Hacks Submitted

  1. 405

    Web Calendar

    Submitted by WC

    calendar for the web

    • WC Members
    • Rui Li
    • Mianwei Zhou
  2. 406


    Submitted by ourNews

    A news feed aggregator that selects interesting stories, and presents them in newspaper/magazine format.

    • ourNews Members
    • Benjamin Schaap
  3. 408


    Submitted by

    Version control for your browser.

    • Members
    • Tim Sally
    • Prateek Rungta
  4. 409

    Meet in the Middle

    Submitted by Awkward Moose Ninjas

    Meet your friends half way instead of having to do all the walking yourself.

    • Awkward Moose Ninjas Members
    • Jim Wordelman
    • Sally Wilsak
  5. 410


    Submitted by

    Your social network, integrated. Your phonebook, socialized.

    • Members
    • Chengyin Liu
  6. 411

    Dashboard CUMTD Bus Tracking Widget

    Submitted by Team Redonculous

    A widget for bus tracking of CUMTD buses for Mac OS X's Dashboard.

    • Team Redonculous Members
    • Jon Kessler
  7. 412

    Music MultiTouch

    Submitted by Alek & RJ

    MultiTouch interface to your music collection, possibly including mixing and DJing abilities.

    • Alek & RJ Members
    • Alek Storm
    • RJ Marsan
  8. 413


    Submitted by we found founddit

    Have you ever browsed reddit or digg? Ever wonder who posted the article first? This will settle it once and for all.

    • we found founddit Members
    • Ari Blumenthal
    • Greg Ver Halen
  9. 414


    Submitted by TaskOwl

    Keep track of your todo's by being able to access them from jabber, email, the web, and from any rss or atom reader. Use our pomadoro timer to help you get your tasks done. We also provide a XML-RPC API for developers.

    • TaskOwl Members
    • David Paola
    • Nathan Lawrence
    • Vijay Ramesh
  10. 415


    Submitted by Stoymuel

    Using geolocation to help people find friends in range to hang out with.

    • Stoymuel Members
    • Sam Liu
    • Stoyan Gaydarov
  11. 416

    Drawing Tutor

    Submitted by Drawing Tutor

    A program that guides novices through drawing pictures.

    • Drawing Tutor Members
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
  12. 417

    Super Awesome Magic Robot Extraordinaire

    Submitted by The Jolipers

    Super Awesome Magic Robot Extraordinaire. The title says it all!

    • The Jolipers Members
    • Justin Conroy
    • Carolyn DeSimone
    • Nikki Winn
  13. 420


    Submitted by TSPY

    Real-time drawing space. Unlimited creativity.

    • TSPY Members
    • Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt
    • Sukolsak Sakshuwong
    • Pratch Piyawongwisal
    • Yodsawalai Chodpathumwan
  14. 421

    m0r741 K0mb47

    Submitted by Sprice & Cola

    m4d h4x with webkam

    • Sprice & Cola Members
    • Teddy
    • Yeh
    • Stoyan
    • Gaydarov
  15. 422


    Submitted by Team Redonculous

    This is a Mac application I created that allows you to see how far buses are away from a particular bus stop. (The link is to a screencast of me showing off the app.)

    • Team Redonculous Members
    • Jon Kessler
  16. 423

    Web Cal

    Submitted by iSs

    Explore the World and Web over Time

    • iSs Members
    • Rui Li
    • Mianwei Zhou
  17. 424


    Submitted by the flying monkeys

    yql with autocomplete

    • the flying monkeys Members
    • teddy yeh
    • quinn baetz
    • Paul tarjan
  18. 425


    Submitted by quinn baetz and teddy yeh

    A searchmonkey app to go back in time

    • quinn baetz and teddy yeh Members
    • quinn
    • baetz
    • teddy
    • yeh
  19. 426


    Submitted by MiniNinjas

    Search for articles/topics u want news on, or just mention the source or news type(world, US, sports etc) Now you can generate a custom newspaper which is displayed in the familiar newspaper format. You can either view it online, download a pdf, or view it on your Kindle.

    • MiniNinjas Members
    • Penn Su
    • Nandit Tiku
    • Koushik Roy
    • Abhishek Pradhan
  20. 428

    Drawing Tutor

    Submitted by Drawing Tutor

    Helps you practice drawing shapes.

    • Drawing Tutor Members
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
    • Sameer Sundresh
  21. 429


    Submitted by HackCanvas

    A real-time drawing space, based on HTML5's Canvas and AJAX.

    • HackCanvas Members
    • Sukolsak Sakshuwong
    • Pratch Piyawongwisal
    • Yodsawalai Chodpathumwan
    • Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt
  22. 430

    twitter made interesting

    Submitted by team daniel

    aggregate statistics about twitter

    • team daniel Members
    • daniel harry schreiber
  23. 431

    Hack Day GIF Builder

    Submitted by

    Using the photo from webcam in UIUC Hack Day to make a GIF animation

    • Members
    • Chengyin Liu