Hacks Submitted

  1. 0

    relation finder

    Submitted by starters

    we basically are going to extract some personal user information and work on it to find unknown relationships of the users among themselves , if any.

    • starters Members
    • Praneel Raja
    • pankaj kolhe
    • Vivek Shribatri
  2. 1

    social network visualization

    Submitted by innovators

    we are extract information of user from web and visualize whose are connected with each other

    • innovators Members
    • sharubh,amit,vishal,vikas
    • saurabh kishore
    • vishal
    • vikas
  3. 2


    Submitted by M/S Hackers Inc.

    Automatically searching and updating quotes on status across social networks.

    • M/S Hackers Inc. Members
    • Debarun Kar
    • Saurabh Gupta
    • K.V.S. Dileep
    • Smit Marvaniya
  4. 5


    Submitted by Furious fathers

    The hack aims to develop a comprehensive outing planner tool

    • Furious fathers Members
    • Rajkishan G
    • Kashyap Puranik
    • Adhiraj Alai
    • Advait Alai
  5. 6


    Submitted by The D

    Given start and destination places, the hack searches for different train journeys including split journeys. Split journeys are much useful in case of late reservations where direct reservations are not available

    • The D Members
    • Nihar V Settipalli
    • G Teja Swaroop
  6. 7

    All in one social networking

    Submitted by Code-Benders

    Get all your mails, updates and tweets from different accounts at one place.

    • Code-Benders Members
    • Jignesh Vasoya
    • Pankaj S Pawar
    • Shashank Jain
    • Bhautik S Patel
  7. 8

    Instant shopping helper

    Submitted by Coding

    A mobile application which provides information on discounts and deals based on his latitude and his longitude position .

    • Coding Members
    • Abhinav Raghunandan
    • Anuj Jain
    • Aniket Rangrej
    • Vishal Raut
  8. 9


    Submitted by

    Organized retail of farm products through an internet auctioning system.

    • Members
    • Arijit Banerjee
    • Gunaa A.V.
    • Nihit Desai
    • Sujan Kumar
  9. 10


    Submitted by harockers

    It Updates the Status messages on Facebook and Twitter automatically when ever you change your Location i.e frm Bangalore to Chennai etc.

    • harockers Members
    • Sravan Babu Bodapati
    • Vijay Karthick
    • Guru Prakash
    • Siva Ramakrishna
  10. 11

    Mailing List Advisor

    Submitted by claw

    A firefox plugin which compiles a mailist list thread using semantic analysis etc,. and represents the posts and comment in better structured and intuitive manner. First all the replies to a starting question are fetched and an internal graph between participants of thread is created. That graph is shown in page.. and user can select which converstation he wants to see. Analyze each post using semantic analysis on it as well as replies to that post... and give some rating to that post. ultima…

    • claw Members
    • T Srinivasa Chaitanya
    • Manohar Anand
    • Surya Kiran
    • Krishna Chaitanya
  11. 12

    News on map

    Submitted by Hack YOU

    View news from all over the world on an interactive map of the world. Zoom around, pan, get local news, anything!

    • Hack YOU Members
    • Siddharth
    • Govind Krishna Joshi
    • Sudharshan Vishwanathan
  12. 13


    Submitted by DAV

    Tha application which notifies important events in the sports which the user is following

    • DAV Members
    • Devesh Yamparala
    • Vaibhav Agarwal
    • Anuja Agrawal
  13. 14


    Submitted by searchers

    Better look and feel of web searches.

    • searchers Members
    • Pranay Kumar
    • Prahadeesh G
    • Bharath Singh
  14. 15

    university event extraction

    Submitted by Inception Reloaded

    extracting events from universities

    • Inception Reloaded Members
    • Kunal Mulay
    • ch kiran Kumar
    • Jothikumar D
    • Bharadwaj
  15. 16

    visualization of social network

    Submitted by hack10

    This application finds location and location updates of the friends of a user across different accounts and represent it on a map.

    • hack10 Members
    • Shashank Namdev
    • Sourabh Kishore
    • Vikas Verma
    • Amit kumar
  16. 17

    Multi-Lingual Search

    Submitted by Chennai Super Hackers

    This hack helps a user to search in languages other than english. A virtual keyboard is used, so there is no requirement of an external keyboard. It is linked to Yahoo! search.

    • Chennai Super Hackers Members
    • M. Vijay Karthik
    • Guru Prakash
    • Sivaramakrishnan
    • Sravan Babu
  17. 18


    Submitted by dreamer+coder

    this hack helps the users to store the stuff they find interesting during their browsing session, and helps to keep track of their on line activity and store collected information.it removes the complexity of copying and pasting data and bookmark no. of pages for future reference.

    • dreamer+coder Members
    • prasanth kvssd
    • madhuri gajendran
  18. 19


    Submitted by snatcher

    You know when is India's next cricket match ,You know which weapons will be showcase in new Delhi tomm,but u dont know what is happening around you. Dont worry...We are with u ...:)

    • snatcher Members
    • M.V.K.Chaithanya
    • Yenda Ramesh
    • P.Phani Krishna
    • G.Rama Krishna
  19. 21

    Spelly Cat

    Submitted by purple

    Our hack allows a user to better prepare herself for GRE and in general improve her vocabulary. A user can customize the hack to allow her to better remember meanings of words by providing her own comments or usage. We also employ the use of images to aid in the understanding of several words.

    • purple Members
    • Sheshank Dudyala
    • Laalithya
    • William K. Moses, Jr.
    • Sarag
  20. 23

    Newsline - Watching stories unfold.

    Submitted by plugdev

    We are trying to build a retrospective view of a particular news article.

    • plugdev Members
    • Pranesh Srinivasan
    • Arun Chaganty
    • Vikram Cedric
    • Sujeet Gholap
  21. 25


    Submitted by

    It contains a Role-model tracker, Local conferences tracker and an opportunity tracker.

    • Members
    • Kirtika Ruchandani
    • Subhashini V
  22. 26

    Spelly Cat

    Submitted by mulberry

    Our hack allows a user to better prepare herself for GRE and in general improve her vocabulary. A user can customize the hack to allow her to better remember meanings of words by providing her own comments or usage. We also employ the use of images to aid in the understanding of several words.

    • mulberry Members
    • Sheshank Dudyala
    • Laalithya
    • William Kumar Moses, Jr.
    • Sarang
  23. 27


    Submitted by coder+dreamer

    Yahoo Jockey it plays music for you based on your location, whether conditions, recent releases, rating etc.

    • coder+dreamer Members
    • prasanth kvssd
    • madhuri gajendran
  24. 28

    Auto Complete

    Submitted by Meow!

    AutoComplete YQL console

    • Meow! Members
    • Surya Kiran Oruganti
    • Manohar Anand P
  25. 29

    twitter categarization

    Submitted by Coding ninjas

    Tweets can be categorized based on topic in which it belongs to.

    • Coding ninjas Members
    • Aniket Rangrej
    • Vishal Raut
    • Abhinav Raghunandan
    • Anuj Jain