine and then uploading it.

    • iCoders Members
    • Santosh Kumar
    • Santosh Kumar
  118. 140

    QDB(Quote Data Base)

    Submitted by FourAngryNerds

    We all have our favorite movies and tv shows. Suppose you watch Friends or Simpsons for half and hour, how many jokes do you think you can remember? In movies like Godfather and Pulp fiction almost every dialogue is an Epic. But we cannot keep track of all of them. This is the problem our app addresses. QDB(quote database) saves all your favorite movies and tv shows as preferences. It randomly throws a Quote, a trivia or a sound clip from your preferences. We had plans of making this a de…

    • FourAngryNerds Members
    • kumar Sridharamurthy
    • Hari Krishna
    • Ganesh Murthy
    • Pavan Kumar
  119. 141

    Smart Directions

    Submitted by Traffic Hackers

    This hack gives the SMARTEST path between the source and destination. This path may not be the shortest, but can be reached the FASTEST. The FASTEST path is decided by taking the REAL TIME TRAFFIC SITUATION at different location points between the two points. This hack will serve the challenge of reaching the destination fastest and would be specially beneficial for emergency services like Ambulence, Fire Service, Police etc.

    • Traffic Hackers Members
    • Amit Biswas
    • Pratim Biswas
    • Priyanka Kalra
  120. 142


    Submitted by hackulous

    Scraps data(student marks) from Anna University website and stores it in the database.On student request it calculates the GPA and CGPA for the specified semester and displays.

    • hackulous Members
    • Russel Nickson
    • Jeran
    • Anirudh
    • Monish Kumar
  121. 143


    Submitted by

    Much of web development time is spent on tools like firebug and chrome devtools. This is a hack of devtools, to allow the edits to be saved directly to localhost files (rather than u copying the changes back and forth). You edit the css and javascript files in chrome devtools, when u r ready, click a button and its updated the localhost, and the browser refreshed.

    • Members
    • ciju cherian
    • satish bhat
  122. 146

    Traffic Lights

    Submitted by HackerZero

    Traffic Lights is a user powered traffic information system. Problem: We spend most of our time in traffic. Isn't it good to know the dense of the traffic around you so that you can take some alternative route? Solution: Here comes the Traffic Lights, It's for the users and by the users. For Example, User "Bob" is stuck in a traffic for so long, he is driving. He wants to share that there is a Jam at his location. He checks-in using traffic lights mobile website. User "Rob" f…

    • HackerZero Members
    • Abhinay Omkar
  123. 147

    Connect The Lot

    Submitted by Bibhas

    Just a Google map customization to connect all the attendees around the world visually.

    • Bibhas Members
    • Bibhas Chandra Debnath
  124. 148


    Submitted by Null

    This Iphone app helps to search for paying guest accomodation in bangalore. It fetches data from classified ads, and shows it in google map..

    • Null Members
    • Mrinal Venkatesh
    • Rwik Mukhopadhyay
  125. 149

    Wikipedia Edit Visualizer

    Submitted by Wiki Hackers

    Scripts to hack Wikipedia data and Gource to get visualizations of Wikipedia edits of users around group of pages

    • Wiki Hackers Members
    • Kishore kumar
    • Srikanth L
  126. 150

    Y Present !

    Submitted by Y Presenters

    We present a hack to give online presentation with live tweets about the contents of the page. The hack uses HTML5 and CSS to create an online presentation. The audience can also questions during the presentation by tweeting.

    • Y Presenters Members
    • A Allahbaksh
    • Reehan Ahmed
    • Vinil Reddy
    • Ather Qadri
  127. 151

    QDB(Quote Data Base)

    Submitted by FourAngryNerds

    We all have our favorite movies and tv shows. Suppose you watch Friends or Simpsons for half and hour, how many jokes do you think you can remember? In movies like Godfather and Pulp fiction almost every dialogue is an Epic. But we cannot keep track of all of them. This is the problem our app addresses. QDB(quote database) saves all your favorite movies and tv shows as preferences. It randomly throws a Quote, a trivia or a sound clip from your preferences. We had plans of making this a de…

    • FourAngryNerds Members
    • kumar Sridharamurthy
    • Hari Krishna
    • Ganesh Murthy
    • Pavan Kumar
  128. 152


    Submitted by Appatakkars

    Our hack enables full text search and faceted navigation for Delicious bookmarks. Solves the problem of finding the relevent links from bookmarks by focussing on the actual content rather than tags or titles (which people are prone to forget). Delicious' search only allows us to search on the title/tags. Our service is written in python and we use solr for the full text indexing and search. Plugins for indexing other sources can be written in the future (Eg, organizing favorite…

    • Appatakkars Members
    • Srinivasan R
    • Sudharshan S
  129. 153

    Free News

    Submitted by Free NEWS

    This is a SMS APP which provides World News for FREE!!! To Get news TYPE: @555 and send it to 9243342000. Its uses YQL to get yahoo news and TXTWEB to deliver to mobile users.

    • Free NEWS Members
    • Vivek
    • Sumit Kumar
  130. 154

    Green Ambiance

    Submitted by GoGreen

    Application to track and monitor the electricity consumption.

    • GoGreen Members
    • Siva Kumar Palanivel
    • Praveen Kumar
    • Sathish Kumar Kandasamy
    • Infanta Fernando
  131. 155

    Twitter Live Chat

    Submitted by Zombies

    This is a Live Chat application for Twitter users.The user enters the hashtag he is interested in and application pulls all Twitter users who have tweeted about it. And now the user is presented with a chat room wherein he can invite any of the listed users for a private chat. This way you can network with people with a common interest or with the attendees of a particular event.

    • Zombies Members
    • Ankit Daftery
    • Nagesh Potdar
    • Pallavi Moghe
  132. 156

    Stuck in Traffic

    Submitted by What the Hack

    Stuck in Traffic is a mobile application which entertains the user while stuck in congestion. Its greater use is used to crowdsource data about traffic congestion. The congestion data can then be used to predict best routes real time.

    • What the Hack Members
    • Gururaj K
    • Shirish Goyal
    • Kartik Mandaville
    • Varun Thacker
  133. 158


    Submitted by

    Represent the links shared on twitter in a easy readable format

    • Members
    • Arjun Kumar Reddy Chilumula
    • Raja Sravan Sargu
    • KVM Bhavani Kumar
  134. 159

    Chowka Baara

    Submitted by

    Play games with your peers/friends that are located nearby to your place. Invite them over to a game. Chowka-Baara (similar to pagde - kannada) is a traditional game played in the towns/villages that was hugely popular before TV/Internet became popular.

    • Members
    • Varun M Tayur
    • Priya Murthy
  135. 160

    Just One Me

    Submitted by DeFrag

    When you want to share your online contact details with someone, what would you be giving? Just an E-mail ID? No, professionals like to share their LinkedIn accounts, some might like to share their blog site url, and the current trend is the twitter id, of Facebook link. Or you might just have your website address. But, your personal data is spread across so many places on web. I might end up sharing many URLs (like I saw speakers do at end of tech talk sessions). And this list will just grow…

    • DeFrag Members
    • Varun Chidananda
  136. 161

    LYPS - Let Your Photos Speak

    Submitted by LYPS

    New way to build web pages using images and some texts with in few minutes. From personal webpage to e-commerce web pages can be built using this hack.

    • LYPS Members
    • Senthilvelan Jayabal
    • Karthick S M
  137. 162

    news booth

    Submitted by

    using old computers as kiosks which display news or any other relevant data.

    • Members
    • Amit Kumar
  138. 163


    Submitted by Feedgill

    FeedGill lets you define your own filters for social streams.

    • Feedgill Members
    • Preetham Venkky
    • Rohit Talukdar
    • Puneet Jaiswal
    • Amjed
  139. 164

    EZEEShare - RSS Feed Sharing Made Simple

    Submitted by Hawk-Eyed

    The objective of the application is to allow the user to read and post the RSS feeds from any website without having to search for its RSS feed URL. The hack is an universal RSS retrieval application which can search websites to find its RSS feed URL based on the website URL and then retrieves the corresponding data on to the webpage. The application also displays recent posts from twitter accounts based on the userid input. The user can post the data retrieved from the RSS feeds on Facebo…

    • Hawk-Eyed Members
    • Viresh A S
    • Rahul Tapali
    • Pavan Kumar P N
  140. 166


    Submitted by Philanthropals

    The hack is a facebook application to make donations to children in India. We know that as of today we have so many aspirants who really want to pursue their education but the only thingsholding them back is financial constraints. Our app makes it extremely convenient for an individual to make a donation and in turn be informed of how exactly the money he/she has shelled out is making a substantial difference to a child. The student wil have to register to an NGO and the NGOs will have regist…

    • Philanthropals Members
    • Ganesh Hegde
    • Ashwini Naik
    • Rahul Ramakrishnan
    • Vikas Jain
  141. 167

    Face the Music

    Submitted by Hacker Hudugaru

    The application developed will capture the human emotion (facial expression) via the webcam and plays the music based on the emotion. The emotion can be happy, frustrated, sad, surprized, scary, dreamy etc.

    • Hacker Hudugaru Members
    • Anil Pai
    • Hari Krishna
    • Nitin Rao
    • Senthil Kumar
  142. 169


    Submitted by The Coders

    Find the best path to reach your destination using Bangalore Metro.

    • The Coders Members
    • Kishore A
    • Prashanth K
    • Pranav Moktali
    • Rohith R
  143. 171

    Four Square SMS

    Submitted by FourSquareSMS

    Using this mobile users can able to search and check in their status in foursquare using sms.

    • FourSquareSMS Members
    • murali
    • sourav sipani
  144. 172


    Submitted by sdfasdfasdf


    • sdfasdfasdf Members
    • asdf
  145. 173


    Submitted by team


    • team Members
    • team
  146. 175

    poker game on yahoo

    Submitted by rbteam

    Facebook provide poker with millions of friends so you can start Entertaintmant in Game poker in mobile with so many user so increase the user of yahoo with poker game

    • rbteam Members
    • prashant gorvadia
    • ravi prajapati
    • vivek makwaba
  147. 176


    Submitted by da


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    • da
  148. 177


    Submitted by hacker-newbie


    • hacker-newbie Members
    • alecs
  149. 178

    Show Enemy Clicks

    Submitted by I don't actually have a team. It's my project.

    This is a hack for Warcraft III 1.26a patch. You can see the enemy clicks even your allies.

    • I don't actually have a team. It's my project. Members
    • Adrey John Ancheta Ramel