Hacks Submitted

  1. 1

    Random Encounters

    Submitted by

    ChatRoulette in real life!

    • Members
    • Derek Kozel
    • Dennis Meng
    • Sam Gruber
  2. 2

    Radio Stalin

    Submitted by 3Wx

    It's a secret, for now.

    • 3Wx Members
    • Brian Yee
    • Ethan Breder
    • Andrew Israel
  3. 3


    Submitted by scriptakulous

    Blah Blah Blah

    • scriptakulous Members
    • Nitin Agarwal
    • Vardhan Dharnidharka
  4. 4

    Intel Reporter

    Submitted by WBT Productions

    This hack gathers 'intelligence reports' from the Internet, mostly news websites (via Yahoo! News). It focuses on articles with content about past terrorist attacks, current relationships between particular nations and entities, and any currently published system weaknesses/vulnerabilities. It aggregates this data into a conceptual network, by counting words that frequently occur together as being two connected concepts. Finally, it uses this information to make predictions about t…

    • WBT Productions Members
    • Ben Towne
  5. 5

    Music Swap

    Submitted by

    Omegle + Pandora but better

    • Members
    • Prasanth Somasundar
    • James Grugett
    • Todd Medema
    • Michael Tyler
  6. 6

    Music Swap

    Submitted by MusicSwap

    Omegle + Pandora but better

    • MusicSwap Members
    • Prasanth Somasundar
    • James Grugett
    • Todd Medema
    • Michael Tyler
  7. 8


    Submitted by The Final Countdown

    An app to visualize the similarities between your and your friends' favorite artists.

    • The Final Countdown Members
    • Alex Crichton
    • Adam Leibowitz
    • Naomi Saphra
    • Kelly Harrington
  8. 9


    Submitted by

    A rock wall.

    • Members
    • Chris Lee
  9. 10

    Drop 'n' See

    Submitted by Stone Cutters

    drop the search

    • Stone Cutters Members
    • Kothanda Ramakumar Ramaswamy
    • Dinesh Ramadoss
    • Vijayraj Soundarapandian
    • Ramkumar Nagarajan
  10. 11


    Submitted by Triplog

    Logs trips

    • Triplog Members
    • Sourish Chaudhuri
    • Rohit Kumar
    • Udhyakumar Nallasamy
  11. 12


    Submitted by F5

    Visually Augmented Search Environment

    • F5 Members
    • Chong Xie
    • Amos Yuen
  12. 13


    Submitted by scriptakulous

    Add Visual Sugar to your Facebook status!! PicStatus is a cool new way of increasing visual appeal of your status by posting correlated images, with status.It has been made using jQuery, Yahoo Image Search and Yahoo Content Analysis API.

    • scriptakulous Members
    • Nitin Agarwal
    • Vardhan Dharnidharka
  13. 14


    Submitted by F5

    Search: Augmented Visualization Environment

    • F5 Members
    • Chong Xie
    • Amos Yuen
  14. 15

    Social Assassins

    Submitted by sexy

    A web realization of the popular LARPG known as Assassins, with a social twist ;)

    • sexy Members
    • Sri Raghavan
  15. 16


    Submitted by Homestar Runners

    Do you have a credit card? Let me show you...

    • Homestar Runners Members
    • Tom Xu
    • Ryan Lesley
    • Prashanth Bala
    • Kariithi Kilemi
  16. 18


    Submitted by In-Verse

    A poem/song generator based on random but related twitter feeds.

    • In-Verse Members
    • Anuj Goyal
    • Dhananjay Kulkarni
    • Himanshu Gahlot
    • Tarun Kumar
  17. 20


    Submitted by Project Lost Sock

    A very fancy laundry service for CMU students.

    • Project Lost Sock Members
    • Scott Martin
    • Ryhan Hassan
    • Quintin Carlson
    • Jim Zhang
  18. 21


    Submitted by moodies

    A mood driven search tool. Retreives results locally from various sources based on your mood.

    • moodies Members
    • Subhodeep Moitra
    • Yandong Liu
  19. 22


    Submitted by Moodies

    A mood driven search tool. Retreives results locally from various sources based on your mood. This replaces the duplicate with the same name,

    • Moodies Members
    • Subhodeep Moitra
    • Yandong Liu
  20. 23


    Submitted by DusyEnsuest

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    • DusyEnsuest Members
    • DusyEnsuest
    • DusyEnsuest
    • DusyEnsuest
    • DusyEnsuest
  21. 24


    Submitted by Teamocil

    fun w/ HTML5 and canvas

    • Teamocil Members
    • Patrick Clary
    • Asad Sheth
  22. 25


    Submitted by Guvvy

    Guvvy is a social point of access to daily goings on in our government that leverages various APIs exposed as part of the recent Government 2.0 initiative.

    • Guvvy Members
    • Asad Sheth
    • Patrick Clary
  23. 26


    Submitted by Shazel

    A web music application. A very very cool web music application.

    • Shazel Members
    • Safwan Samla
    • Chong Han Chua
    • (Julia) Chengxiao Fu
  24. 27


    Submitted by Silence

    A geolocation based event discover system.

    • Silence Members
    • Craig Younkins
    • Shashank Singh
    • David Orr
  25. 28


    Submitted by Atom

    This hack will feature a new browser within a browser using YUI which will allow users to save passwords and browse securely.

    • Atom Members
    • Adhvitheey Gouri Shankar
  26. 29


    Submitted by Cleer

    Grapevine helps you discover music you'll love.

    • Cleer Members
    • Chris Lee
  27. 30

    JukeBox Hero

    Submitted by Music Swappers

    JukeBox Hero provides an affordable solution for restaurants and bars to provide an interactive, social musical environment to their customers.

    • Music Swappers Members
    • Todd Medema
    • Prasanth Somasundar
    • James Grugett
    • Michael Tyler
  28. 31

    Smart Cast - The News Podcast Generator

    Submitted by Rage Against The Turing Machine

    A smart utility that generates personalized production value news podcasts. It takes in user preferences and ip based location, gets a bunch of data sources and does some cool analysis to create an Film like script for Speech Synthesis. End result .. Tom Tucker from Family Guy reads the news on your iPod, while you commute to school/office.

    • Rage Against The Turing Machine Members
    • Anirudh Koul
    • Piyush Kumar
    • Amrut Nagasunder
  29. 32

    Peek 'n' Seek

    Submitted by Stone Cutters

    Networking friends from many social media sites by their location, so that i can know which of my friends resides in the specified location. Our idea is also to get in track of the friend of my friend list so that i can get connected with them if required.

    • Stone Cutters Members
    • Vijayaraj Soundarapandian
    • Ramkumar Nagarajan
    • Dinesh Ramadoss
    • Kothanda Ramkumar
  30. 33


    Submitted by Avila

    local college secondhand markets

    • Avila Members
    • Tudor Achim
    • Jinyu Liu
    • Ram Raghunathan
  31. 34

    Random Encounters

    Submitted by

    Facitilating meeting new people on campus during lunch breaks by organizing interested people. It is our hope that their short encounters with other students will lead to unexpected conversation, interesting ideas, and perhaps a new friend. Artwork by Caitlin Boyle.

    • Members
    • Derek Kozel
    • Kellie Medlin
    • Dennis Meng
    • Sam Gruber
  32. 35

    Chat Normalizer

    Submitted by Winners

    An automatic chat normalizer which aims at transforming informal shortcuts used in chats to the correspnding correct version. For example "u r gr8" - "you are great" !

    • Winners Members
    • Rohit Saraf
    • Vinay Surana
    • Vivek Surana
    • Harshvardhan Mandad