Hacks Submitted

  1. 1


    Submitted by Pro Duction

    A firefox add-on which intelligently updates its placement and deletes the old marker to facilitate reading through an online webcomic.

    • Pro Duction Members
    • Tim Wheeler
  2. 2

    Sad Mimic of Microsoft Paint

    Submitted by Jeanne

    playing with html5 canvas need something basic like paint to add notes to my email

    • Jeanne Members
    • Jeanne Wang
  3. 3


    Submitted by I In Team

    Pulls information about a certain name/username from different sites on the web and places it on one convenient access page.

    • I In Team Members
    • Kristina Thai
    • Chris Moghbel
    • Michael Briganti
  4. 4

    Net Portal

    Submitted by Robotic Arm

    Optimizing chatting for adventure! By using GMail's chat capabilities for the actual chatting capability, this application allows you to adventure with other people logged in to GMail.

    • Robotic Arm Members
    • Bryan Ransil
    • Kevin Duong
  5. 5

    Sad Mimic of Microsoft Paint

    Submitted by Jeanne

    playing with html5 canvas need something basic like paint to add notes to my email

    • Jeanne Members
    • Jeanne Wang
  6. 6

    Memory Apocalypse

    Submitted by Unicorn Apocalypse

    A flashcard memory system which uses the spacing effect to maximize studying efficiency. Good for the end of the world.

    • Unicorn Apocalypse Members
    • Bulat Bochkariov
    • David Watson
    • Li Pi
  7. 8


    Submitted by XYZZY

    INANN expands recursively to "INANN Needs A New Name". This is the *real* version of the hack. Please delete the previous submission entry.

    • XYZZY Members
    • Elliott Slaughter
    • Justin Wong
    • Avinash Parchuri
    • Douglas Martin
  8. 9


    Submitted by Poodle

    Poodle is a website for planning meeting times, similar to Doodle.com. The main difference, however, is in the improved interface that is a lot more natural to use than Doodle's laborious side-scrolling interface.

    • Poodle Members
    • Justin Huang
  9. 10


    Submitted by Tag Team

    Custom community and crowd sourced tagging that lets others (and you) index and experience the better parts of searching the web.

    • Tag Team Members
    • Robert Dunlap
    • Hung Tran
    • George Wu
    • Joshua Greenfield
  10. 11


    Submitted by josh,george

    toolbar addon for firefox for indexing categrorized keywords.

    • josh,george Members
    • josh, george
  11. 12


    Submitted by we can't cook

    Breakfast reading for those who need another excuse to not get out of bed

    • we can't cook Members
    • Jeff Chang
    • Jeff Chien
    • Avinash Ananth
  12. 14


    Submitted by Ground Up Designers

    Bringing random romance to UCSD..

    • Ground Up Designers Members
    • Jacob Lyles
    • Thomas Weng
    • Jawon Lee
    • Doran Joy
  13. 15


    Submitted by Team-a-to

    Eliminate the middle man! (sort of): Use Twitter to track your debts or IOU's with friends. Eliminate unnecessary exchanges by streamlining debts.

    • Team-a-to Members
    • Kris Pang
    • Mo Mirza
    • Wes Vetter
    • Chris Louie
  14. 16


    Submitted by Axis of Evil... MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA

    This is a program to give all students the one thing that they want something most.... FREE FOOD. This purpose of this design is fix an issue that seems to be plaguing UCSD. This is issue is that this campus is seemingly divided because no one knows what is going on or where. So our team created this device as a mediatory so that students can congregate over something that we all love (especially Computer Science majors) and hold dear to our hearts, free food.

    • Axis of Evil... MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA Members
    • Trevor Lang
    • Alex Dodge
    • Michael Kohanfars
    • Claire Luciano
  15. 17

    Reviving the Endangered.

    Submitted by MJK

    Coming upon the species Aye-aye and having no idea what it was made us realize the lack of knowledge we had on endangered species around the world. We scraped a list of as much as 40,000 endangered species and found a way to randomize the presented species. Images of the species are shown from flickr and web search. We hope with our hack, people can gain a preview at to what is around the world and be engaged to learn more about the species that share our planet.

    • MJK Members
    • Mabel Zhang
    • Jade Kwan
    • Khanh Luc
  16. 18


    Submitted by

    Generates schedules

    • Members
    • Suman Malani
  17. 19


    Submitted by

    Generates Planner

    • Members
    • Janet Barrietos
  18. 20


    Submitted by The Life Savers

    A server side mobile application that looks up data regarding recent disasters (e.g. earthquakes) and confirms the status of the users in a certain mile radius from the center of the disaster by using twitter's interface. The potential victims of the disaster will be accessed in a real time data base. This application also allows the users to report the status of any endangerment they are faced with the kind of need help they need which is very useful when making a phone is either dan…

    • The Life Savers Members
    • Amir Shirkhani
    • Allan Souza
    • Mohammad Zohour
  19. 21

    Drawing Pad

    Submitted by tk

    multiplayer paint

    • tk Members
    • tim kang
    • robert chen
  20. 22

    Rock My World!

    Submitted by

    Geo-location based application to find the nearest music gigs.

    • Members
    • Andrew Huynh
    • David Vanoni
    • Matt Peterson
    • Marc Mounzer
  21. 23


    Submitted by David Bruant

    Create your JS application (objects, functions) on some files and then create "door declarations" in some other files during development phase. If a function is misused (wrong numbers of arguments, wrong types, wrong range...), an error in thrown with a useful debugging message. When in productions, remove the "door declarations". Your application still works the same. Another usage for doors in production is security. A door can be used to dynamically guarantee that an input is safe. For…

    • David Bruant Members
    • David Bruant
  22. 24

    Friend's Favorite Movies

    Submitted by UCSD Team Bean

    Allows a facebook user to browse his or her friend's favorite movies, and add them to a netflix queue.

    • UCSD Team Bean Members
    • Qays Poonawala
    • Lance Castillo
  23. 25


    Submitted by Brian McMahon

    Simple program to generate sources for DataTurbine middleware. Allows researchers to generate a source by answering a few questions about their data files, instead of having to manually code a driver in Java.

    • Brian McMahon Members
    • Brian McMahon
  24. 26

    Sad Mimic of Microsoft Paint

    Submitted by Jeanne

    html5 canvas. pretty janky.

    • Jeanne Members
    • Jeanne Wang
  25. 27

    Yahoo! Hacks Facebook!

    Submitted by Facebook Hackers

    Hacks Facebook so that people don't have to read their friends complaints, instead can read about Yahoo! Hack U! Also, encourages Facebook users to go OUTSIDE!! :)

    • Facebook Hackers Members
    • Sarah Esper
    • Jose Melendez
  26. 28


    Submitted by team seabat

    Content Based Access Tests leverage interested users' knowledge to protect topically oriented websites (blogs, forums, and content aggregators) against automated and human-powered spamming.

    • team seabat Members
    • Kai Wang
    • Chris Kanich
  27. 29

    Healthcare Apocalypse

    Submitted by Unicorn Apocalypse

    Calculates the current cost of healthcare in the United States based on government projections for 2004-2019.

    • Unicorn Apocalypse Members
    • Li Pi
    • David Watson
    • Bulat Bochkariov
  28. 30


    Submitted by Steaming Pile of Javascript

    end homelessness by helping homeless students find homes.

    • Steaming Pile of Javascript Members
    • Lawrence
  29. 31

    Schedule Generator

    Submitted by Team Awesome

    Automatically generate schedule for students

    • Team Awesome Members
    • Haronid Moncivias
    • Suman Malani
    • Gabriela Ponce
    • Janet Berrientos