Hacks Submitted

  1. 1

    sir abo0d

    Submitted by hacer jordan

    vrye hack

    • hacer jordan Members
    • abood.boss
    • abood.boss
    • abood.boss
    • abood.boss
  2. 2

    MarketAPI Y! Hack Day NYC Options Application

    Submitted by MarketAPI Options for NYC Hack Day

    Option indexer utilizing YQL and Yahoo Finance CSV Quote Feed?

    • MarketAPI Options for NYC Hack Day Members
    • Matt Kaufman
  3. 3


    Submitted by hackers

    i love hacking

    • hackers Members
    • raza
    • Raza
    • ahmad raza
  4. 4

    Mobile Live Touch Disco

    Submitted by APH

    Webkit based interface for social applications.

    • APH Members
    • Alex Petrescu
    • Jack Howel
    • Ted Angelilli
  5. 5


    Submitted by MemeThis

    Our goal is to make the simple even simpler: submitting images, videos or links to Yahoo! Meme. We accomplish this by providing a bookmarklet which can be called from any page, which uses oAuth and YQL to submit the data to Meme.

    • MemeThis Members
    • Vanessa Sabino
    • Chester
  6. 6

    Delicious Cake!

    Submitted by Delicious Cake

    Our cake shows current sentiment (positive and negative) for a tag calculated from the content of recent delicious URLs for a tag. It's also delicious!

    • Delicious Cake Members
    • Hilary Mason
    • Diana Eng
    • Alicia Gibb
    • Bill Ward
  7. 7

    Innovation Destination

    Submitted by Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas ( MoHDI )

    I put a picture of myself on the wall of innovators.

    • Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas ( MoHDI ) Members
    • Drew Anderson
  8. 8

    YESH: Yahoo-Enabled Shell

    Submitted by Andrew Toulouse

    Sometimes you just don't want to write a bunch of boilerplate to explore an API. So use YESH!

    • Andrew Toulouse Members
    • Andrew Akira Toulouse
  9. 9

    RFID Roaming

    Submitted by SAS

    Take your X session with you with your RFID card!

    • SAS Members
    • Steven Schlansker
    • Steven Kisely
    • Andrew Toulouse
  10. 10

    hCard Fight!

    Submitted by TEAM UNICORN FRESH

    It's Microformats! It's the future! The future is NOW.

    • Cal Henderson
  11. 11

    New Hizzie

    Submitted by Zinkk Inc.

    The place to help you find your new home.

    • Zinkk Inc. Members
    • Kenny Katzgrau
    • John Crepezzi
  12. 12

    Audio Reviews

    Submitted by Unsigned in Java

    Post audio reviews of restaurants, hotels, clubs and the like. Make reviews more accessible. Also this creates an easy way to audio reviews integrate into GPS devices, phone apps, etc.

    • Unsigned in Java Members
    • Sandeep Chandur Ravi
  13. 13

    Comics want Internet Love Too

    Submitted by NYTimes Guys

    Giving comics web love.

    • NYTimes Guys Members
    • Michael Donohoe
    • Nick Thuesen
  14. 14

    Community Bulletin Boards

    Submitted by Tom Pinckney

    This is a simple web page that uses the new Geolcation APIs in iPhone Safari, Firefox 3.5 etc. It allows someone to find, create and add to message boards based on location just like physical bulletin boards that one sometimes finds in parks, on streets, in shops etc.

    • Tom Pinckney Members
    • Tom Pinckney
  15. 15


    Submitted by HellaCool

    This is a service that allows Blind and Visually impaired individuals to send and receive sms messages. To send a SMS to a blind or visually impaired person send it to @audiotexter.com. They will get a phone call that reads it to them and they can reply in the same phone call.

    • HellaCool Members
    • Jason Pope
  16. 16

    Distributed computing with Javascript

    Submitted by Thomas Hallock

    The browser can be used to act as a node on a distributed computing network.

    • Thomas Hallock Members
    • Thomas Hallock
  17. 17

    Power Trends

    Submitted by Power Trio

    Overview We've built a platform to both help consumers save on their energy bills and help energy providers predict load but leveraging social media. Through another project, we have access to a sample size of homes in Massachusetts. These homes are reporting their energy use to our servers, in real time using one minute intervals. Around this data we have built a challenge platform where towns can complete with each other for a prize, in our case winning a pot of money to have pothole…

    • Power Trio Members
    • Mike Bukhin
    • Hrishikesh Bakshi
    • Tarun Kothari
  18. 18


    Submitted by Queen's Law

    Insider trading of stocks is very valuable information. Knowing which executives are selling and buying is a very useful indicator for the millions of people who are casual investors. Yahoo Finance insider trading data is never better than a few days out of date. Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and Google Finance all purchase their data from a company called Edgar Online that charges fees for access to data that is often not up-to-date. I wrote a back-end application to constantly monitor the…

    • Queen's Law Members
    • Addy Cameron-Huff
    • Addy Cameron-Huff
  19. 19


    Submitted by Gapit

    Social network monitor and alerting Air application built on YQL

    • Gapit Members
    • Gabo Mendoza
    • Arpit Mathur
  20. 20

    The New York Toast

    Submitted by Team MakerBot

    Delivering the news, weather, and photos on toast. The newspaper may be dead, but everyone has to eat. Get the information you need as breakfast.

    • Team MakerBot Members
    • Adam Mayer
    • Bre Pettis
    • Zach Hoeken Smith
    • Mark Tabry
  21. 21

    Couch Potato RSS

    Submitted by

    This is an RSS reader built using the Yahoo! ConnectedTV widget api. It allows you to read any RSS feeds from the web while watching TV. It converts any HTML and CDATA content into easily readable text—like a reverse markdown. There is also a bonus feature, which allows the user to choose from a selection of sound clips that can be dubbed over whatever he or she is watching on the TV.

    • Members
    • Peter Coles
  22. 22

    Social TV Programming

    Submitted by Gattis

    Chat with other people who are watching the same television program.

    • Gattis Members
    • Matthew Gattis
  23. 23


    Submitted by Uncommon Projects

    A proof-of-concept iphone app for “geo-browsing” links in delicious.

    • Uncommon Projects Members
    • Josh Rooke-Ley
    • Tarikh Korula
  24. 24

    What's in the Box?

    Submitted by An Ode to Five

    A real-time visual journey where virtual meets physical at the crossroads of the present and the future.

    • An Ode to Five Members
    • Gregory Tomlinson
    • Dan Kantor
  25. 25


    Submitted by Junkyard Dogs

    FreeCycle is an extremely vibrant online community dedicated to the re-use of things that people no longer need. However, the community was organized using Yahoo Groups and all transactions are handled through e-mail which can be cumbersome at this volume and for the type of short lived transactions that are prevalent in this community. For JunkTions, we hacked together a 'Smart Assistant' that aggregates FreeCycle, Craigslist and Twitter information into a browse-able, searchable…

    • Junkyard Dogs Members
    • David Yang
    • Bethany Soule
    • Lou Zell
    • Sebastian Himberger, Shaun Farrugia
  26. 26

    Terminalcast rxvt-js

    Submitted by Terminalcast

    We rewrote rxvt in javascript. We can replay terminal sessions in a we browser

    • Terminalcast Members
    • Paddy Mullen
    • Heow Goodman
  27. 27

    Awesome! Creepyshow?

    Submitted by

    It's creepy and makes you want to eat jello pudding pops.

    • Members
    • Mo
  28. 28


    Submitted by Tren-D (Spot Something Fun)

    what is the world looking for. what is hot on the web. how am i going to get a piece of the action :).

    • Tren-D (Spot Something Fun) Members
    • Subbu Iyer
  29. 29

    Yahoo! Fantasy on ConnectedTV

    Submitted by georgia tech

    Giving the #1 fantasy sports web site a presence on Connected TV!

    • georgia tech Members
    • Michael Xu
    • Alex Guan
  30. 30

    Tvitter (ConnectedTV)

    Submitted by Yinzoo!

    A fundamental shift in how we consume television and film is occurring. Users are favoring non-live media sources, such as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Video-On-Demand services (e.g. Apple's iTunes Video Store), and even rented physical media (e.g. DVDs via Netflix). This time-shift makes it difficult for friends, family and coworkers to talk about common shows they enjoy - degrading the so-called "water cooler effect". Compounding this isolation is the fact that almost half of America…

    • Yinzoo! Members
    • Chris Harrison
    • Bryan Pendleton
    • Julia Schwarz
  31. 31

    Image Transmogrifier

    Submitted by ms

    The Image Transmogrifier takes as input two search queries. It finds appropriate images representing these queries and attempts to determine a sequence of photos to connect the two queries in an interesting way.

    • ms Members
    • Matt Sparks
  32. 32

    Deep Twitter Search (pipe name)

    Submitted by facterylabs.com

    Find the facts: pipe any query + URL set (like tiny URLs embedded in the Twitter feed) to the FactFinder pipe and we return a feed of relevant facts found inside those URLs.

    • facterylabs.com Members
    • Nitay Joffe
    • Paul Pedersen
  33. 34

    TV Widget - Recipe Finder

    Submitted by UW

    A Connected TV Hack that finds and displays recipes through the TV widget. The sidebar allows you to search for various foods in various ways. The options include: Alphabetical, Categorical, Images & Smart Search. Complete with ingredients, preparation, photos, nutritional facts, and even a food timer!

    • UW Members
    • David Truong
    • David Nufer
    • Alex Leone
  34. 35

    And the Baby Shall Warn You

    Submitted by Team Baby Makerbot

    This project makes a statement about the use of social networks and what information people transmit about themselves. A baby doll arm is mounted on a servo which is controlled by a program runnign on the laptop. This program continually searches Twitter for a term, such as "pregnant", and it twitches the arm in direct proportion to how often the term if mentioned in real time.

    • Team Baby Makerbot Members
    • Ben Combee
    • Raphael Abrams
  35. 36

    Social Restaurant Menu

    Submitted by Wetawa

    Reinventing the food ordering process with an interactive menu utilizing dynamic content and social elements.

    • Wetawa Members
    • Akeem Philbert
    • John Gist
  36. 37


    Submitted by Team Webduino

    This is a new sample for the Webduino library that uses YUI to provide a rich interface to data collected on a very, very small web server platform.

    • Team Webduino Members
    • Ben Combee
  37. 38

    Inhabited Web 2.0

    Submitted by Burgh!

    Humans infer a great deal about their environment by looking at how other people move about it. For example, before entering a new restaurant, we often look at how crowded it is. Shopping offers another example - we tend to be drawn to busier retailers, as they are more likely to have the latest fashions or biggest sales. Interestingly, despite the fact that the internet is teeming with millions of people, this most-basic of social phenomena is invisible to us. There's no notion of crowd…

    • Burgh! Members
    • Chris Harrison
    • Bryan Pendleton
    • Julia Schwarz
  38. 39

    Music Mashup

    Submitted by Taylor Quick

    Something about the "Voice of our generation" and how "You Belong with Me"...

    • Taylor Quick Members
    • Taylor Quick
  39. 41

    Personal Search Engine

    Submitted by PjNation

    A personal search engine where you can search against BOSS, your bookmarks, and the unique domains from your bookmarks. This app uses BOSS, YUI, and YQL. Login with test and asdf.

    • PjNation Members
    • Patrick Phillips
  40. 42

    Dreams Interpreter

    Submitted by DivineCaroline Westies

    Ever wonder what your dreams symbolize? Flying, falling, running late for school. This app invites users to enter their dreams and then understand the meanings behind them.

    • DivineCaroline Westies Members
    • Sasha Pave
    • John Bae
  41. 43

    Deep Twitter Search (that's a pipe name)

    Submitted by facterylabs.com

    Gives us a query + URL set (for example the tiny URLs embedded in a Twitter search result) and we return the relevant fact found within those URLs

    • facterylabs.com Members
    • Nitay Joffe
    • Paul Pedersen
  42. 44

    Meetup.com YQL Bookmarklet

    Submitted by Sergey

    YQL binding to Meetup.com's API and YUI-powered bookmarklet that uses it.

    • Sergey Members
    • Sergey Chernyshev