Hacks Submitted

  1. 730


    Submitted by

    Yahoo mail

    • Members
    • rocioabonce
  2. 734

    Man in the middle attack

    Submitted by ILLUSIONIST

    I can get user name and password of gmail or yahoomail by displaying the fake gmail or yahoo web page created by me to the users instead of the actual web page. When user sends a http request for the gmail or yahoo web page, i will redirect this request to my server and give my fake page as response to the user.

    • ILLUSIONIST Members
    • vidya sagar
    • Anil Bhargav
    • Srinath
    • Ashwan
  3. 735

    Automatic Search for Subtitle of the Video

    Submitted by Troopers

    When we want play a video with subtitles, we need to search for them on the web. We want to automate this process. It may not necessarily modify the media player.

    • Troopers Members
    • raghudeep
    • praveen
  4. 736

    RemindMe - IIITH

    Submitted by GAPS

    In this busy world, we need reminders for many events in day to day life. Sometimes we forget to set our reminders. Do we need a reminder for setting a reminder ? ;) .. How about our friends adding reminders to our list. This is what our "RemindMe" does. We planned for a Y! Desktop widget, but for now made a simple web app using CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Twitter API. It connects to the user's twitter account and extracts the reminders and display them in a interactive UI. Other simple ext…

    • GAPS Members
    • Anil Kishore
    • Girish Kumar Vakati
    • Srikanth Reddy
    • Praveen Maremanda
  5. 737

    Android flickr

    Submitted by Fusion4

    Gets users public photostream, searches public photos of flickr based on tag name, image name and interestingness of the photo on Android phone.

    • Fusion4 Members
    • Raghavulu Bussa
    • G Suhasini
    • R Jyosthna
    • V Rupesh Kumar
  6. 738

    perfect paper

    Submitted by TFP


    • TFP Members
    • Gowtham Srinivas
    • N V S Kiran
    • Radheshyam
    • Siddhartha Varma T
  7. 739

    PlanGuru- IIITH

    Submitted by L33T

    Basic idea is to make tour planning simple using Yahoo geo planet API. User enters a place and his area of interest like religious, holiday plan etc. and all the places which can be reached with in that specified time limit are found in an optimum way.

    • L33T Members
    • Thulasi Ram Naidu P
    • Pranay Tej
    • Sudheer Kovelamudi
  8. 740

    Advanced Chat

    Submitted by Bhalu

    Advanced Chat

    • Bhalu Members
    • Aman
  9. 741

    interesting way of finding friends on facebook

    Submitted by spider

    this hack takes the interests and some friends who are friends of the person he wants to find and recommends some friends by displaying their facebook profiles in an organised manner.

    • spider Members
    • anil nalamalapu
  10. 742

    Twitter on Android-IIITH

    Submitted by Adroit

    Implementing one of the most popular social networking and microblogging service,TWITTER on Android mobile...

    • Adroit Members
    • Vasu Ravada
    • Bhavya K
    • Ramya
    • Rajeswari. N
    • Rajeswari. N
  11. 744

    IIITH-Multi-Lingual Search

    Submitted by A Sure Thing

    Search Multiple languages in your own language

    • A Sure Thing Members
    • Ronak Kogta
    • Ankush Gupta
    • Lakshya Jain
    • Anil Verma
  12. 745

    IIITH - Real Time Form Collaboration

    Submitted by Sysadmins

    Collaborate form fields in real time, for example - text box of a comments area on a blog, editing Wikipedia pages - can be shared among users.

    • Sysadmins Members
    • Gaganpreet Singh
    • Sanrag Sood
    • Kulbir Saini
    • Rishabh
  13. 747


    Submitted by Gang of Four

    Developing a offline mailer such that people can queue e-mails when your network is down and they'll be sent when your internet is up. We would try to extend this hack to social networking and video upload sites in the future so that you can queue up your scraps/messages and/or multimedia uploads.

    • Gang of Four Members
    • Yarra Vivek
    • Ravi Teja
    • Abinay
    • Jnanakiram
  14. 748


    Submitted by FingerGeeks

    FYI Retrieves news stories from Yahoo News and then apply context analysis term extractor. The keywords thus extracted are used to fetch feeds and updates from social networking sites likeTwitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Blogspot. It also retrieves relevant images from Yahoo Image Search Engine.

    • FingerGeeks Members
    • Manish Motwani
    • Siddhartha Chandra
    • Ashish Sharma
    • Mayank Juneja
  15. 749

    Smart News

    Submitted by MSIT-Shunguns-IIITH

    News which conveys news in pictures and with brief desceiption about it

    • MSIT-Shunguns-IIITH Members
    • shashank
    • teja
    • sravan
    • raghaender
  16. 750

    hack the hack

    Submitted by hacracker

    We are trying to hack the hackers who r trying to hack our system......

    • hacracker Members
    • loknath
    • 9963292572
    • Chandan
  17. 751

    Multi-Feed Image Search-IIITH

    Submitted by The Crawlers

    It will retrieve images from several search engine results viz. Flickr,Yahoo,Google,Bing etc. User will have the option to select their servers of their own choice and may use all (Results from all the servers).

    • The Crawlers Members
    • Akash Sinha
    • Jaydeep Khandelwal
    • Nikhil Gupta
    • Nitesh Surtani
  18. 752

    Voice As Input for Search-IIIT-H

    Submitted by Magic

    Voice as input to a search query instead of text

    • Magic Members
    • Ankit
  19. 753


    Submitted by AllSpark

    It allows you to get the best path for a given source and destination and places the path on the map

    • AllSpark Members
    • Raj Kamal
    • Sundeep Kumar Mishra
    • Mohit Chandwani
    • Pankaj Kumawat
  20. 754


    Submitted by careless_hackers

    This app, enables the user to generate a video slideshow of his photostream, so that it'd be easy for other users to browse through his pictures, instead of going through several nexts.

    • careless_hackers Members
    • G Rajesh Chowdary
    • U Bala Murali Krishna
  21. 755

    Anuvadh: Movie Translator- IIITH

    Submitted by numero uno

    Anuvadh is a tool to dub a movie from one language to another. It searches the web for sub titles and uses machine translation and speech engine in the backend to translate the sub titles and generate audio. This translated audio is later synced with the actual video.

    • numero uno Members
    • Hemanth Sagar. B
    • Ravi Shankar. K
    • Kiran G V R
    • Anuroop Sriram
  22. 756

    The X Downloader

    Submitted by Evolvers

    an application which provides notifications for new movies , tv show episodes , music , softwares etc. added on some pre-specified websites , so that you can download them and dont need to search for them individually every time.

    • Evolvers Members
    • Nikhil Yadav
  23. 757


    Submitted by Mavericks

    A stock quotes Application for Android Phones. The stock quotes are retrieved using Yahoo Finance WebService.

    • Mavericks Members
    • Sri Harsha Aluri
    • Sri Hari Vundralla
    • Praveen Kumar Vasari
  24. 758

    IIIT-H Data Services Library

    Submitted by Naice

    Data Services Library

    • Naice Members
    • Vijay Bansal
    • Prakhar Jain
    • Lav Singh
    • Ankit Gupta
  25. 759

    Borat - IIITH

    Submitted by Farzis United (FU)

    There are 6,700 languages in the world then why is it we code only in english? Borat breaks the stereotypes by allowing programmers to code using keywords of their own native languages and run them dynamically.

    • Farzis United (FU) Members
    • Deepak Mishra
    • Mir Mustafa Ali
    • Kushagra Gupta
    • Jaya Kishore
  26. 760

    Mobile Silencer-IIITH

    Submitted by TweakyGeeks

    Many times, during presentations, ringtones of mobiles create disturbance. We plan to silence the mobile for those registered for the service during the conference. We plan to extend the idea by making it a 2 way street so that even the attendee can communicate with the presenter by asking questions or making his presence felt.

    • TweakyGeeks Members
    • Neeraj Bagdia
    • Mohit Srivastava
    • Jairaj Bhattacharya
    • Rishabh Ranjan
  27. 761


    Submitted by Hawkers

    WebIDE is a IDE, where the users can register to compile and run to test a JAVA code on the web.

    • Hawkers Members
    • Poornima
    • Preneeth
    • Kittu
  28. 762


    Submitted by Champs

    Not yet decided

    • Champs Members
    • Rambo
  29. 763

    Android Flickr - IIITH

    Submitted by Fusion4

    Gets Users public photos, searches for the public photos based on tag, name of the photo and users group. It also gets the photos of the day.

    • Fusion4 Members
    • Raghavulu Bussa
    • G Suhasini
    • R Jyothsna
    • V Rupesh Kumar
  30. 764


    Submitted by Arbiter

    application on mobile

    • Arbiter Members
    • Vivek Prakash
    • Anika Gupta
    • Paridhi Rawat
    • Animesh Chatterji
  31. 765


    Submitted by Arbiter

    gzip search

    • Arbiter Members
    • Vivek Prakash
    • Anika Gupta
    • Paridhi Rawat
    • Animesh Chatterji
  32. 766


    Submitted by Magic

    Voice is taken as input to the search query instead of text.

    • Magic Members
    • Ankit Agarwal
    • Divya Prathi
    • Shipra Malhotra
    • Manushree Vijayvergiya
  33. 767


    Submitted by deadwords

    Search results are there, we need to go through every one of them to know what we think is useful for us. Can we have something of the type “sum-up” which is edited by a person who has already been through the same page and would like to give a summary of basically what the page is all about. The thing would definately help the user's search time and deal with better search results. The thing we are getting today is like some lines which have been pasted and contains the searc…

    • deadwords Members
    • vishal garg
    • mohit kumar
    • swati garg
  34. 768

    Meet your interest - IIITH

    Submitted by Dream - IIITH

    This hack will help users find people of similar interest in their neighborhood. Interested people can enter their interests and register their positioning device. After that they will receive notification whenever someone of similar interest is near by.

    • Dream - IIITH Members
    • Nadeem Moidu
    • Aseem Anand
    • Sanidhya Kashyap
    • B V S C Srikalyan
  35. 769


    Submitted by rookie

    Problem Statement: Whenever we encounter problems while doing something or need some information we do search for the solutions by visiting various sites and forums, etc. otherwise we resort to a search engine for it and often get frustrated seeing a number of unnecessary results. Our Sol'n: MyQuest addresses this issue by redirecting the user directly to the corresponding forums/sites based on the categorization of the search query!

    • rookie Members
    • Sashidhar Thallam
    • Bhavani Kumar KVM
    • Ratna Kumar
  36. 770

    music across boundaries [IIITH]

    Submitted by

    Music needs no boundaries and when it certainly needs management for your playlist. Our hack will give you an easy way to create a popular playlist according to your needs. It uses last.fm apis to get the popular hits.

    • Members
    • Puneet
    • dinesh
    • Vinay kumar
  37. 771

    Playlist Generator - IIIT-H

    Submitted by Dreamers

    Our hack will generate the playlist of songs based on the mood , interest of the person or on the basis of the ocassion , age group etc . All these options have to given by the users .

    • Dreamers Members
    • Shashank SHarma
    • Swapnil Gupta
  38. 772

    Party Rockers - IIITH

    Submitted by partyrockers

    goal is to come up with a way to create a steerable playlist that would also be personalized for a group of people ( i.e. taking account of everyone's musical taste and make sure that everyone enjoys the party ) Usages : In a party, select the songs which everyone likes :). "ROCK THE PARTY"

    • partyrockers Members
    • puneet
    • Dinesh
    • Vinay kumar
  39. 773


    Submitted by TheKingsGambit

    To be updated

    • TheKingsGambit Members
    • Rajat Goel
    • Anshuman Singh
  40. 774


    Submitted by 3 dreamers

    Objective: Forward search queries from a mobile phone(acting as a server which receives requests in sms format) to a computer,use search apis to gather relevant information and resend results to the recipient, rendering internet connections in mobile phones in remote areas/offline areas redundant.

    • 3 dreamers Members
    • ashok
    • saiganesh
    • Mahesh Goud
  41. 775


    Submitted by L3GACY

    The User can send E-Mail with attachments to a destined E-Mail Address, all while sitting at a location far away from any computer, all by sending a Mobile SMS. This remote transfer triggered by a mere Mobile SMS is safe, fast and requires simply an active Mobile connection. The files being sent by the user are kept at a safe location - FTP Server on which the user has an account. The user sends an SMS to the "application server" giving the details of his FTP Account, attachment f…

    • L3GACY Members
    • Kunal Jain
    • Saket Bharambe
    • Harshit Dubey
    • Vipul Raheja
  42. 776


    Submitted by FingerGeeks_


    • FingerGeeks_ Members
    • Siddhartha Chandra
    • Mayank Juneja
    • Manish Motwant
    • Ashish Sharma
  43. 777


    Submitted by _FingerGeeks_


    • _FingerGeeks_ Members
    • Siddhartha Chandra
    • Mayank Juneja
    • Manish Motwant
    • Ashish Sharma
  44. 778


    Submitted by Warrriors

    It updates the status on the selected social networking sites.

    • Warrriors Members
    • Archit Jain
    • Hardeep Rajpal
    • Harshit Agarwal
    • Pranav Garg
  45. 779

    Tranformation Engine

    Submitted by Noobs

    Tranformation engine using hadoop mapreduce to tranform one file format into another.

    • Noobs Members
    • Anuraj Pandey
    • Nitin Bindal
    • Umang Vijayvergiy
    • Swapnil Chavada
  46. 780

    JustHoverIt - IIIT Hyderabad

    Submitted by

    An app that enables you to browse any website without having to click.

    • Members
    • Amit Arora
    • Dipti Mathur
    • Manisha Verma
    • Prashanth Sharma
  47. 781

    Yahoo Meme and Drupal

    Submitted by JasonLeon

    Integrating yahoomeme with drupal, fetching user yahoo meme post and integrating with drupal user API. Added drupal views support. Working on Oauth to update meme status using drupal.

    • JasonLeon Members
    • Tushar Mahajan
    • Shashank Sahni
  48. 782


    Submitted by TheKingsGambit

    To be updated

    • TheKingsGambit Members
    • Rajat Goel
    • Anshuman Singh
  49. 783

    IIITH-Download Link Finder

    Submitted by localhost

    At the top of every page there will be a search box, in which you can search any free software. In addition of getting normal search results you will get a special box, in which you will get the direct download link to that software.

    • localhost Members
    • Piyush Shukla
    • Abhishek Goyal
    • Jasmeet Singh
    • Abhilash Chowdhary
  50. 784


    Submitted by HassGarage

    Flickr Image Search based on geolocations retrieved using IP or GPS for phone and tentatively showing them on a map

    • HassGarage Members
    • Himanshu Singh
    • Siddharth Choudhary
    • Aditya Desai
  51. 787

    IIIT-H::Vedio Conversion using Cloud infrastructure

    Submitted by Cool Clouds

    This hach will convert a huge number of video files from one format to other using a distributed cloud enviornment .

    • Cool Clouds Members
    • Harish Kumar Narware
    • Sourabh Gupta
    • Ankur Gupta
  52. 788

    Advanced Chat

    Submitted by Bhalus

    expands abbrevations like gn, tc etc. parental control support for local dialects

    • Bhalus Members
    • Aman Kumar
    • Ravi Agarwal
  53. 789

    IIIT-H NetPool

    Submitted by NetGeeks

    balance the load between different internet connections on a single system

    • NetGeeks Members
    • Rishabh Mukherjee
    • Manish Motwani
  54. 790

    Cricket Video Alerts

    Submitted by Blitzkrieg


    • Blitzkrieg Members
    • Rishi Kesh Dwivedi
    • Nasini Madhava Rao
    • Niraj Kumar
    • Kumar Anurag Singh
  55. 791

    Twtr [IIIT H]

    Submitted by Kirkiri

    Heard of shortening url's now see shortening the tweets,memes by using internet slang and commonly used acronyms. and also much more

    • Kirkiri Members
    • Bharath V
    • Kaleem Ahmed
    • Vignesh Miriyala
  56. 793


    Submitted by Winners

    If you are getting bored, play this one

    • Winners Members
    • Saurabh Sharma
    • Harshad Shrikande
    • Shantanu Shrivastav
  57. 795

    Image Search Suggestion

    Submitted by HijACKu

    suggest images during an image search alongwith keyword suggestions

    • HijACKu Members
    • Harshit Daga
    • Jaya Guru Panda
    • Ankit Baheti
    • Aman Saxena
  58. 796

    IIIT-H Advanced Chat

    Submitted by Bhalus

    In a real-time chat environment, the hack- 1. expands abbrevations like gn, tc etc. 2. offers parental control 3. translation to and from local dialects

    • Bhalus Members
    • Aman Kumar
    • Ravi Agarwal
  59. 797

    IIITH_Best deals

    Submitted by semicolon

    gives a comparision of the price for the queried input from ur mobile phone to ur mobile phone between the prices of our own store and the prices of the product found on the web

    • semicolon Members
    • Anshul Gupta
    • Nikhil jain
    • Yogendra Sao
  60. 798

    IIITH-Cricket Video Alerts

    Submitted by Blitzkrieg

    Send Cricket Video alerts to subscribed Users

    • Blitzkrieg Members
    • Nasini Madhava Rao
    • Niraj Kumar
    • Rishi Kesh Dwivedi
    • Kumar Anurag Singh
  61. 799

    IIITH- Image Cropping and Uploading

    Submitted by Crushers

    In this hack , we make a right click on image , select Crop menu would be built , on selecting that we could crop the photo , and can also upload a photo on flickr .

    • Crushers Members
    • Nitin Agrawal
    • Ravi Seth
    • V.Chandrashekar
  62. 800

    Image Search Suggestion

    Submitted by HijACKu-IIIT

    display image suggestions during an image search(on tags basis) alongwith the keyword suggestions.

    • HijACKu-IIIT Members
    • Harshit Daga
    • Jaya Guru Panda
    • Ankit Baheti
    • Aman Saxena
  63. 801


    Submitted by A2I2

    we develop a map with markers such that it has updates on the restaurants in the locality by the friends, which can better help us decide the restaurants.

    • A2I2 Members
    • M Aravindh
    • Ishaan Singh
    • Ishan Misra
    • Aditya Deshpande
  64. 802


    Submitted by Open Source

    Thinkpad + Amarok

    • Open Source Members
    • bitgeek
  65. 803


    Submitted by Juvenile Jerks

    Wanna know about upcoming fest and its events and keep a single hub to store data from all over the country at one place thus allowing any user easy access to data, thus effecient. Similarly storing information about scholarships and internships . Thus storing the data at one particular place

    • Juvenile Jerks Members
    • Siddharth Gupta
    • Mohit Sharma
    • Ayush Dhingra
    • Aman Tyagi
  66. 804

    IIITH-Translated Voice Chat for Yahoo Messenger

    Submitted by The Falcons

    IIITH-Ymessenger multilingual plugin We are trying to make a plugin in yahoo messenger which will allow two persons(A &B) of different mother tongues such that none know the language of the other . We translate the text given by A to the language understood by B and also speak it out to B and vice-versa .

    • The Falcons Members
    • Kumar Srijan
    • Ketan Singhal
  67. 805


    Submitted by Dark Horses

    To be updated later

    • Dark Horses Members
    • Arjun Varma
    • Kinshul Verma
    • Vishnu Fafat
  68. 806

    IIITH-Translated Voice Chat for Yahoo Messenger

    Submitted by The Falcons

    IIITH-Ymessenger multilingual plugin We are trying to make a plugin in yahoo messenger which will allow two persons(A &B) of different mother tongues such that none know the language of the other . We translate the text given by A to the language understood by B and also speak it out to B and vice-versa .

    • The Falcons Members
    • Kumar Srijan
    • Ketan Singhal
  69. 807


    Submitted by Bandwidth hacker

    This heck identify the network speed and load the page accordingly.

    • Bandwidth hacker Members
    • Gaurav Kumar Gupta
    • Shivam Agarawal
  70. 808


    Submitted by luna-IIIT-H

    maps withpout GPS

    • luna-IIIT-H Members
    • sashidhar
  71. 809


    Submitted by under current

    the hack allows users to add places on a common map utility and search for places around a radius of 15km. the user may also search for his friends' location, add more variety of data . the hack offers utility in terms of an application for social websites or an add-on on browser (in both case needs to be modifies to suit the needs).

    • under current Members
    • Mohak Gupta
    • navni bhojwani
    • himanshu zade
  72. 811

    Fast News Video Retrieval

    Submitted by Yokels

    Aim is to transfer news videos over internet at a higher speed than usual.

    • Yokels Members
    • Manish Sharma
    • Hemant Dhingra
    • Nitin Jain
    • Mohit Goyal
  73. 812

    Fast News Video Retrieval

    Submitted by Yokels

    Aim is to transfer news videos over internet at a higher speed than usual.

    • Yokels Members
    • Manish Sharma
    • Hemant Dhingra
    • Nitin Jain
    • Mohit Goyal
  74. 813


    Submitted by latinos


    • latinos Members
    • shady
  75. 814


    Submitted by Hackers

    This is a rural area twitter.

    • Hackers Members
    • Hemant Dhingra
    • Nitin Jain
    • Rahul Namdev
    • Shubham Gautam
  76. 816

    IIITH- Wii-SketchUp Integration

    Submitted by Boogeyman

    Sketchup is used to show models of buildings/structures . But using mouse to view/explore the models is not convinient . We suggest to use Wii remote as a way to navigate through the building structure easily.

    • Boogeyman Members
    • Ketan Singhal
    • Kumar Srijan
  77. 817

    Speech to Speech Translation

    Submitted by LiveWires

    This speech translator can be used in messenger where two persons of different mother tongues can speak with each other.

    • LiveWires Members
    • C M S Raju M
    • Ram Linga Reddy Patil
    • Rupesh
    • Raju P
  78. 818

    Personalized S3 IIITH

    Submitted by Hacked in time...

    Amazon s3 account creates box for the user, but how can you personalize it when a single login is used by a cluster of users? Here our personalizedS3 gives solution. By using YUI Tree, we are providing good management personalized account for each user of the cluster and make it much more organized.

    • Hacked in time... Members
    • Wasif
    • Kushal
    • Nishit
    • Sudarshan