Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by MetaMixers

    Tracker for all HackU submissions. Allows the hackers to enter their hack entry by specifying their hack concept and details, their team name and members and the platforms that they have used in their hacks.

    • MetaMixers Members
    • Chintan MetaMix
    • Eric
    • Steve
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    Submitted by Undefined Variable :(

    In the last couple of years, search engines and social networking were the two things that revolutionized the way people use internet. Here we present ChoosY!...a search engine that is a hybrid of personalization and social networking. Apart from this you can do a lot more restricting your search to domians that are bookmarked in any Delicious account. Plus you get all the standard features. You can also share your search profile over a network...This of a class that sees the result the…

    • Undefined Variable :( Members
    • Aditya Somani
    • Snayam Goyal
    • Kumar Lav
  3. 33

    guitar tab finder

    Submitted by knightcoders

    it will take a .wav file of a song(in specified format) whose guitar tabs are to be found and the tabs will be displayed by animated character

    • knightcoders Members
    • Kevin
    • Yogesh Save
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    Submitted by Reporters


    • Reporters Members
    • Manveer Singh Chawla
    • Sangharsh Boudhh
  5. 35

    Web based Catalog File System

    Submitted by spiders

    This application stores the catalog of the disks without actually storing the content. The application is made web based, so that it can be accessed by group of users. This provides a browse able file system showing many of the properties of the file. This also has search ability within the file system. This application can be useful when there are large external disks which cannot be taken along with the system every time .

    • spiders Members
    • seshu raju
    • naseer uddin
    • upendra reddy
  6. 36


    Submitted by jack's hack

    Flickard is a way of sending personalized

    • jack's hack Members
    • prateek srivastava
    • pratik poddar
  7. 37

    Filmi Tracker !!!

    Submitted by Y Hackers

    It will provide a multi way search facility for movies. It will give you the summary of any movie that you enter along with its cast and crew team. It will show images of movie and casting team. If you click on a team member, it will show a list of movie related to that person with the same role that the person was doing in previous movie. (Roles can Producer, Director, Actor, Lyricist, Singer, etc.) List will contain old movies, recent releases and upcoming movies. Further we will try to loc…

    • Y Hackers Members
    • Rakesh Pimplikar
    • Ajitav Sahoo
    • Vaibhao Tatte
  8. 38

    Bus Stop!

    Submitted by Wire_Surfer

    This website along with a mobile widget aims at providing any traveller in distress(":D") who is unable to determine whether to take the 422 or 421 for andheri, to make an informed choice. So if you want to travel from a place to another and want to know about the neares bus stops, bus numbers that ply your root, and the approx travel times, then this service is for you. It is accompanied with a mobile widget too which serves a simplified version of the website on ur mobile devices.

    • Wire_Surfer Members
    • Shaishav Kumar
  9. 39


    Submitted by Locators

    We will have a website. A user will update some mobile numbers on our website. We will send a application to those mobile numbers. That application will keep sending location update based on BTS of GSM provider, whenever a user accesses GPRS. Based on this, a member of a group can find the locations in real time for all members of a group. Applications can be... Tracking Sales persons, Buses, Trains, Call Center Buses, Pizza delivery boys etc etc etc

    • Locators Members
    • Santosh
    • Binod
    • NIL
    • NIL
  10. 40


    Submitted by Dragon_Knight

    (the Most Awesome Coolest "HACK" Of My Own Ultimate Search Engine ) This will be as search engine which will be much more user friendly and graphic than standard search engines and display results as accumulated sets of related content. In case the search is for apple it will display different nodes such as " cooking" , "fruit" , "computer" , "music-ipod" , "companies" each of which will have other top urls under them P.S:- Pun on Ubuntu ( Feisty Fawn, Hardy Heron..) completely intended

    • Dragon_Knight Members
    • Karthik Raman
  11. 42

    Beta Search 1.0

    Submitted by Beta Hackers

    A more user-friendly and a directed search engine, which can give you anything you want, given proper details of the same. From documents to music files and from softwares to just anything, you can get precisely what you want

    • Beta Hackers Members
    • Pallav Vasa
    • Pritish Kamath
    • Rohit Saraf
    • Vivek Madan
  12. 43


    Submitted by P square

    Ever had problems deciding where to eat? Mumbai has more than 10^n restaurants. You want food in less that 150 Rs. per person or you have money and you want to spend about 400 Rs. per person. You want to eat Chinese, South-Indian and blah blah.. You do not want to go far from your place. Spent one hour to decide which restaurant to go? You do not need to do that again. Use Yfood!!!

    • P square Members
    • Pratik Poddar
    • Prateek Srivastava
  13. 44


    Submitted by P square

    Send personalised yahoo greetings to someone special for you..

    • P square Members
    • Pratik Poddar
    • Prateek Srivastava
    • Achin Bansal
  14. 45


    Submitted by HackERRs

    A personalized Online Treasure Hunt Creator that allows anybody to host their own treasure hunts, play others' and compete with them! It provides real-time editing options for levels and a scoreboard for all ladders.

    • HackERRs Members
    • Rohit Singh
    • Mehul Jain
    • Chirag Sethi
  15. 47

    Y! Stay Connected

    Submitted by Gunners

    Our application helps in maintaining upto date contact details(postal address, landline, mobile etc.) of all the friends for yahoo mail. The modified contact details are communicated to all the friends in the friend list automatically. This information is communicated via email to all the friends. The same application on the other side parses the mail and updates its database. So, essentially an user can find latest contact of any friend by only searching in this application. We can also add …

    • Gunners Members
    • U P C Bharat
    • Puram Niranjan
    • Y Shashidhar
  16. 48

    simple editor for a Knowledge Management System

    Submitted by silver_surfer

    a simple text editor for the client browser which will allow the user to submit/edit/browse articles on the knowledge management system hosted on the server.

    • silver_surfer Members
    • parag
  17. 49


    Submitted by errorman

    Using boss to create a custom search. something like google's scholar. Trying for 100% keyboard controls.

    • errorman Members
    • ram kumar
  18. 50


    Submitted by Five Point Someone

    An application to track user path from "source" to "destination" and making ti available to friends/other users on demand. Example1: A person travels from airport to IIT and records his travel-path using our application and sends it to a friend who visits IIT next day. Example2: A soldier enters enemy area and traverses some safe route (via forests etc) and this info is used by companions to follow.

    • Five Point Someone Members
    • Piyush Masrani
    • Vijay Gabale
    • Devendra Vyavhare
  19. 51

    Web text pad

    Submitted by hackTECHers

    This Hack helps the e-readers to quickly operate with some text content. Content can be selected quickly using mouse selection. The functionalities provided are searching the web, finding dictionary meaning and saving the selected text content in a file.

    • hackTECHers Members
    • saurabh sohoney
    • adil sandalwala
    • anup kunte
  20. 52

    The Famous You!

    Submitted by Nazguls

    upload your pic and find the celebrity siblings you lost in the kumbh mela....

    • Nazguls Members
    • Ambuj Pushkar Ojha
    • Surinderjeet Singh
  21. 53

    Delicious Tag Suggest

    Submitted by P square

    Something related to delicious and its tags... The firefox addon would Increase the available list of suggested tags..

    • P square Members
    • Pratik Poddar
    • Prateek Srivastava
    • Achin Bansal
  22. 54

    "sound" to "guitar tabs"

    Submitted by knightcoders

    it accepts sounds (humming, whistling, lala or instrumental sound) in a .wav file and renders the appropriate notes to be played on guitar or keyboard. NOW even a amateur is a wizard

    • knightcoders Members
    • kevin
    • Yogesh Save
  23. 55

    whatLand Yard?

    Submitted by WANgH

    This is a game similar to Scotland yard board game, but it is played on Yahoo Maps.

    • WANgH Members
    • Harsh Pareek
    • Santosh Ananthakrishnan
    • Dileep Kini
  24. 56


    Submitted by hacktrick

    This application gives a few pieces of information about a country at a mouse click. Whenever the mouse is clicked on a country in google maps, the map of the country is popped up (using the coordinates returned by the mouse click). the relavant information of the country is then fetched from the www.cia.gov website and is displayed on the right pane of the browser. This could be further enhanced to show the videos related to that country, the traveling options to that country from a selected…

    • hacktrick Members
    • nishant burte
    • ashish chiplunkar
    • sanket dhopeshwarkar
  25. 57

    Whats the song

    Submitted by Melody

    Many times you don't remember the lyrics but remember the tune of a song. Text based search becomes difficult. In this app you upload a wav file containing your humming and the application searches for the song.

    • Melody Members
    • Sachin Pant
  26. 58

    Train Tracker

    Submitted by web APS

    Ever stranded on a station wondering if you can catch up with another train? Or wondering where your chachaji is stuck? visit our hack to see exactly where a train is...

    • web APS Members
    • Parakram Majumdar
    • Swapnesh Garg
    • Arpit Singhal
  27. 59


    Submitted by Amateur Endeavour

    We get an image from the user (currently a url, tentatively a search term for flickr). We process that image and return an image which looks similar, but when you zoom in, you find that it is in turn composed of other smaller images.... So you get a pretty funky image..........

    • Amateur Endeavour Members
    • Ravi Bhoraskar
    • Harshit Mittal
    • Kuldeep Singh Meel
  28. 61

    The Yahoo! Student

    Submitted by UKEM

    Our Goal:"Unlocking Knowledge,Empowering Minds" "Todays renowned universities like MIT,Stanford are no longer bound by their four walls!!(Thanks to Internet:))" The Yahoo! Student hack is the coolest hangout for a university student which caters him all resources he would ever require in a university. He gets access to academic study material,practise content in various formats(pdf,video lectures) from the world renowned universities(MIT,Stanford,IITs,Wikipedia,etc..) pertaining to variou…

    • UKEM Members
    • Ankush Agarwal
    • Apekshit Sharma
  29. 62


    Submitted by Goofers

    It categories search results into categories as defined in user's profile. The categories contain keywords which get searched through the abstract of each single result and are a match links the category to that specific result. User can add/remove tags or create new categories according to his choice!

    • Goofers Members
    • Naman Agrawal
    • Saurabh Goyal
    • Mayank Singhal
  30. 63


    Submitted by SegFault

    Google Analytics at your Desktop and a lot more!

    • SegFault Members
    • Shashank
  31. 64


    Submitted by thedoors

    I was very impressed by the existing flickr groups and one of them is flickr photostory group. Also was greatly moved when i saw Jonathan Coulton's Flickr movie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHgtnM4IdTI So why not an auto-generated photostory application!. Most people are now-a-days on last.fm, so while you are listening to any song, you log onto /Photustory and put your last.fm username and the app will detect what song is being played and then fetch its lyrics from lyricsfly.com T…

    • thedoors Members
    • Zubin