Hacks Submitted

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    Submitted by Docuvine

    A collaborative hack maker. Live Wiki meets Google Wave meets Google Sites meets Xanadu. In progress: Autoreplace/robots; scriptable document support.

    • Docuvine Members
    • Aran Donohue
    • Andrew Trusty
    • Rory Tulk
  2. 5


    Submitted by C.R.O.S.

    Are you looking for a job?

    • C.R.O.S. Members
    • Renaud Bourassa
    • Adrian Rodrigo
  3. 6

    Quick *

    Submitted by Quick Thinkers

    A plug-in for Google Chrome that lets users do stuff quickly.

    • Quick Thinkers Members
    • Hassaan Aamir
    • Abhishek Pandit
    • Tarek Chamma
  4. 7

    Human Weather Network

    Submitted by W3T Productions

    This is a tool to allow users to view people's emotions in different US/Canadian cities over short/long span of time. Our main idea is to arouse the public to watch out for how others are also feeling.

    • W3T Productions Members
    • Clara Wong
    • Wong I Wa
    • Claudio Yin
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    Submitted by

    Cheap and free books!

    • Members
    • Alex
  6. 9


    Submitted by uniWall Team

    uniWall is an online marketplace that allows users to post used books that they want to buy or sell.

    • uniWall Team Members
    • Tilo Mitra
    • Prashant Viswanathan
  7. 10

    IR Edit

    Submitted by

    A text Editor Developed for the PSP (Playstation Portable) that uses an Infrared Keyboard for Input. The Editor is cable of opening creating and saving Documents, Including HTML files and .Lua Scripts. the Editor is also capable of Runnign USER HTML files and Running Lus Scripts.

    • Members
    • Mitchell Rushton
  8. 11

    Math Saerch Refinement

    Submitted by Shahahab

    A search refinement prototype for a math expression search system.

    • Shahahab Members
    • shahab kamali
  9. 12

    Style Stealer

    Submitted by AntiMoan

    This Hack is trying to steal the styles from different web pages and integrate them in the user desired web page. Let's say you want to steal the login box from Yahoo! , you give it the address and select the box, it recursively retrieve the styles and tags from the server, and extract the related styles and put them in a single web page.

    • AntiMoan Members
    • Saman Barghi
  10. 13

    Math Saerch UI

    Submitted by Shahahab

    A user-interface and search refinement prototype for a math expression search system.

    • Shahahab Members
    • shahab kamali