Hacks Submitted

  1. 2

    mY! WordCup Table

    Submitted by FutébaHacks

    Consistem em utilizar o YQL junto com o sinatra para buscar e criar a tabela da copa do mundo, selecionar times de sua preferência e quando estes vencerem, enviar uma mensagem para o twitter utilizando sua conta! :D

    • FutébaHacks Members
    • Tadeu Luis P. Gaudio
  2. 3


    Submitted by Sigaki Force's

    Criar um sistema web capaz de viabilizar o fluxo de tarefas de um determinado projeto.

    • Sigaki Force's Members
    • Lucas H. J. Sigaki
  3. 4

    Meus Postos

    Submitted by Me, Myself and Luciano

    A hack that uses an Open Data Table and YQL to show on a map the nearest gas stations of an adress. It uses YAP as its User Interface and show the gas station on a static google map. Moreover the user can post a photo on Y! Meme with a summary of the gas station prices, including a assessment for best deal for flex engines. As it was a secondary project that i've made this morning i would like to present it just after the main project that i develop with Eduardo Otubo (Gas Finder) caus…

    • Me, Myself and Luciano Members
    • Luciano Camilo
  4. 5


    Submitted by meme-me

    A meme client for android

    • meme-me Members
    • André Gustavo Espeiorin (xorna)
  5. 6


    Submitted by NIH! (Not Invented Here)

    http://spaia.me Spaia.me (spread me, in brazilian "mineirês") is a real time widget generator for several types of services on the web. With Spaia.me you can show in your blog, website, anywhere on the Internet, what people are saying about anything you want, as soon as they happen! This system is implemented with ruby on rails backend portal to generate the widgets, that runs totally standalone on clients, using YQL as the way to hit the available services (Meme, Flickr, Delicio…

    • NIH! (Not Invented Here) Members
    • Luís Cipriani
    • Éverton Rbeiro
  6. 7

    RFID Posting

    Submitted by Makers

    Uma forma barata e simples de fazer posting com geotaggind sem teclado ou gps.

    • Makers Members
    • Augusto Camargo
  7. 8


    Submitted by Meméticos

    Implements SlideShare support in Yahoo! Meme, by means of a bookmarklet that converts the presentation to a suitable format.

    • Meméticos Members
    • Carlos Duarte do Nascimento
    • Vanessa Sabino
  8. 9


    Submitted by Rep. Buscapé

    An app for tracking rain in specific places, with user contributed data (microblogging) and visual (map) output.

    • Rep. Buscapé Members
    • Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
    • Antonio Ribeiro Alves Junior
    • Gustavo Walbon
    • Flávio Araki
  9. 10

    Yahoo Personal Traffic Monitor

    Submitted by

    Permite ao usuário criar rotas personalizadas de acordo com a condição do trânsito e avaliar se a rota é boa ou não. Utilizando YQL para acessar as informações do www.apontador.com.br e utilizando YUI para montagem da lista de rotas.

    • Members
    • Suelen G Carvalho
    • Sandro Enomoto
    • Jefferson Prestes
    • Andre Rios
  10. 11


    Submitted by Caelum 1227.com

    Pinghack uses YQL to retrieve a list of incoming links to your page without the need of active pingbacks. Instead of creating a huge list of sometimes cheap pingbacks in your websites, mention those sites that are highly ranked by Yahoo and feel that your page is important. While Yahoo rank engine is spam-proof, so is our pinghack.

    • Caelum 1227.com Members
    • Caires Vinicius
    • Guilherme Silveira
    • Leandro Silva
  11. 12


    Submitted by Beta!

    Através do YQL o FILMES.cc indexa os sites de filmes e os classifica em EM CARTAZ e ESTRÉIA. Com ele você vai saber os cinemas e os horários de cada filme. Ele será disponibilizado via YAP, DESKTOP e MOBILE. More information will be available on http://filmes.cc/

    • Beta! Members
    • David Ruiz
    • Ricardo Felipe Noronha Martins
  12. 13

    O Bombeiro

    Submitted by '; delete from internet;

    A robot that will extinguish fire anywhere in the world.

    • '; delete from internet; Members
    • Erre
    • Bruno Gola
    • Rodolpho Eckhardt
    • Pedro Werneck
  13. 14

    mY World Cup Alert!

    Submitted by futébaHacks

    Consistem em utilizar o YQL junto com o YAP para buscar e criar a tabela da copa do mundo, selecionar times de sua preferência e quando estes executarem algo, enviar uma mensagem para o twitter/meme.

    • futébaHacks Members
    • Tadeu Luis P. Gaudio
    • Wryel Covo
    • Raphael S. Prudencio
  14. 15

    esteganografia aumentada

    Submitted by hack-aumentada

    estegangrafia aumentada, guarde seus arquivos em uma folha de papel.

    • hack-aumentada Members
    • murilo prestes (neuromancer)
    • eduardo j c carvalho
  15. 17

    Shoryuken from Hell

    Submitted by McGivers with lasers


    • McGivers with lasers Members
    • Marcos Menezes (divless)
    • Júlio Cesar Gonçalves de Oliveira (Pinguineras)
  16. 18

    Metal Archives

    Submitted by Metal Heads

    Um agregador de notícia que registra a significância geográfica de cada notícia

    • Metal Heads Members
    • Alexandre Andrade
    • Cesar Rodas
    • Domingos Teruel
    • Alexandre Gaigalas
  17. 19

    Share Moments

    Submitted by P3M

    Share Moments é um pequeno aplicativo social desenvolvido em Ruby on Rails + CouchDB + YQL(Flickr, Meme, Twitter) + OpenID. Compartilhe momentos especiais da sua vida com seus amigos, familiares e com o mundo!

    • P3M Members
    • Lucas Renan
    • Cássia Catherine Monteiro
    • Tiago Godinho
  18. 20


    Submitted by

    A small and simple xmpp bot where you can get the latest news(only pt_BR available). just type: news wordtosearch and wait for the result.

    • Members
    • Licio Fernando Fonseca
  19. 21


    Submitted by 220v

    mememe shows lots of information in widgets format in the area the user is in.

    • 220v Members
    • Bernardo Heynemann
    • Gabriel Falcao
    • Lincoln Sousa
    • Thiago Silva
  20. 22


    Submitted by Save-us

    Criar um sistema web capaz de viabilizar o fluxo de tarefas de um determinado projeto.

    • Save-us Members
    • Lucas H. J. Sigaki
    • Diego Costa
    • Fernanda Nakaza
  21. 24

    I Rate Flickr

    Submitted by We Rate Flickr

    A website were the users can rate photos of some given categories

    • We Rate Flickr Members
    • Rubem Azenha
    • Hugo Borges
  22. 25

    F1 Results

    Submitted by Social Minds

    A nice way to visualize results from F1, using YQL, Canvas and other technologies

    • Social Minds Members
    • Daniel Rodrigues da Costa Filho
    • Fabio Dan Dias Cardoso
    • Iraê de Carvalho Brasil
  23. 26

    Traffic Info

    Submitted by OANE

    Verifique a situação, em tempo real, do trânsito em SP, RJ, BH ou uma rua especifica utilizando YQL para buscar informações no Twitter e Meme

    • OANE Members
    • Ivan Rosolen
    • José Wilker
    • Thiago Rigo
  24. 28

    Gas Finder

    Submitted by

    Python+YQL application for Android that uses your GPS position to find low cost gas stations near you.

    • Members
    • Eduardo Otubo
    • Luciano Camilo
  25. 29

    Infraero (BR) Parser

    Submitted by Aéreo

    Parses the Infraero site flights data.

    • Aéreo Members
    • Danilo Bento
  26. 30


    Submitted by Foobar

    Have your Twitter organized by relevance, not by time.

    • Foobar Members
    • Lucas Fernando Amorim
    • Hélio Costa
    • Pedro Menezes
    • Otávio Carvalho
  27. 31

    Casa ou Bar?

    Submitted by POs can code

    Hack using YQL, geolocation and Foursquare to help you decide whether you should go home or to a bar based on traffic conditions.

    • POs can code Members
    • Roberta Zouain
    • Pedro Valente
  28. 32

    Simple Meme Protocol

    Submitted by Globalcode

    A hardware will be controlled through messages posted in Meme and will be recovered with YQL.

    • Globalcode Members
    • Rafael Nunes
    • Raphael Adrien
    • Vinicius Senger
    • Ana Abrantes
  29. 33

    Pomodoro Online

    Submitted by Opa, Pera lá, tá certo

    Pomodoro [1] is a time management technique that turns time into an ally to accomplish your tasks. It is based in cycles of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. The main goal on our application is to provide an online tool to help you do your pomodoro and providing you some links of delicious to enjoy on your rest time. It used YUI to draw the progress bar and YQL to fetch data from delicious and flickr; [1] http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/

    • Opa, Pera lá, tá certo Members
    • Rodrigo Flores
    • Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos
  30. 34

    Meme on Facebook

    Submitted by MOF

    Meme/Facebook integration, add your meme name to the app and all your meme posts will autmaticaly appear in your facebook wall.

    • MOF Members
    • Guilherme Uhelski
    • André Gustavo Espeiorin
  31. 35

    Trending Pics

    Submitted by Yeah!!

    Trending Pics searches photos on Flickr that are related to Twitter Trends.

    • Yeah!! Members
    • Pedro Menezes
  32. 36

    Hot on Twitter

    Submitted by Media Hackers

    Most retweeted stories from γahoo! news on Twitter

    • Media Hackers Members
    • Dirceu Pauka Júnior
    • Tadeu Luis Pires Gaudio
  33. 37

    Open Video Puzzle

    Submitted by fabricio.org

    A simple web based game that showcases some cool things of HTML5, CSS3 and Open Video. The hack uses the alpha.publicvideos.org REST API (launched on the hackday as well) and will be demoed on a very fancy mobile device :)

    • fabricio.org Members
    • Fabricio Campos Zuardi
  34. 38

    Denuncia Buraco

    Submitted by Mob2Web

    Denuncie ao mundo os buracos que estragam nossos carros. Que tal ter um programa em seu celular que ao encontrar um buraco na rua faz a denuncia dele publicando na internet. Basta tirar uma foto com o celular e a denuncia será postada no Meme com a foto e a localização no mapa. As tecnologias utilizadas no hack são: Aplicativo Celular: J2ME

    • Mob2Web Members
    • Carlos Eduardo Ramos
    • Jorge Rocha Gualtieri
    • André Gomes Lamas Otero
    • Fábio Montefuscolo
  35. 39

    YQL! Console and MemeRobot for NetBeans

    Submitted by NetYahoo

    This hack doesn't have description because it's a desktop aplication. It's the YQL! Console embedded on NetBeans :) And we have another desktop application that controls a robot with meme entries

    • NetYahoo Members
    • Wagner Roberto dos Santos
  36. 40

    Violência SP

    Submitted by

    A partir de um endereço informado pelo usuário, nosso hack exibe informações sobre os índices de violência na região do endereço informado. Para isso, nós encontramos qual a DP mais próxima do local usando as APIs de mapas do Yahoo, e após isso nós fazemos uma consulta usando YQL no site das delegacias de São Paulo para obter os dados para aquela delegacia específica.

    • Members
    • Luiz Alberto Hespanha
    • Rafael Henrique Manoel
    • Marcos Sousa
    • Wanderlei Souza
  37. 41

    Mapeamento de Doenças do Brasil

    Submitted by Analistas de Dados Estratégicos

    Mapeamento de doenças no Brasil. O usuário poderá escolher uma doença que está cadastrada no banco de dados do Datasus. Esta base de dados possui todas as informações de doenças que foram reembolsadas pelo SUS para todas as cidades do país. As doenças apuradas foram (Câncer da mama, Leucemia e Câncer Renal). Após a escolha da doença no filtro, o sistema fará uma busca na base de dados extraída do Datasus agrupando a totalização dos dad…

    • Analistas de Dados Estratégicos Members
    • Tiago Bojikian
    • Jonas Albuquerque
    • Romilson Lemes
  38. 42

    cammeme - live connect with people with the same Yahoo Meme status as yours!

    Submitted by cammeme (by globalcoders)

    Ever wondered if someone can fix chatroulette randomness that only presents you nasty appendices and orifices, or other strange creatures from the intarweb? Well, we tried to help solving this mixing Yahoo Memes hashtags to the game. Now you can finally video-chat with other meme by matching his/her hashtags to yours, so you can find someone live who think like you! Unless of course you use nasty hashtags(then you can go to same old chatroulette, you insensitive clod! ;))

    • cammeme (by globalcoders) Members
    • Julio Viegas
    • Jeff Prestes
  39. 43

    Já peguei / I have nailed

    Submitted by Why Queue elle?

    Multiple hacks allow someone to know more about someone else. Allows stalkers to retrieve information about a person's lifestyle. Allows countries with low birthrate to achieve higher rates and first kissers to easily find a way to bring that girl home. A mashup composed of multiple hacks where new ones can be contributed as a plugin.

    • Why Queue elle? Members
    • Lucas Cavalcanti
    • Fabio Kung
    • Adriano almeida
    • Alexandre Atoji
  40. 44


    Submitted by PlumberGame Team

    Jogo de plataforma desenvolvido em Flash, com a game engine Flixel. O jogo tem integração com as apis/tecnologias: Meme, Twitter, Flickr e YQL. Por exemplo, o cenário é construído a partir de imagens associadas a tags no Flickr. Através deste jogo estamos discutindo maneiras alternativas de visualizar informações na Internet.

    • PlumberGame Team Members
    • Patrick Rafael de Oliveira Espake
    • Bruno Campagnolo de Paula
    • Rafael Brito de Oliveira
  41. 45

    Xerifes do DF

    Submitted by thackday

    Este hack plotou num yahoo maps os candidados para deputado distrital do DF mais votados em cada zona eleitoral, nas eleições de 2006. Jocosamente os chamamos de "xerifes" para fazer uma provocação, insinuando que seriam os chefes de cada região.

    • thackday Members
    • Bruno Barreto
    • Pedro Markun
    • Ricardo Poppi
  42. 46


    Submitted by

    A Placemaker like service built with free software and open data. Uses NLP, mongoDB, Ruby, Google Maps V3 for engine and YUI for a demo application.

    • Members
    • Maurício Maia
  43. 47

    Your Profile

    Submitted by Your Profile

    Get to know other people and their characteristics through a plugin which extracts his information using his twitter and blog information through YQL and term extract.

    • Your Profile Members
    • Guilherme Silveira
    • Caires Cavalcanti
    • Leandro Silva
  44. 48


    Submitted by Mini-meme

    Personal Mashup

    • Mini-meme Members
    • Wagner Roberto dos Santos