Hacks Submitted

  1. 3

    Social Zen

    Submitted by Team Turtle

    This is a web app that generates a random question based on the search term and then uses the collective intelligence of the Yahoo! Answers and Twitter communities in an attempt to provide an answer.

    • Team Turtle Members
    • Cullen Walsh
    • Mary Pimenova
  2. 4


    Submitted by .Jammy Hackers

    A firefox extension which saves browsing sessions online for access from any computer.

    • .Jammy Hackers Members
    • Eric Spishak
    • Caio Tenca
    • Steve Geluso
    • Brad Bicknell
  3. 5


    Submitted by KEBY

    Find Craigslist housing using a map

    • KEBY Members
    • Emma Lynch
    • Xin Xian (Yuki) Liang
    • Kelly Dunn
    • Brian Le
  4. 6


    Submitted by 8D

    Welcome to dayt, your very own date generator. You choose the date and location for your all-day excursion, food, movie, or random event and we’ll comb your area for local businesses. You get the address, customer ratings, and the option to generate others. It’s an easy way to impress a date, entertain guests, or keep from tearing your hair out on family road trips… whatever your needs may be.

    • 8D Members
    • Ryan Ewing
    • Ryan Harrison
    • Marissa Wilson
  5. 7

    Books Exchange

    Submitted by ZOMG BOOKS!

    Trade and sell your textbooks here! Search for the books you need and get in contact with those who are selling it!

    • ZOMG BOOKS! Members
    • Peter Brook
    • Steven Rutherford
    • Ashoat Tevosyan
  6. 9


    Submitted by Team FLÜGGÅƎNK∂€ČHIŒβØL∫ÊN

    Find ride shares. Yeah. Pretty much.

    • Team FLÃœGGÃ…ÆŽNK∂€ČHIŒβØL∫ÊN Members
    • Josh Scotland
    • Chris Zwach
  7. 10

    Geo Crier

    Submitted by DROP * FROM *

    A hyper local news site. Largely based on location

    • DROP * FROM * Members
    • Nathan Dobrowolski
    • Josh Rakita
    • Leland Ball
    • Zach Badger-Markey
  8. 11

    The Internet Game

    Submitted by Sean Anastasi?

    This hack lets you play a version of Asteroids using the elements of any webpage (with some special features!)

    • Sean Anastasi? Members
    • Sean Anastasi
  9. 12


    Submitted by Zeitgeist

    Our application analyzes data from twitter and determines the mood of people living in the United States. The data is organized and displayed according to the state. Related data, including popular tweet topics , and frequently tweeted news stories are also shown with respect to states. This allows our users to quickly find how happy a state is and what topics and news stories influence the mood.

    • Zeitgeist Members
    • Pratik Prasad
    • Jehad Affoneh
    • Anirudh Srinivas
    • James Athappilly
  10. 13


    Submitted by Team Rocket

    NewsCurrent finds the *most popular topics* being posted on the web by examining & comparing popular articles from many different media venues.

    • Team Rocket Members
    • Jason Chen
    • Daniel Suskin
    • Thomas Biggs
    • James Lee
  11. 14

    Regex Battle

    Submitted by Alex Alex David David

    A programmer's dream game of finding regular expressions to compete in a multiplayer game of asteroids. Complete with sound effects and library of regular expressions.

    • Alex Alex David David Members
    • Alex Leone
    • Alex Horton
    • David Nufer
    • David Truong
  12. 15

    Kim's Hack

    Submitted by

    Kim's Hack

    • Members
    • Kim Todd