Hacks Submitted

  1. 376


    Submitted by lagiahung


    • lagiahung Members
    • 125
    • 159
    • 195
    • 123
  2. 377

    Mix Your Heart Out

    Submitted by Mixyho

    An online music remixing application. Pick two youtube videos, tap out the beat, and mix them together!

    • Mixyho Members
    • Akshay Kannan
    • Pranava Adduri
    • Willy Wong
  3. 378

    Minesweeper Aimbot

    Submitted by Recidivism

    To conquer the unconquerable - Microsoft Minesweeper

    • Recidivism Members
    • Vincent Woo
  4. 379


    Submitted by MosayHack

    MosayHack: Real-Time Mosaic Generator and Pictoral News Feed. MosayHack automatically scrapes Yahoo News for daily photos and creates a photo mosaic of over 10,000 photo blocks to display the current date. The finished product is an interactive photo mosaic of the world's happenings for that day. MosayHack also allows users to perform a keyword search on Flickr photos and compile a mosaic of an uploaded image with images returned by the Flickr search. On each Flickr keyword search, …

    • MosayHack Members
    • Alexander Wong
    • Jonathan Mui
  5. 380


    Submitted by walrus

    find local events as easily as possible.

    • walrus Members
    • sean lyons
  6. 381


    Submitted by Wizards of Woz

    A fast social calendar site

    • Wizards of Woz Members
    • Wesley Hunt
    • Michael Steger
    • Dominique Canlas
  7. 382


    Submitted by Invertible Matrix

    A web-based trivia client for restaurants and bars

    • Invertible Matrix Members
    • Kyle Conroy
  8. 383


    Submitted by The Hackstars

    Service to synchronize browsing between two users, so that they see the same page and can draw annotations to communicate

    • The Hackstars Members
    • Christopher Berner
    • Rohan Dhaimade
    • Steven Schlansker
    • Jesse Toth
  9. 385


    Submitted by Departed

    Strategic Dating Site

    • Departed Members
    • Bernard Wong
    • Kelvin Zhu
  10. 386

    In Progress

    Submitted by The Working Class


    • The Working Class Members
    • Zelam Ngo
    • Andy Su
  11. 387

    The network pipe

    Submitted by Cornucopia

    Access internet using a friend's data plan!

    • Cornucopia Members
    • Prashanth Mohan
    • William Marczak
  12. 388

    Evil Strategic Dating

    Submitted by ESD

    Evil Strategic Dating

    • ESD Members
    • Bernard Wong
    • Kelvin Zhu
  13. 389


    Submitted by Solar boat

    Curry is yummy

    • Solar boat Members
    • Ryan Tseng
    • Jacob Dickinson
    • Jimmy Hack
  14. 390


    Submitted by Don't Leave Us Brandon :(

    Using Last.FM API, then making a mashup of different sites to provide info about a song/artist.

    • Don't Leave Us Brandon :( Members
    • Johnny Hwang
    • Karl He
    • Alan Young
    • Tian Wang
  15. 391


    Submitted by Encompassed

    A website that is able to compile a list of all the application associated with a certain email, and then the list can be customized to include other accounts and act as an online business card.

    • Encompassed Members
    • Eric Zhang
    • Frederick Meyer
  16. 392


    Submitted by BGame

    A game environment for children to learn algebra, and to build games for their fellow classmates

    • BGame Members
    • Michael Hoffman
  17. 393


    Submitted by Null Pointers

    Giving a quote from a tv show or movie, this hack will search your local media library for that quote (using .sub or .srt files), open that file, and seek to that line.

    • Null Pointers Members
    • Stewart He
    • Warrne He
  18. 394


    Submitted by Null Pointers

    Giving a quote from a tv show or movie, this hack will search your local media library for that quote (using .sub or .srt files), open that file, and seek to that line.

    • Null Pointers Members
    • Stewart He
    • Warrne He
    • Gabor Angeli
    • Ryan Luecke
  19. 395

    Notify Once

    Submitted by Lima Beans

    Shield your contact information and allow an acquaintance to send you one text message.

    • Lima Beans Members
    • Warren He
  20. 396

    Marginal Utility

    Submitted by Team Marginal Utility

    impossible to describe

    • Team Marginal Utility Members
    • Casey Rodarmor
    • Dwight Crow
  21. 397

    Cheap Smartphone

    Submitted by Yang Gang

    Use cheap, freebie phones to perform remote commands

    • Yang Gang Members
    • Evan Yang
    • Yifei Wu
  22. 398


    Submitted by Purple Elephants

    Cheap solution to fast MapReduce by running it on the GPU. Faster than you can say "map reduce"

    • Purple Elephants Members
    • Anhang Zhu
    • Muller Zhang
    • Avik Das
    • Jeff Yan
  23. 399


    Submitted by Squirrelfish EXTREME

    rhymes with flash

    • Squirrelfish EXTREME Members
    • Ian Henderson
  24. 400

    evil zombie mod

    Submitted by Awesome!

    its it the sweet

    • Awesome! Members
    • Dwight
  25. 401


    Submitted by puppies

    A new sorting algo based on the natural ability of puppies to sort integers. requires the code a wiimote connected to a puppy to operate corectly

    • puppies Members
    • Christine Zhang
    • Borden Liu
    • Davide Cerri
  26. 402


    Submitted by Null Pointers

    A Search Engine for Movie Quotes! Given a quote from a movie or TV show in your collection, it plays the clip containing the quote.

    • Null Pointers Members
    • Gabor Angeli
    • Stewart He
    • Warren He
    • Ryan Luecke
  27. 403


    Submitted by Solar Boat

    An automated DJ system which lets people vote via a mobile deice on which song should be played next.

    • Solar Boat Members
    • Ryan Tseng
    • Jacob Dickinson
  28. 404


    Submitted by Member1

    Getting names

    • Member1 Members
    • Member