Hacks Submitted

  1. 819

    sms gateway

    Submitted by Command me

    An sms connection between the phone and the computer using python. Can be used personally and also on small networks with zero effective cost .The motto is to have a network of phones with computer processing . Can be used for broadcasting /alerts ,all that you can imagine with the combination of a short message and a computer processor .

    • Command me Members
    • abhinav
    • Surya Sandeep
    • VIdheer
    • Vineeth
  2. 821

    Y! Mail Visualizer

    Submitted by

    Creating useful visualizations of your email history

    • Members
    • Vikram Tankasali
    • Vinay Jethava
  3. 822


    Submitted by

    To enrich email contents by appending it with images and more links.

    • Members
    • Rupesh Nasre.
  4. 823

    Offline Searching

    Submitted by IIsc Hackers

    This hack prompts user to give offline search options if he is not comfortable with present search contents.If a new related content gets added or the existing one gets modified user is prompted the same..(if possible will be extended to intimate via SMS)

    • IIsc Hackers Members
    • Samrat Kokkula
    • M.Jagadesh babu
    • Chandrakanth P
  5. 824

    Search You!!!!

    Submitted by Code CZARS

    users when they register for the service are periodically given updates about them from the web.we ask the feed back from the user for further improvement in the result

    • Code CZARS Members
    • Rajesh
    • Premm Raj H
    • DVS Kiran
  6. 825


    Submitted by ND - Hard

    A firefox plugin which allows us to annotate specific lines in any page and sharing it through out the web. Specific users annotation can be accessed for a page using the user id.

    • ND - Hard Members
    • A . Dinesh Kumar
    • Pipada Pankaj
    • Kulkarni Niraj
  7. 826


    Submitted by

    Ambiguous movie search

    • Members
    • S. Roy
  8. 827

    Email Visualizer

    Submitted by

    Email Visualizer

    • Members
    • Vikram Tankasali
    • Vinay Jethava
  9. 828

    Multiple email sending and categorization of mailing list

    Submitted by Gamma

    We're trying to send a query to multiple guys but to the relevant ones - i.e. personal question to close friends and from their accounts mails will be forwarded to the relevant category in their mailing list.

    • Gamma Members
    • Prithayan Barua
    • Somak Aditya
    • Dyut Kumar Sil
  10. 829


    Submitted by SIGSEGV

    We provide an unique, evolutionary web-search experience by adapting the search results in real-time based on usage patterns.

    • SIGSEGV Members
    • Abhra Maiti
    • Bhavesh Bharadiya
    • Bigyan Bhar
    • Debasish Tapna
  11. 830

    Flickr-based image recognizer

    Submitted by

    A software to identify a query image based on tags associated with similar images available on Flickr.

    • Members
    • Adway Mitra
    • Himabindu
  12. 831

    Indeginous Search KioskApp

    Submitted by Blank Inc.

    A kiosk friendly(with online keyboard for entry in local language) search engine which focuses mainly on rural population for searching in their local language, the results are fetched by translating the local language search term into english and again converting back the results into local language.

    • Blank Inc. Members
    • Srikanta P
    • Harivittal Atreya HK
    • Adarsh J
  13. 832

    Find Bus

    Submitted by hungryhumbles

    I wish to find a bus from a source location to destination location.

    • hungryhumbles Members
    • V.Karthik
    • U.Sandeep
  14. 833

    Geo-targetted ads on Yahoo! IM

    Submitted by The Hack Trilogy

    The hack gets context words from the recent conversation and displays ads based on the keywords being discussed and the location of the IM user.

    • The Hack Trilogy Members
    • Paul Victor Raj
    • Mahesh Bale
    • Varun Kumar Reddy