Hacks Submitted

  1. 4


    Submitted by

    An intelligent alert system that alerts the subscriber with events/posts that he's has subscribed to using twitter updates.

    • Members
    • Ayush Varshney
    • Apurva Gupta
    • Rabi Shanker Guha
    • Megha Nawhal
  2. 5

    Rubik's Cube Challenge

    Submitted by Dark Coder

    An online Rubik's Cube solving Competition Arena where different participants can compete and a ranking table is displayed based on their solve times.

    • Dark Coder Members
    • R. Gopi
    • Shreyan Chowdhury
  3. 7

    IIT Kanpur

    Submitted by HackU Tech Crew

    Test if the registration works fine.

    • HackU Tech Crew Members
    • Balaji Narayanan
  4. 8

    Smart Location Aware Chat Client [SLAC]

    Submitted by slackers

    This hack demonstrates the use of Yahoo! APIs to build a chat client which shows latest happenings around buddies and gives you the topics with which you can break the ice ;). Yes, you can start a conversation with that out-of-touch-for-long girl, with something like, "Hey girl! Seems like its heavy rain near your place, you enjoying it ;)". Or may be, console your boss when the stock market has fallen down drastically, say, " Boss, you know what so-and-so stocks are gonna fall soon,…

    • slackers Members
    • Adarsh J
    • Jay Mahadeokar
    • Praveen Vaka
  5. 10

    Quiz Analytics

    Submitted by Q C!RCU!T dA3m0ns

    This is a app targeted towards creators of online quizzes.It uses BOSS web and news search to analyse the difficulty level of a question and provides the information to the quiz-maker.

    • Q C!RCU!T dA3m0ns Members
    • Rohit Gupta
    • Pankaj Prateek Kewalramani
    • Vivek Gupta
  6. 11

    IQ Challenge

    Submitted by XCoders

    It is a game, where each user is given some ratings according to the questions he asks and the answers he give. Each user can ask upto one ques in a day. Each user can answer upto 5 ques in a day. The rating of the user increases when he answers any ques according to the rating of user who asked it. It can be further improved to the categorizing of questions, comments etc.

    • XCoders Members
    • Shahbaz Khan
  7. 12

    SQL injection

    Submitted by рубить

    Its an attack in which we use specially crafted SQL quereis to carry out malicious activites on the target system. This vulnerability exists due to a lack of validation of input when a database query is made on internet. The best part about SQL injection attacks can be executed with the help of only a browser Here we had login through the admin page by using the following details username: admin password:'or''=' (default) when u login to the admin page the whol…

    • рубить Members
    • Anne vijay
  8. 13

    Where 2

    Submitted by

    A reverse search travel destination finder, given the duration, budget, and your area of interest, it suggest places where you can go to

    • Members
    • Abhimanyu M A
    • SIvakrishna Ponnada
    • Sreekanth Kolamala
  9. 14

    Find me my Carrier

    Submitted by

    This hack is aimed at providing a GPS based transportation location system.

    • Members
    • Abhinav Tripathi
  10. 15

    Image Zoomer

    Submitted by Zoomers

    This app displays a bigger sample image whenever you hover your cursor over an image result on a yahoo! image search page.

    • Zoomers Members
    • Jeetesh Mangwani
    • Vinit Kataria
    • Harshit Maheshwari
  11. 16


    Submitted by

    fb trends

    • Members
    • Pankaj More
    • Satvik Chauhan
  12. 17

    Iitk MDb

    Submitted by krac warlock

    movie rating database for specific groups like iitk

    • krac warlock Members
    • shikhar sharma
    • rahul kumar
    • mridul verma
  13. 18

    Market Forecasting

    Submitted by

    The program will be able to predict the market price of a stock in future based on the past market data. We will be using Haar Wavelets for feature extraction and Neural Networks for prediction.

    • Members
    • Vikram Rastogi
    • Diwakar Agrawal
  14. 19

    stock buzz

    Submitted by Avengers

    Stock based applicatioin which notifies the stock holder about market ups and downs.Whenever the stock crosses or leans by particular user defined prices and lot other features..

    • Avengers Members
    • Ujjwal Kumar Singh
    • Sanchit Gupta
    • Prashant Singh
  15. 21


    Submitted by \m/

    ARQ(Automated Reservation Query) Ever worried about pnr status of your waiting railway travel ticket. This web app is for you. Just register your pnr number and phone number with us. And we will periodically inform you with your latest reservation status. Also you get the prediction of probable number of cancellations for your train based on the previous data we store and analyze.

    • \m/ Members
    • Pritesh Agrawal
    • Vineet Hingorani
    • Yash Vohra
  16. 22

    essential info about events at iitk

    Submitted by Rachit

    Gives short info about events in which 1 is interested from mails of that respective event

    • Rachit Members
    • Rachit Nimavat
  17. 23


    Submitted by Sandman

    Searches all unprotected webcams on world wide web and shows only working at the given moment.

    • Sandman Members
    • Tarun Bansal
  18. 24


    Submitted by Followers of the White Rabbit

    A facility to get instant access to current, genuine market price of products which convinces the customer that he/she is paying the right amount for the product being purchased.

    • Followers of the White Rabbit Members
    • A Ashwin Kumar
    • M.Karthikeyan
    • S Aruntaj
  19. 25


    Submitted by 3coders

    To design a web application that helps in managing health center IITK. Users can register a slot with a doctor. Later they recieve an sms and a chat message 15 min before their turn is about to come. It can also add features like medicine availability and emergency services. This service could be of immense use here at IITK because every time we visit the doctor all the stuff is pretty much manual and it wastes a lot of precious time for students.

    • 3coders Members
    • Ankesh Kumar Singh
    • Ankit Mahato
    • Shekhar Kadyan
  20. 26

    music recommendation system

    Submitted by Bhayanak Maut

    We recommend tracks to a user based on their friends reviews

    • Bhayanak Maut Members
    • Sumit Bhagwani
    • Asheesh Agrawal
    • Aritra Saha
    • Karanveer Singh
  21. 30


    Submitted by fourK

    An easy to use Android API which one can use even in their existing application for using sensor based gestures (Accelerometer, Orientation etc.) as interface for user input from a remote device.

    • fourK Members
    • Akshay Kumar
    • Karan narain
    • Kunjan Aggarwal
    • vinay kumar reddy P
  22. 31


    Submitted by sharpShooters

    shooting webpages

    • sharpShooters Members
    • shantanu saraswat
    • Shubhendu Aggarwal
    • Bharat Daga
    • Parul Agarwal
  23. 32


    Submitted by illusionists

    This will allow user to write the notes (like search something, meet with someone, reminders, etc) on a terminal and the app will send the search results to the user in user's mail or set a meeting in his/her schedule and remind him/her in advance

    • illusionists Members
    • Pankaj Jindal
    • Nitesh Vijayvargiya
    • Aditya Desai
  24. 33


    Submitted by CS316

    Building an andriod mobile app. The idea of the app is to search about a personality or object on different networks like facebook, twitter, wikipedia, flickr photos, youtube video, etc and show them at one touch to the user.

    • CS316 Members
    • Abhash Anand
    • Pankaj Pawan
    • Sourav Khandelwal
    • Y Rahul Krishna
  25. 34

    Sky Info

    Submitted by Pirates

    Gives the information(constellations,moon,planets..) of the sky at your particular location.It uses the data from other web sites.

    • Pirates Members
    • Kolipey Abhishek
  26. 35

    Ghosts Game

    Submitted by Ghastly Hackers

    It is a two player game involving a 6X6 board and 8 pieces per person.We are planning to implement an online version of the above on a server,so that many people can play at the same time

    • Ghastly Hackers Members
    • Ankit Awasthi
    • Devesh Kumar Singh
  27. 36

    Friend Suggest

    Submitted by rufferzool

    A simple suggestion site for friends. Friends can suggest things like books, movies, bands etc to other friends. The idea is based on facemash, where voting is extremely easy. But instead of showing the collected rankings of all users, we only show rankings by those users who are your friends. The challenge comes in implementing the ranking system when you only consider a subset of the votes. This can become a very simple to use suggestion module.

    • rufferzool Members
    • Pratik Moona
  28. 37


    Submitted by

    Course-Mate helps students in deciding which courses to take up, based on their area of interest. Course-Mate analyzes the choice of courses taken by the senior students in previous semesters and identifies the pattern of by which they chose the courses. It uses the results of this analysis to suggest and present the best choices of courses to be taken which closely match the area of interest of the student. Course-Mate doesn't just present, it LEARNS as well. As the data consisting o…

    • Members
    • Namballa Chitti Babu
    • Anvesh Thotakuri
    • Keerthi Kumar
  29. 38

    Friend finder

    Submitted by Late comers..

    Finds the details of a friend across various social networking sites.

    • Late comers.. Members
    • Akarshan Sarkar
    • Deepak Pathak
    • Sumeet
    • Gurpreet singh
  30. 39


    Submitted by Procrastinator

    Website to post notifications inside the campus

    • Procrastinator Members
    • Prateek Mishra
    • varunesh mishra
    • sushobhan nayak
    • Lavkesh Lahngir
  31. 40

    Fakebook to Facebook

    Submitted by Team Dexter

    The Hack is targeted to making a spam controlling app which would restrict malicious links from crawling and flooding Facebook

    • Team Dexter Members
    • Abhinav Tripathi
    • Sarvesh Kumar Singh
  32. 41

    1 World

    Submitted by Team Dexter

    The Hack is targeted at providing an interface to multiple Social Networks as well as future updates on static pages, all under one roof. There would be features like searching for something which which is non-existent at present e.g. you are interested in booking a ticket for a movie for which the advance booking has not yet started, or say you are interested in knowing someones profile update who is not in your friend list. I call this feature as "Time Bomb" :P

    • Team Dexter Members
    • Abhinav Tripathi
    • Sarvesh Kumar Singh
  33. 42

    No buffering - suffering

    Submitted by Team Dexter

    The Hack is targeted at helping the internet users from being seriously annoyed while watching videos. When the user is watching a video and sue to lack of appropriate bandwidth if the video starts showing a buffering screen, then the hack would do a search using the meta data of the video and provide the top search result on a bubble, which would potentially keep the user engaged until the video resumes. Thus providing the user from getting furious on the internet connection :P

    • Team Dexter Members
    • Abhinav Tripathi
    • Sarvesh Kumar Singh
  34. 43

    Friend finder

    Submitted by The late comers..

    Find friend over different social networking sites,like myspace,hi5,facebook,orkut etc at a time.

    • The late comers.. Members
    • Akarshan Sarkar
    • Gurpreet Singh Khanuja
    • Sumeet Kumar
    • Deepak Pathak