Hacks Submitted

  1. 1


    Submitted by AnSi

    Allows easy sharing of pictures between your Flickr and Facebook accounts using Qt Framework. Using this hack pictures on your Flickr account can be easily added to your Facebook Wall. This can be easily extended to add pics on to your Facebook Albums

    • AnSi Members
    • Aneesh Muralidharan
    • O. S. Sibimon
  2. 3

    Live Stats while Chat!

    Submitted by Team KoMahTri

    When you are chatting, there are times you need to share stats and info. Instead of moving yourself with browsers and then paste back the links, we help u get stats and info right in your chat. Techonologies Used: 1. PHPOpenChat 2. YQL

    • Team KoMahTri Members
    • Mahesh Salaria
    • Konark.K.Modi
    • Tripti jain
  3. 4

    Fantastic Maps

    Submitted by aagantu

    This App is for business owners. It allows them to fill relevant business data for a location such as sales figure, profits etc. with the help of a yahoo map. For e.g. User can click on koramangala and add the business details pertaining to koramangala on the pop up that appears. More importantly, the app allows the user to analyze the fed data visually and also allows them to make location based query visually. So for e.g. the user can draw a boundary on the map and then expect a YUI c…

    • aagantu Members
    • Sumit Jain
    • Kumar Gaurav
  4. 5

    Github Badges

    Submitted by Enterprise Architects and Interns

    A hack to give warcraft/xbox style achievement badges for github achievements

    • Enterprise Architects and Interns Members
    • Brian Guthrie
    • Tejas Dinkar
    • Mark Needham
  5. 7


    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Ever left work in rush hour only to find yourself stuck in traffic? Look up what the roads are like first. Trafficam will show you live images from the nearest traffic cameras around you. Uses HTML5 geolocation, YQL, MongoDB's geospatial indexing, and the BTIS backend for images.

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Kiran Jonnalagadda
    • Karthik Rao
    • Aashish Solanki
    • Pradeep Banavara and Akash Mahajan
  6. 8


    Submitted by MailingEfficacy

    Our hack saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted by the user, typing tabs or clicking with a mouse.

    • MailingEfficacy Members
    • Vinay CP
    • Vasanth Vallabh
    • Kirthiprakash
    • Madhurima Malla
  7. 9


    Submitted by ImTwits

    Depending on currently "hot" topics on Twitter, we set an appropriate image from Image Search as the desktop background. This is a native app on the client side, and currently works only on GNOME. The tarball can be downloaded from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1996061/imtwit.tar.gz

    • ImTwits Members
    • Mukund Raghothaman
    • Ravikiran Sastry P
    • Neeraj Kumar
  8. 10

    What on Earth

    Submitted by C42

    It is an application to help students to learn a particular topic through a game. Parsing wikipedia using YQL it generates list of location based questions. These questions are presented to students on map to provide better understanding of the concerned topic.

    • C42 Members
    • Niranjan Paranjape
    • Sidu Ponnappa Chonira
    • Aakash Dharmadhikari
    • Akshat Chaudhari
  9. 11

    RSS meme

    Submitted by Abhinav

    RSS Meme is an alternate view for your RSS feeds and is based on popular techmeme.com. Idea is simple but a lot more new things can be done: for ex, can improve ranking algorithm by using retweet count, google reader share count etc. I have used a ruby clustering algorithms library & Yahoo! term extractor for keywords

    • Abhinav Members
    • Abhinav Saxena
  10. 12

    where the guys @

    Submitted by NULL POINTERS

    Let your girlfriend know where to enjoy her kitty parties without the annoying crowd! Find out who's checking in where! What are the hot and happening zones in your city? Find out all this and more with Where the guys @!

    • NULL POINTERS Members
    • @dkris
    • @the100rabh
    • @hnprashanth
    • @cruisemaniac
  11. 13


    Submitted by BabelFish

    A realtime quiz application for use in classrooms. Questions can be created through an interactive QnA builder using information from wikipedia and flickr. Once created, questions are pushed out to participants in realtime making sure that the entire class is viewing the same question at any time.

    • BabelFish Members
    • Prateek Dayal
    • Hemant Kumar
  12. 14

    Social Collab Search

    Submitted by Poiu

    A hack to create custom search engine for code snippets, how-tos, tutorials for developers. The search is refined to the sites/links from a developer/user's Delicious account and the user can also leverage the bookmarks made by users in his network The hack can be further improved by adding social bookmarks data for the same user from Digg.com and Reddit.com

    • Poiu Members
    • Vinay Raikar
    • Anand Agarwal
    • Aravinda V K
    • Ravi Atluri
  13. 15


    Submitted by Shipyard Rain

    An URL shortener webapp. Written in C.

    • Shipyard Rain Members
    • Yuvaraj Pandian T
  14. 16

    Flickr Commerce

    Submitted by Rachel

    Allows people to buy your flickr photos via the paypal api, or to seek permission to do so. Prevents photos from being copyright infringed.

    • Rachel Members
    • Lakshman Prasad
    • Shabda Raaj
    • Javed Khan
    • Ashok Raavi
  15. 18


    Submitted by N2C2E (Name too complicated to explain)

    We have three hacks 1. Enhanced scroll based Image Search for people with visual disability. 2. Probabilistic reply model for Yahoo! mail. 3. Blog editor with built in image retrieval based on keywords

    • N2C2E (Name too complicated to explain) Members
    • Bharath C
    • Spoorthy A Raman
  16. 19


    Submitted by Mini-Hack

    This hack displays the current logged in facebook-user's detail and show all the friends in the order they have joined facebook

    • Mini-Hack Members
    • Santosh Kumar
    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan
  17. 20


    Submitted by Mini-Hack

    This hack displays the current logged in facebook-user's detail and show all the friends in the order they have joined facebook

    • Mini-Hack Members
    • Santosh Kumar
    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan
    • Anand S
    • Balaje Prasath
  18. 22


    Submitted by Gerridae

    eRipples is a panel accessible on every webpage which enables the Yahoo! users to post meme text, meme images and send yahoo mail by just dragging-and-dropping text and images on the eRipples Panel.

    • Gerridae Members
    • Sandeep S
    • Chitresh Kakwani
    • Kapil Ratnani
    • Koteswar Rao Mandapati
  19. 23

    Desk Space

    Submitted by Hank Hackers

    Using the Desktop space for performing common tasks on the web without opening the browser. This Hack takes care of all tasks right from making notes to sending sms. We also have a facility for paying your pals by PayPal from your Desktop.

    • Hank Hackers Members
    • Hariharan B
    • Aravind V
    • Naveen Kumar V
    • Karthikeyan GA
  20. 24


    Submitted by N1tr0me

    Youtube + Your Mic = YouMic A simple to use, powerful app to record mimicries and audio annonations for youtube videos. YouMic allows a user to add an audio track of his choice to any youtube video while subduing the video's existing audio track. Applications: Funny videos, mimicry effects, audio annotations to others' videos, adding in commentary and probably even more :)

    • N1tr0me Members
    • Aakash Bapna
    • Sankaranarayanan M
    • Prasad Pai
  21. 25

    Shuffle, Explore, Repeat !!

    Submitted by Enigma

    Shuffle, Explore, Repeat is an application which shows popular music artists and their biography, popular tracks, videos at one place. Minimalistic UI allows to visually explore music which makes this fun. Makes use of YQL, Yahoo Music and Youtube API's.

    • Enigma Members
    • Anurag Goyal
    • Ashish Yadav
    • Rakesh Gupta
  22. 26

    The Mobile Hack 420

    Submitted by The 420 Mobile Hackers

    This is a one stop website to obtain the prices of your favourite mobile phones from various dealers of mobile phones in the Indian market such as Univercell, Subiksha, and E Bay.

    • The 420 Mobile Hackers Members
    • Madhan Mohan R
    • Smitha V
    • Sujithra Sriganesh
  23. 27


    Submitted by YetToDecide

    Place holder

    • YetToDecide Members
    • BabuSrithar
    • Sudeep Nayak
    • Parashuram
  24. 28

    ChromYQLip (pro as Chromy Klip)

    Submitted by Markandey Singh

    ChromYQLip (pronounce as Chromy-Clip) is an extension for page scrapping. Select some text on a page and click the extension icon, it will populate the URL and xpath of selection. Click "getmashup" to get a lightweight page which loads your content. It simply uses YQL to do everything. Sample URL and XPath for advance mashup building URL="http://twitpic.com/photos/$1" Path="//div[@id="image-"]/div/div[1]/a"

    • Markandey Singh Members
    • Markandey singh
  25. 29


    Submitted by NaturalBornCoders

    This hack enables realtime closed-captioning in multiple languages for videos on Flickr. The hack utilizes a speech recognition engine (Julius for linux, WSAPI for windows) to display subtitles in the chosen language (translate API) for videos on flickr (GreaseMonkey).

    • NaturalBornCoders Members
    • BabuSrithar
    • Sudeep Nayak
    • Parashuram
  26. 30


    Submitted by

    Rich Media Content Generator

    • Members
    • Sumit Datta
    • Amit Kejriwal
    • Souvik Roy
    • Arijit Chakraborty
  27. 31

    Yarel - YQL Object Relational Mapper for Ruby

    Submitted by

    A Object Relation Mapper for YQL in ruby, very similar to ActiveRecord 3.0.0 with chainability and lazy evaluation of queries. Ex: Yarel::SearchNews.where(:query = "election").limit(10,2).to_yql

    • Members
    • Selvakumar Natesan
    • Sharanya Sennimalai
  28. 32

    TrialTool - YUI Console

    Submitted by TrialTool

    The YQL console is great as it lets us play with the YQL statements, change them and see the results in place. This project is a similar console for YUI. You can view various YUI examples, change them in place and see them working. All the examples displayed here are scraped from http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/3/examples/

    • TrialTool Members
    • Parashuram
    • Babu Srithar
    • Suryanarayan
    • Santosh SR
  29. 33


    Submitted by Make_It_simple

    Provides API's to include a real-time communicator on any webpage.. All server processing happens on our servers...Webmaster doesn't need to worry about details ..All users viewing that page can discuss , talk and collaborate on the content of the page in Real time!!!....makes life easy for web developers...

    • Make_It_simple Members
    • Mohan Gupta
    • Sri Ram
    • Roshan
  30. 34


    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Calculate the carbon footprint of events using Yahoo! technologies.

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Karthik Rao
    • Aashish Solanki, Kiran Jonnalagadda
    • Akash Mahajan
    • Pradeep B
  31. 35


    Submitted by DailyApps

    A Simple Mashup that allows you a user to find restaurants nearby him. The user can add ratings, view comments via the web and his mobile phone(blueprint). The coolest thing is that you can pay(Paypal X Adaptive Payments) via SMS(SMSGupShup APIs) or the mobile web. So you don't need to carry cash with you when you go out. Because of the fact that this hack uses Paypal Adaptive Payments both the restaurant owner as well as the developer can make money :-)

    • DailyApps Members
    • Karthik Kastury
  32. 36

    Search It In

    Submitted by Oxi Technologies

    Search It In is a DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, MP3, TXT, EXE finder uses Yahoo search. It helps people to directly find any document, songs or softwares directly. It built using HTMl, CSS & JavaScripts in 5hours & Built by a 18yr boy. We are also trying to add more functions.

    • Oxi Technologies Members
    • Vivek Rp
    • Shyam S
  33. 37


    Submitted by ALAG

    An alternative to the age old method of cut-copy-paste.. We give Chrome an Add-on called Clip..! A simple and easy to use interface to avoid the unnecessary time waste and overhead of switching between browser and editor as in conventional methods.

    • ALAG Members
    • Akshata Patil
    • Lovel Rishi
    • Ankush Agarwal
    • Geethu Babu
  34. 38


    Submitted by The Catalysts

    This hack allows you to gain belts and grab badges for tweeting. But tweeting regularly and without using automation apps. Businesses can use this service to spread a meme. This could be a # hashtag or a physical location check-in.

    • The Catalysts Members
    • Preetham Venkky
    • Rohit Talukdar
    • Puneet Jaiswal
    • Mohd. Amjed
  35. 39


    Submitted by IntelliAd

    This hack is about intelligent advertisement. It extracts user details from various social sites using YQL, analyze them and display ads accordingly. Then using PayPal API the transaction is completed.

    • IntelliAd Members
    • Pratim Biswas
    • Amit Biswas
  36. 40


    Submitted by Invincibles

    It gives an insight about a twitter user based on his tweets and his friends and a made easy inline search for finding the tweets of any user.

    • Invincibles Members
    • Vamshi Krishna Reddy V
    • Avinash Reddy Palleti
    • Ramya Krishna Y
    • Divya Muthavarapu
  37. 41


    Submitted by Beanbag Hackers

    Concept: Shop green is an environmental initiative, where the idea is to discourage the misuse of paper. Every time we shop, we get paper bills ââ¬â which most of the times is thrown as a waste, leading to a lot of wastage of paper and hence, environmental degradation. Monetization Opportunities: 1. Merchants will be okay to pay a small percentage, as this helps them to save on the billing counter expenses. 2. Users can be charged a small convenience fee, as they donââ¬â¢t need to …

    • Beanbag Hackers Members
    • Nidhi Chaudhary
    • Anurag Jain
  38. 42


    Submitted by AdAm

    Create cool looking photographic mosaics using your own Flickr images. You can select any picture to convert into the mosaic. This being a pure PHP based application, it can be easily integrated into Flickr.

    • AdAm Members
    • Adarsh Ramamurthy
    • Amod Kumar Pandey
  39. 43


    Submitted by HashPiPhi

    A persistent search collaborative tool to let you search over a variety of services from one single location. Search for an Answer on Yahoo Answer or a simple web search, it does all. Save simple searches like a news, or a image result or even search real time on twitter.Customize and give a social touch to it by using the friends from whom you can search data! So why not track your space now?

    • HashPiPhi Members
    • Abhilash R
    • Ankit Srivastava
    • Ruturaj M. Dhekane
  40. 44


    Submitted by Team MBR

    Huge fans and daily users of delicious, we know what we regular users missed on search. A preview/thumbnail of the page. Snippet from the web page similar to one provided by search engines. Export the page to a pdf for offline reading/ archiving. This is exactly what "pretylicious" is all about. Added bonus, the pdf maintains links, has a TOC,bookmarks etc. The app is written in client side technologies(HTML/CSS/JS) and makes use of the following YQL( Data manipulation) …

    • Team MBR Members
    • Manish Agravat
    • Baljeetsingh Sucharia
    • Ramjee Ganti
  41. 45


    Submitted by Originators

    Social Affinity makes people come closer by sharing their interests in pulse.yahoo.com. No more special effort to search and embed your favorite videos, music, reviews, books in your yahoo profile, just mention your interests and we fetch it and show it for you. Rather than just reading through your interests when your friends visit your page. SocialAffinity will fetch this information and show it to them.

    • Originators Members
    • Naresh Kapse
    • Hari Krishnan
  42. 46


    Submitted by APIHACKER

    Now a days online marketing and publication is growing very fast. This site basically gives the provision to the user publishing their tweets here as advertisement. On home page it shows the user location and nearby locations along with their tweets.

    • APIHACKER Members
    • Veer Bahadur
    • Piyali Bhattacharya
  43. 47


    Submitted by lazygeeks

    Itsmymap is a completely customized yahoo map where User can create personalized messages. User can create event information on the maps. (To have a quick look at the parties location and time.) User can show links of youtube, picasa on the map. (To share your picnic location and photos.) User can also see his friends updates on map just like facebook or twitter. Technologies used: Yahoo Maps, asp.net, javascript. It's You, It's your map.

    • lazygeeks Members
    • Sriharsha Mallapragada
    • Guna Srikanth
  44. 48


    Submitted by WeCan.y.in

    Instant Messenger service with web search embedding capability ( Search while you chat )

    • WeCan.y.in Members
    • Adarsh Patil
    • Harish Raddi
    • Rishabh Animesh
    • Bhargava Varun A
  45. 49


    Submitted by GasCan

    Automatic Realtime Chat Translator

    • GasCan Members
    • Thiyagaraj Krishna
  46. 50

    Democracy Tools

    Submitted by C4

    Only 60% of Indian vote. Amongst them very few can recall the name of their elected MP or constituency. To solve this problem we mash data from Election Commission of India with Yahoo web services there by creating tools which answer 1) Who is your Leader ? 2) Where is your Constituency ? 3) Government Website Search Engine ? 4) What is Media's Opinion about your Leader ?

    • C4 Members
    • Ankur Patel
    • Ankur Gupta
    • Yatin Kumbhare
  47. 51


    Submitted by Digits

    This hack consists of a page from where one can log into facebook, twittter and linkedin account and update your status from our URL. This status update will be visible on all of the above accounts. Also efforts are made in order to introduce facebook chat in it.

    • Digits Members
    • Rahul Bobhate
    • Aniket Alshi
    • Ashish Bhalgat
    • Neha Bhalgat
  48. 52


    Submitted by Umbrella

    Wouldn't it be great if there is a way to discover places where it is raining.

    • Umbrella Members
    • Manikantan
    • Pradeep B
  49. 53

    feed Analyzer

    Submitted by Ghost_Tank

    Analyse feeds using YQL

    • Ghost_Tank Members
    • Anuj Maurice
  50. 54


    Submitted by


    • Members
    • Suryanarayanan
    • Santhosh
  51. 55


    Submitted by

    The volume of social updates that users are faced with is going up day by day. Rich media content shared on social stream gain attention over the textual content due to the ease of getting the context. We aim to make it easier for the users to get context of the textual update easily, so that they can read through the updates which they find interesting. VisualPulse represents social updates in pictorial form in such a way that users could get the context at a quick glimpse of the stream.

    • Members
    • Allagappan M
    • Aswin Anand
    • Rajagopal N
  52. 56

    The NETA meter!

    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Know how your NETA (leader) is performing in his chair. Track his/her Profile, Performance & Finance all from the browser!

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Aashish Solanki
    • Pradeep BV
    • Akash Mahajan
    • Kiran Jonnalagadda + Karthik Rao
  53. 57

    Movie Mania

    Submitted by Intuit Movie Maniacs

    An amazing way to browse through the vast collection of regional and English movies. Splice and dice movie data visually. Retrieve movie info from various sources by harnessing the power and ease of use of YQL. With the massive amount of data on the web, this hack declares - the end of pagination era and the dawn of data visualization.

    • Intuit Movie Maniacs Members
    • George Chiramattel
    • Ann Catherine Jose
    • Ram Adhikari
    • Manojayan Vembakkam
  54. 58

    Nirvana - Your late night path to home

    Submitted by Insomniacs

    Real time and archived data showing police checking on bangalore roads. --------------------------- APIs Used --------------------------- Yahoo Maps ajax API Twitter search Google geolocation API --------------------------- DevStack --------------------------- Php --- Language mysql ---- Database URL ---- http://techfactory.in/hackday

    • Insomniacs Members
    • Ramkumar
    • Niranjan
    • Ankita Parmar
  55. 59

    Speak Globally

    Submitted by Pulsators

    Simple hack for iphone / ipad which translates and speaks in multiple languages. Many times we would have faced a situation where we are in a foreign land and do not know the native language. Great, we can get the translate text but we still pronouncing the text can be a challenge in itself. Here comes our hack, "Speak Globally" to the rescue. How easy can it get to be able to speak in a native language just by telling us which language you need to speak in, letting us know what y…

    • Pulsators Members
    • Balaji J
    • Siva Prasanna
    • Supreeth Gururaj
    • Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
  56. 60

    yahoo answer through voice

    Submitted by dpbk

    Because of the growing importance of accessibility and need for web-accessibility for everyone we have partially created an application where people can ask a question(oral) and get an answer to it(based on Y! answers) orally. Also people can get translation to hindi orally for an english statement that the user makes.Wanted to do this as an android application, but couldnt complete the mobile client.

    • dpbk Members
    • arun prabhakar
    • deepak gk
    • abhay p
  57. 61


    Submitted by gopen

    This hack enable your browser to view Telugu meanings for English words by double clicking on an English word of any website without visiting the dictionary website. This hack was implemented using a browser bookmarklet, YQL, YUI.

    • gopen Members
    • Vamsee Kanakala
    • Malyadri Beegala
  58. 62

    The Mobile Hack 420

    Submitted by The 420 Mobile Hackers

    This is a one stop website for all your favourite mobiles which provides you with prices from various vendors all over INDIA like Univercell,Mobile Store and E Bay.

    • The 420 Mobile Hackers Members
    • Madhan Mohan R
    • Smitha V
    • Sujithra Sriganesh
  59. 63

    Desi Tweeple

    Submitted by Desi Tweeple

    Aim :- To get the information of Indian celebrities,sport star,news which is very difficult to find now a days. We have used YQL for retrieving the information of a twitter user such as no. of tweets,followers,following,location. We have used YUI to enhance the GUI for end user experience. We have used the twitter API to follow any celebrities or tweet anyone by authorizing through our application. We can retrieve the whole information in one step if we are knowing the username . ex-…

    • Desi Tweeple Members
    • Rishikesh kumar
    • Vamsi Krishna B
    • Aditya Bharadwaj
  60. 64


    Submitted by MailEfficacy

    You have 30 secs to send 3 different messages to 3 different recipients from your mail account. Can you do it with just a click? Our hack can!

    • MailEfficacy Members
    • Vinay CP
    • Vasanth Vallabh B Naib
    • Kirthiprakash R
    • Madhurima Malla
  61. 65

    Github Badges

    Submitted by Enterprise Astronauts and Interns

    Track you and your friends' progress on Github Quest with a series of challenging badges. Who will be the first to reach Cult Leader status because of the awesomeness of your following? Only time will tell.

    • Enterprise Astronauts and Interns Members
    • Brian Guthrie
    • Tejas Dinkar
    • Mark Needham
  62. 66

    "Y! fly solo!"

    Submitted by The Original "SYN"

    2G, 3G, Data-Cards, Wi-Fi, Ethernet.... A zillion ways to enter the world of Internet! Imagine if you could merge them to better your experience!! "Y! fly solo!" helps you aggregate all available bandwidth to speed up the net!

    • The Original "SYN" Members
    • Karthik Hebbar C
    • Arjun Rao H
  63. 67

    Know Ur Earth , Flickr To Facebook

    Submitted by MAST Gang

    Can U Guess The Diagonally Opposite Point

    • MAST Gang Members
    • Mansi Bansal
    • Avinash Mehta
    • Sonam Agarwal
    • Tarun Mittal
  64. 68

    Voice Translation

    Submitted by dpbk

    Translates english to hindi , for example if you say "My name is arnold" it would say "mera naam arnold hein"

    • dpbk Members
    • Deepak G Krishnan
    • Abhay Prabhakaran
    • Arun Prabhakar
  65. 70


    Submitted by ALAG

    An alternative to the age old method of cut-copy-paste.. We give Chrome an Add-on called Clip..! A simple and easy to use interface to avoid the unnecessary time waste and overhead of switching between browser and editor as in conventional methods. We are using a variety of technologies such as JQuery, JSP, AJAX, Java Script.

    • ALAG Members
    • Akshata Patil
    • Lovel Rishi
    • Ankush Agarwal
    • Geethu Babu
  66. 71


    Submitted by Sanchari

    A one stop dashboard when you are traveling to a new place. Get information about common phrases in the local language (hello, how are u, thank you etc. - currently a static list of phrases, but can be enhanced to get sentences from user), tourist attractions at that place, current events happening at that place, weather situation at that place, your friends who might have relocated to that place (future enhancement)

    • Sanchari Members
    • Pramod Thrishuleshwar
    • Srirang G Doddihal
  67. 72


    Submitted by Silverlighters

    Forwarding multiple mails is pain as you have to type in contacts everytime, see the message and forward. We plan to build a open mail app that allows users to forward many selected mails with following options - Separately send the mails - One mail with all messages Inline - One mail with all mails as Attachments

    • Silverlighters Members
    • Pooran Prasad
    • Avinash Gosi
    • Manikantha GS
    • Sushanth Gavimath
  68. 73


    Submitted by

    The app picks up a subset of YQL, and makes it more accessible. In technical terms its basically a key value pair, with a string mapping to a YQL query. An author could write such a mapping, which would later be accessible via an api on the app. To make the mappings more accessible, each pair could also be provided with tags. App provides api to access this hierarchy, to allow discovery of already available mappings.

    • Members
    • Ciju Cherian
    • Gaurav Giri
    • Sri Prasanna
    • Anshuman Nangia
  69. 74


    Submitted by Silverlighters

    One destination for all city related information. Select a city and know more about it!

    • Silverlighters Members
    • Pooran Prasad
    • Avinash Gosi
    • Manikantha GS
    • Sushanth Gavimath
  70. 75


    Submitted by pragmaticMediocracy

    In a thoroughly diplomatic language, a special purpose computer network traffic analyser.

    • pragmaticMediocracy Members
    • Harish
  71. 76


    Submitted by Silverlighters

    How about automatically letting the world know once you arrive at some place.. say home, office, cafe!

    • Silverlighters Members
    • Pooran Prasad
    • Avinash Gosi
    • Manikantha GS
    • Sushanth Gavimath
  72. 77


    Submitted by ThePiedPIPErsOfBangalore

    This Hack is used to help students who have just passed out of the 12th standard ,to take a well-informed decision on the academic course to choose next.

    • ThePiedPIPErsOfBangalore Members
    • Abhilash K.R
    • Abhiram.R
  73. 78

    Tourist Guide

    Submitted by Beard_Boy

    This Web Application provides info to a potential tourist info about the place. It features a map, photos extracted from flickr for showcasing scenic beauty of that place. It also provides google search with with keyword as the place and area of interest. These areas can be Tourism websites, restrautants and hotels, railway station etc.

    • Beard_Boy Members
    • Anand Mattikopp
  74. 79


    Submitted by Drudgers

    Create, Share and authenticate Hcards on the Internet. Hcards is an open format which provides an effective way to share the right information with the right people. Through this Hack, we allow authenticated users to create and share their e-'Business Cards'. This service would provide a single link which they can embed in any form for sharing their e-'Business Card', and expanding their business.

    • Drudgers Members
    • Abhinav Vashista
  75. 80


    Submitted by ByteBitten

    Eazy navigation on Online Classifieds service "Craigslist.org". This Web app provides single page interaction to access this service. Whats More: Language API integration. Get results in your desired language. Technologies used : YQL, Struts 2, Dojo Toolkit, JavaScript, Java, Google App Engine, Servlets, JSP.

    • ByteBitten Members
    • Amit Agarwal
    • Prateek Agarwal
  76. 81

    Unlock Your Code

    Submitted by Simpletons

    You code, I code, we all just code, but have you realized that how hard it gets to read someones else written code. How uneasy it becomes for us developers, designers, for our colleagues, for our managers to analyze the code we write. While we simpletons were hacking out in the night, we found a cool way to solve this problem, we created this hack with one single view point "make the code understandable" irrespective of who writes it. This is a desktop application that allows you to mark yo…

    • Simpletons Members
    • Saurabh Narula
    • Akash Mohapatra
    • Abhinav Mehta
  77. 82


    Submitted by h.a.c.k

    news plays an important role in our everyday lifes, but there are various sources of news around us, due to this many a time you are not able to see news which is important to you, YOU times provides a rich interactive newspaper experience, embeding rich internet data and 1 click navigation

    • h.a.c.k Members
    • Pranay Airan
    • SIddhesh Bade
    • Varun Katiyar
    • Sandeep Vijay Kharche
  78. 83

    Mind Your Language!

    Submitted by MU(Massive Updates)

    One update through this application will simultaneously update your Yahoo Pulse, Twitter and Facebook in any language of your choice.

    • MU(Massive Updates) Members
    • Rashmi V H
    • Vivek Kumar Singh
    • Bodhisatta Barman Roy
  79. 84

    How Much Time Will This Landmark Take Me?

    Submitted by Happy Feet

    Helps you know what the popular landmarks of a city are and how much time you would be spending at each city landmark. Users typically click more than a couple of pictures when they visit a landmark. Usually when they arrive at the landmark, sometime later and maybe when they leave. The time a user is present at a landmark is estimated as the time difference between his last and first clicked pictures at the landmark. This is averaged over several users who have taken pictures at the…

    • Happy Feet Members
    • Susheel Javadi
  80. 85


    Submitted by Bazinga

    Mail2Drop is a solution for those who either can't access Dropbox from their network, have a faster email connectivity or simply prefer email. You can not only store private files but also store files in the public folder and share the URL with your friends – all via email.

    • Bazinga Members
    • Anomit Ghosh
    • Swaroop Hegde
  81. 86

    Huduku - Namma Search

    Submitted by SearchPython

    Teach the search engine search websites not just static pages in the site. The implementation demonstrates the concept by searching government web sites like IRCTC, Karnataka Tourism; social network sites like twitter and commerical sites like land mark to display ads.

    • SearchPython Members
    • Manjunath Hanasi
    • Srikanth Seshadri
    • Sivananda R
    • Naveen Kumar Lokanatha
  82. 87


    Submitted by armY

    This small hack takes in a few words of the songs and searches it as lyrics of songs and provides(at the most 10) the top search results. It also

    • armY Members
    • Rwik Mukhopadhyay
    • Mrinal Venkatesh
  83. 88


    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Event carbon footprint calculator inspired by YSlow. Provides suggestions on means to reduce carbon footprint. Designed as an API that can be used by event websites to display carbon statistics.

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Aashish Solanki
    • Pradeep Banavara
    • Karthik Rao
    • Kiran J & Akash Mahajan
  84. 89

    When is this movie being aired?

    Submitted by MovieonTv

    Create a wishlist of movies you wish to see on TV, search different channel schedule and get notified by email and sms in advance when you may get to see one of those movies.

    • MovieonTv Members
    • Sudheer Satyanarayana
    • Sarang Basutkar
    • Nishant Jain
  85. 90


    Submitted by GasCan

    Bridge is a chat application that does realtime translation of instant messages to allow people having different native languages to communicate in realtime. There is no need to add a third bot in the conversation and swapping languages midway during the conversation is easy. Uses YUI, some native JS, and the Google Language Detection and Language Translation APIs exposed via YQL(Community Tables).

    • GasCan Members
    • Thiyagaraj Krishna
  86. 91

    Know Your Place

    Submitted by Hack Warriors

    This hack provides the user with the least traffic congested areas around his neighbourhood.

    • Hack Warriors Members
    • ankur srivastava
    • bharat rathod
    • Kumar Anny
    • Manish Kumar
  87. 92


    Submitted by Inception

    app acts according to user mood.

    • Inception Members
    • J Vinil reddy
    • Laxminarayan.CH
    • Rama krishna
  88. 93


    Submitted by mav

    The application attempts to keep you at a maximum profit while cross-border trading through Paypal. Our application monitors the forex rates on Paypal, and informs you regarding any specific comparison rates you may want. The application provides you with a notification facility, which lets you set alarms on a unusually high/low dip in the forex rates and informs you about the same at real-times on your mail box. These alerts can easily be extended to be made on phones or sms. The application…

    • mav Members
    • Vivek Agarwal
    • Abhishek Maheshwari
  89. 94

    Khoj India on Yahoo messenger

    Submitted by imba

    an IM bot which gives users (Indian context) Cricket Scores, Train Info & Availability, Local business & movie search, horoscope, Stock quotes, news, Dictionary and more. Built the bot on imified platform using PHP and data from google india sms Usage: add " indiakhoj@yahoo.com " as a contact in your Yahoo messenger/ any IM client once it is added, send " tips " (don't wait for it to accept your friend request) then see the keywords and search accordingly

    • imba Members
    • Avinash Sonee
  90. 95

    yahoo command line

    Submitted by The Beginners

    it tries to depict the use of yahoo on a platform similar to terminal in linux where people can get their required data simply by entering a specified keyword.

    • The Beginners Members
    • Nitesh Kumar
    • Rakesh Singh
    • Anant Kumar
    • Manish Kumar
  91. 96

    Blood map

    Submitted by kroniks

    really cool and easiest way of connecting blood donor blood recipient who is in need.

    • kroniks Members
    • sourabh behra
  92. 97

    Voice email notifier

    Submitted by Freaky Guru's

    It is an extension to the yahoo mail or gmail with voice notificaiton immediately when a mail is added to your inbox. Challenges: 1. This needs to study and extract the whole information of any mail. 2. Conversion of text to speech is another tough task.

    • Freaky Guru's Members
    • Valmiki Jansi
    • Pradeep Kumar Penchala
  93. 98


    Submitted by Hacker4

    This hack is about providing access to richer content for users who use hindi as a medium of communication. Hindi support for BOSS is added.

    • Hacker4 Members
    • Elvis Joel D'Souza
    • Aritra Ghosh Dastidar
    • Ashutosh Pandey
    • Gopi Krishnan Nambiar
  94. 99


    Submitted by Clean Slate

    HTML5 is the coolest technology around with Canvas Elements, Raster Graphics and 3D. Mash it up with the World's Best Photo Hosting Service and you get this Beautiful Effects as the html5 really gets flickry.

    • Clean Slate Members
    • P. Sridhar
    • Senthil Kumaran
  95. 100


    Submitted by TeamZero

    The future is open..

    • TeamZero Members
    • T.S.panindra
    • partha portim
    • santhosh
    • vedhapuri U
  96. 101

    Poorman's Push Email

    Submitted by NullPointer

    Get yahoo mail alerts via sms. This hack is aimed at people who receive a low volume of mails and are not really tech savvy to check their mail everyday.

    • NullPointer Members
    • Jaskirat Singh
  97. 102


    Submitted by Simpletons

    This application is developed by the hackers, for the hackers in literal democratic terms :). HackerBox is place for hackers to upload their hacks and showcase them. No more wiki edits, no more web search, just one simple interface to look at the past and present hacks. Find the past ideas and innovations with ease, want to connect with hackers? sure! get on to their blogs, see the past history and get inspired.

    • Simpletons Members
    • Saurabh Narula
    • Akash Mohapatra
    • Abhinav Mehta
  98. 103

    Find My Mentor

    Submitted by Metal Skulls

    This is a mash up of yahoo answers ,paypal and twitter,to find out the people and resources which can be helpful related to a particular topic.Users can tip active tweeples to using 'Paypal' account.

    • Metal Skulls Members
    • Gaurav
    • Kundan Kumar
    • Shitesh Saurav
    • Ankit Sultania
  99. 104

    BOSS Matrix

    Submitted by Hack O' Mania

    An Augmented Reality Application using BOSS API for images and video search.

    • Hack O' Mania Members
    • Anil Pai
    • Nitin Rao
  100. 105


    Submitted by Abhinav

    RSS Meme is an alternate view for your RSS feeds and is based on popular techmeme.com. Idea is simple but a lot more new things can be done for personalization. I have used clustering algorithms & Yahoo! term extractor for keywords

    • Abhinav Members
    • Abhinav Saxena
  101. 106


    Submitted by One

    It's a small web application where images from flickr is shown to each user and they can work on a single screen by dragging and dropping the images on that screen. Images dropped are merged and shown to all users simultaneously.

    • One Members
    • Achutha Krishnan
  102. 107


    Submitted by Righteous

    DirectCab is a unique hack, which bridges the gap between passengers and cab providers by directional marking (with information about incremental distances from source location) and navigation routes on Yahoo! Maps. It helps calculating distance, estimated time of travel and cab fair including surcharge% between two locations to avoid any excessive charges by cab drivers. It has in-built merchandise facility for instant payment of cab fair for the customers registered with the cab serv…

    • Righteous Members
    • Gururaj K
    • Shirish Goyal
    • Rajan Vaish
  103. 108

    On Demand GIT server using OpenSocial Gadget

    Submitted by Geexhq

    The point of the gadget is to make it easy for lay users to enjoy the benefits On-Demand computing. The widget is a simple On-Off switch for a cloud-instance( AWS Ec2 Based) that hosts a Git version control server. Lay users wanting to do a routine periodic backup of their digital-artifacts can use the OpenSocial widget to activate the Git server, do their Git activities, and de-activate the Git server using the 1-Click interface. The gadget features a 'Play-Pause-Play' music player …

    • Geexhq Members
    • Magesh S
    • Bharathi
    • Ranjith Kumar K
    • Aishwarya MB
  104. 109

    flickr search chrome extension

    Submitted by scriptics

    It's a google chrome browser extension which searches flickr site based on the keyword typed

    • scriptics Members
    • darshan k r
    • bharath palaksha
    • suraj udupa
    • abhijeet arkalgud
  105. 110

    Locate Me

    Submitted by Invincibles

    This is an Enhanced Web service using the Map API which will serve the best purpose of Geo Classifieds.

    • Invincibles Members
    • Vamshi Krishna Reddy V
    • Avinash Reddy Palleti
    • Ramya Krishna Y
    • Divya Muthavarapu
  106. 111


    Submitted by What Do We Call ourselves

    Sell your flickr photos

    • What Do We Call ourselves Members
    • Lakshman
    • Ashok
    • Shabda
    • Javed
  107. 112

    Tourist Guide

    Submitted by Beard_Boy

    This Web Application provides info to a potential Tourist about the city,town,etc. It features a yahoo map, photos extracted from flickr which showcasing the photos of that place. It also provides google search with the keyword as the place and an area of interest. These areas can be Tourism websites, restrautants and hotels, railway station etc.It also provides the distance of the concerned place from your present location.

    • Beard_Boy Members
    • Anand Mattikopp
  108. 113


    Submitted by #! (she-bang)

    As github is a social network for geeks, this is a mash up with a single page display of the essentials like public gists, repos and more of user info of a particular geek in github.

    • #! (she-bang) Members
    • Hemanth H M
    • Rishabh Rao
  109. 114

    Vantage Vidyalaya

    Submitted by Whose code is it anyway?

    This application "Find me a teacher!" helps people find their Mentors and Mentees with specific area of expertise. We use yahoo maps Api (placefinder , geo-coding and geo decoding ) to find the geographical locations of all probable Mentors in an area with given proximity. Either the Mentor can ask for ask for fixed charge for his services ( through Pre Approval Paypal - X API ) or for free. Mentee has a option to donate money for the free service taken through ( send money paypal …

    • Whose code is it anyway? Members
    • Jigar Nitish Vora
    • Vikas K Jain
    • Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia
    • Rahul R
  110. 115

    Bird On A Mission

    Submitted by #(hash)

    This hack aims to tag every tweets geo -location with just one identifier of the tweet. We shall address grievance reporting using twitter by a adaptable and extensible framework that provides a workflow to alert concerned authority.

    • #(hash) Members
    • Prashanth R
    • Sumanth J
    • Tabrez Pasha
    • Umesh Rao N
  111. 116

    5 Minute Mentor

    Submitted by

    The Hack uses advanced psychological concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming to analyze the structure of any communication irrespective of the content. Typical Use Case: Feed in a long speech of a few hours, and the app will show you the 5 minutes you need to pay attention to. It provides specific analysis to various factors that affect the effectivness of the speech. The key feature is a structural search over any speech that highlights areas that both require improvement and are…

    • Members
    • Antano Solar John
    • Niranjan Prithviraj
    • Ravishankar
  112. 117


    Submitted by Shipyard Rain

    Generate Mosaics of Pictures from flickr, using pictures from flickr.

    • Shipyard Rain Members
    • Abhishek Mishra
    • Yuvaraj Pandian
  113. 118

    Map the Place

    Submitted by Invincibles

    Its a browser plugin which will identify all the places in the webpage using the PLacemaker API and maps it on a yahoo map as a hover(need not go to a new page).

    • Invincibles Members
    • Vamshi Krishna Reddy V
    • Avinash Reddy Palleti
    • Ramya Krishna Y
    • Divya Muthavarapu
  114. 119

    KISS Search Engine

    Submitted by Semantic Sense

    The 'Keep-it-super-simple' search engine knows that different users are expert in different domains. So no 2 users can be given same results. Ease you search experience now with 'simpler pages' if you are new to a particular domain!

    • Semantic Sense Members
    • Tushar Goswami
    • Raghav Chandra
    • Piyush Pratik Das
    • Rajat Kansal
  115. 120

    Paypal Fake Account Checker

    Submitted by paypal security

    This Hack if implemented with the paypal security system can minimize the account frauds considerably in large scale.

    • paypal security Members
    • Vinod
  116. 121

    Record Mail

    Submitted by RecordText

    This hack is for Yahoo Open Mail and for all major web browsers, which is used to speak and record the content of bunch of mail/Web browser content. it will speak the selected content transfer the audio file into iPod or MP3 player. It has following functionality: Text2PortableDevice (iPod or MP3 player) Speak loud Add Text Stop Pause Resume Clear Last Clear All View & Edit Check Text Cancel Status Options Technologies used -------------------…

    • RecordText Members
    • Karthik Bs
    • Mahesh
  117. 122


    Submitted by Crazy Bees

    SeeMyTerm is a an AJAX based client which is aimed at remote controlling a machine and also teach others. One can not only log onto one's own system, but can also invite other people to look over his session. At the same time, the observers can interact with the main person who is controlling using an integrated chat widget. AjaxTerm is modded heavily to make this hack. The system uses extremely low bandwidth as it doesn't send the whole terminal data, but rather uses an intelligen…

    • Crazy Bees Members
    • Rohan Prabhu
    • Abhishek Mishra
    • Suryajith Chillara
  118. 123


    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Representative Meter is one single index to know how your representative is performing in power. Get to know his daily attendance, his personal assets variations betweens elections, his participation debates & discussions in the house. It's power back to YOU!

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Aashish Solanki
    • Pradeep BV
    • Akash Mahajan
    • Kiran Jonnalagadda + Karthik Rao
  119. 124


    Submitted by The Anonymice

    Representative Meter is one single index to know how your representative is performing in power. Get to know his daily attendance, his personal assets variations betweens elections, his participation debates & discussions in the house. It's power back to YOU!

    • The Anonymice Members
    • Aashish Solanki
    • Pradeep BV
    • Akash Mahajan
    • Kiran Jonnalagadda + Karthik Rao
  120. 125


    Submitted by Black Crystals

    Provides location based information such as events,hotels,weather etc with the help of google APIs dynamically.

    • Black Crystals Members
    • Sushrut Tendulkar
    • Ratan D K
    • charan gp
    • Dayanand Prabhu
  121. 126


    Submitted by INFOSCI

    The Hack shows the upcoming movies and its description. Along with the description, the user has the ability to search for the latest tweets about that movie. Thus the user can get to know the buzz already generated for that movie.

    • INFOSCI Members
    • Vishal Giri
    • Sudhanva S Prasad
    • Rohith R
    • Kishore A
  122. 127


    Submitted by Web Noobie

    This hack sets location of Flickr images based on title and text description. This is useful when people haven't set map corresponding to images. Its also useful for older photographs where geo location option was not available.

    • Web Noobie Members
    • Charul Modi
    • Janak Chandarana
  123. 128


    Submitted by Righteous

    Flagged! is an interesting general knowledge game for children aged 5-8 yrs based on question/answer methodology. A set of Questions/Answers related to Country and their Capitals is stored within the application. Yahoo! YQL API is used to fetch the flag images and the current news for the respective country. Most importantly, speech recognition and voice synthesis have been extensively used keeping Accessibility in mind with both keyboard and speech based input/output for audible questi…

    • Righteous Members
    • Shirish Goyal
    • Rajan Vaish
    • Gururaj K
  124. 129

    distributed attack monitor

    Submitted by Pro Server Admins

    This hack is used to identify DOS and dDOS attacks plotted on a map, with heatoverlay api to plot the intensity on the particular geography.Also we have a alert system such as a SMS or email alert.

    • Pro Server Admins Members
    • Vinod
  125. 130

    map me

    Submitted by Hackathoner

    Find the top 5 landmarks of the city with a description of each,also find links to the neighbouring towns and their 'map me' page. The page also has an rss feed of the top stories of the news of the day,

    • Hackathoner Members
    • Suhas Bharadwaj
  126. 131


    Submitted by Softweavers

    Being fed up with reading the regional language sms in english form,we have prepared a hack that would translate and transliterate the sms into regional language and send.For eg:'aap kaise hon?' is now आप कैसे हैं?.This hack encourages the mother tongue and also attracts the users who find it hard to read english.

    • Softweavers Members
    • Srikanth koduru
    • Rupesh Sanagapalli
    • Ankush jain
    • Nirujan Gunathasan
  127. 132

    map me

    Submitted by Hackathoner

    Find the top 5 landmarks of the city with a description of each,also find links to the neighbouring towns and their 'map me' page. The page also has an rss feed of the top stories of the news of the day,

    • Hackathoner Members
    • Suhas Bharadwaj
    • Sindhura K N
    • Shruti K H V
  128. 133

    map me

    Submitted by Hackathoner

    Find the top 5 landmarks of the city with a description of each,also find links to the neighbouring towns and their 'map me' page. The page also has an rss feed of the top stories of the news of the day,

    • Hackathoner Members
    • Suhas Bharadwaj
    • Sindhura K N
    • Shruti K H V
    • Thrupthi Navale
  129. 134

    Y! Video V2.0

    Submitted by VideoERS

    The yahoo video currently uses http streaming,and we can use psuedo streaming using lighttpd

    • VideoERS Members
    • Deva
  130. 135

    super social search

    Submitted by Team EDGY

    Comprehensive way to fetch a person's profile from top social networking sites,(Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter, hi5 ) using yahoo pipes.We can find out if the person is or isnt using these sites.

    • Team EDGY Members
    • Sridhara Kumar
    • K Ganesh
    • Abdul Aaquib
    • Krishna Hari
  131. 136

    English is not all

    Submitted by Softweavers

    Having seen many visually impaired people and many natives of various countries find it difficult to make the best use of internet as it is tough to understand.Our first part hack is aimed at increasing the flexibility of the usage of any internet hosted app/website by translating the content selected and reading out in the native language. The second part of the hack is an effective application of the first part using YQL for a daily app which when opened reads out the latest news, blog upd…

    • Softweavers Members
    • Srikanth Koduru
    • Rupesh Sanagapalli
    • Ankush Jain
    • Nirujan Gunathasan
  132. 137

    The Path Finder

    Submitted by Fantastic 4

    This service works like a GPS system except that you just need to tell your app where you want to go along with your current location via a tweet. It then extracts information from the relevant tweet by a 4 level filtering technique and finds the route and sends you an SMS with the information. This is very much useful in countries like India where GPS is scarcely used due to the expensive service costs and more importantly due the over whelming use of the GSM connection.

    • Fantastic 4 Members
    • Sreenidhi
    • Richie
    • Ullas
    • Suhas
  133. 138

    Y! Mail Spam reduction

    Submitted by Y! Mail Spam Cop

    This hack is to improve the false and automated email registrations by over coming the complex process that the cyber criminals are currently using.

    • Y! Mail Spam Cop Members
    • adhavan
  134. 139

    Great Indian Debate

    Submitted by activesphere

    Visualize the parliamentary debates in different formats

    • activesphere Members
    • Suresh
    • nila
  135. 140

    Yet another YQL + Twitter + Flickr mashup

    Submitted by BooFarBaz


    • BooFarBaz Members
    • Pavan KM