Hacks Submitted

  1. 229

    Recycle Hack (starting with unwanted book hacks)

    Submitted by Recycle Hack

    Book Hack Taking unwanted items and reusing them in a way that benefits the community. We started taking unwated books and asking members of the public to take a free book draw/hack it and then give it away to a stranger. Could a tech version be made? http://www.MUSTart.org This is a low tech hack but needs you to make it into something better. What else can be recycled for good?

    • Recycle Hack Members
    • Ed Whyman
  2. 230

    Coffee Coffee Coffee Hack http://www.openspacecafe.ning.com

    Submitted by Recycle Hack

    Coffee Hack http://www.openspacecafe.ning.com What else can be done with coffee and how we consume it? How about creating spaces where you buy coffee and the profits fund social enterprise hacking activities? or a Coffeeometer. We have a poolside London cafe location opening this summer and have been given unlimited free internet. What do you think we can do with this hi/low/no tech wise? This has started as a low tech hack but needs you to make it into something better?

    • Recycle Hack Members
    • Ed Whyman
  3. 231

    Hack Charity

    Submitted by Recycle Hack

    Hack Charity www.Freetraid.org Is there a better way to get donations/volunteers to work on charitable stuff? Would like to work with others on a way to reward donations by giving donors more than they gave in free 'things'. If donoros are rewarded they will repeat the process increasing donations multiple times. This is a low tech thing but could help charity somehow?

    • Recycle Hack Members
    • Ed Whyman
  4. 232

    Personal Aggregator (Social Feed)

    Submitted by Syd Lawrence

    A personal aggregator, to make your one true home on the internet.

    • Syd Lawrence Members
    • Syd Lawrence
    • Sam Clarke
    • Alex Teugels
  5. 233


    Submitted by PlaqueHack

    Using photos of blue plaques and their geo locations to plot them on a map, and use FireEagle to find nearby plaques

    • PlaqueHack Members
    • Simon Harriyott
    • Marvin Barretto
    • Jez Nicholson
    • Frankie Roberto
  6. 235


    Submitted by foomdo

    don't want to say...

    • foomdo Members
    • matt
    • henry
  7. 236


    Submitted by Team Realmac

    RightNahoo! finds events, photos, news and maps of where you are right now using as many APIs, and technologies as possible! APIs used; Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Geoplanet, Flickr, Last.fm. Yahoo!, Upcoming. The Guardian (and fire eagle if we have time!). Tech Used; Cocoa, Bonjour, Core Location, XPath, Quartz Composer, ImageKit, Webkit, Core Animation. RightNahoo! is a desktop application and requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 to run. (We also wrote an iPhone client to send the geo location to R…

    • Team Realmac Members
    • Dan Counsell
    • Nik Fletcher
    • Keith Duncan
    • Danny Greg
  8. 237


    Submitted by Fail Rising

    Finds dumb things that've happened on the internets.

    • Fail Rising Members
    • Caius Durling
    • Barry Carlyon
    • Jon Stirling
  9. 238

    They Work For EU

    Submitted by They Work For EU

    The proceedings of the European Parliament are available online, but only in the original language of the speaker. No human being can follow a debate. We're using machine translation to make European democracy comprehensible.

    • They Work For EU Members
    • Paul Battley
    • Julian Burgess
  10. 239

    Arabic Rich Text Editor

    Submitted by D1

    Created a plug-in to the YUI Rich Text Editor component that allows it to handle right-to-left text like Arabic. What it does: - Gives a right-to-left direction to the RTE interface - Adds UI to set the direction of any paragraph to right-to-left or back to left-to-right. - Mirrors the user interface as the direction of the paragraph changes. - Does some clever walking of the DOM to figure out what a paragraph is. E.g. if it is made with div,p,br or ul. - Its just a plug in and does not…

    • D1 Members
    • Adil Allawi
  11. 240

    Don't Clash It

    Submitted by Team Bagpuss

    Allows event organisers to find out whether their chosen dates clashes with anything relevant to their target audience (idea stolen from @alistair + @duck365.

    • Team Bagpuss Members
    • Leeky
  12. 241

    Mornington Crescent

    Submitted by -- DROP TABLE users;

    A real life based version of the Mornington Crescent game made famous by Radio 4. Part adventure, part real life, part random and noodles. And Arduino. yes

    • -- DROP TABLE users; Members
    • Sven
    • Paul[0]
    • Paul[1]
    • Willem
  13. 242


    Submitted by WallTweet

    A fantasy stock exchange based on Twitter trends. Twitter users buy/sell a quantity of "shares" in a trend by @replying to our twitter account (@walltweet). The value of the trend is based on how often that word has been tweeted recently. Twitter users' profit and loss, as well as the value of the trend can be monitored via the website.

    • WallTweet Members
    • Cat Burton
    • Adam Charnock
    • Rowan Beentje
    • Andrew Betts
  14. 244


    Submitted by Dundee

    Accessible search using canvas

    • Dundee Members
    • Chris Brett
    • Laurence Hole
    • Matthew Ross
  15. 245


    Submitted by TagWang

    TagWang. Is a time dependent track feature initially for twitter. Like playing poker with tags. It will link you up with other twitter users and information relevant to tags you use in explicit messages or your public timeline.

    • TagWang Members
    • Graeme Sutherland
    • Jonathan Markwell
    • Kalvir Sandhu
    • Jim Callender
  16. 246

    Today is a...

    Submitted by

    looks at the conditions of the world (news headlines/weather/stocks) and gives a verdict. the aim is to give a boolean value, good or bad + provide an api for hardware hacks and possibly products like alarm clocks etc. scraping news.yahoo.com and some other news sites. weather comes from google ig api as the maxmind geoip serves back long/lat which can't be used to query the yahoo weather service. stocks from yahoo finance csv file. writter in mvc framework codeigniter(php) where e…

    • Members
    • peder fjällström
  17. 247

    Guess what this is!

    Submitted by MMM

    It's a simple game that explores the "lost in translation" effect of search engines and semantic meaning as understood by people. The player is presented with a picture which he must describe in 42 characters. This description is then used to search for more pictures (Flickr, if empty Zemanta). User then picks one out of the line-up and can challenge friends with it.

    • MMM Members
    • Marko Mrdjenovic
    • Marko Samastur
  18. 248


    Submitted by OpenFreecycle

    OpenFreecycle is an attempt to make community sharing of free, unwanted items much more easy and widely accessible. Like eBay, for free. However, the Freecycle network operates as a collection of closed, private Yahoo Groups mailing lists. We want to build an open system: searchable, with feeds, and available to mashup with Greasemonkey in shopping sites, eBay, etc. "Don't buy this item, you can get it for free in your local community". http://dharmafly.com/openfreecycle

    • OpenFreecycle Members
    • Premasagar Rose
    • Tom Leitch
  19. 249

    Boss of Myspace

    Submitted by The Dissappointments

    use Yahoo BOSS to find Myspace music artists, link to the dbtune/myspace resource that is the best match and get the the myspace audio w/o having to look at ugly myspace pages. find BBC programmes from location, depending on artists featured on that programme related to that location, e.g. http://dbtune.org/openhacklondon/Bristol Uses DBpedia, BBC Music and BBC Programmes

    • The Dissappointments Members
    • Kurt J
    • Yves Raimond
    • Benjamin Heitmann
  20. 250


    Submitted by maryrosecook

    Compare the magnitude of stuff e.g. a guided missile destroyer costs as much as 24 thousand African water wells and 3 million fluffy kittens.

    • maryrosecook Members
    • maryrosecook
  21. 251

    Fire Eagle Guest Pass

    Submitted by Dale Lane

    Let people know where you are Share your Fire Eagle location with people on the move and/or who don't have Yahoo! userids, with a one-use only Guest Pass. Show them where you are on a mobile-friendly BluePrint site, and give them directions on how to find you from where they are. See more at http://www.slideshare.net/dalelane/fire-eagle-guest-pass See it live at http://feguestpass.appspot.com/

    • Dale Lane Members
    • Dale Lane
  22. 252


    Submitted by HSB & friends

    Our little bot is linked to the Internet, and can be controlled from mobile devices. Since it is on line, it will evolve soon, we hope it will bring good things to the world, and not total machine domination over mankind. Big thanks to our Mobile Steel friends Henry Senior & Daniel Sikar for helping us.

    • HSB & friends Members
    • Hans Fraiponts
    • Xflame
    • stef
    • Peter
  23. 254

    Open Security Key

    Submitted by #dongle

    This is a hardware and server software solution to improve security when logging in to web sites from a shared terminal. It allows a user to log using a public computer without reviling credentials that can be used to log them in a second time. This will prevent an account being compromised if passwords are captured by concealed cameras or key logging software. The hardware part of the solution is based around the Arduino microprocessor board. The hardware produces a sequence of characters…

    • #dongle Members
    • Alistair MacDonald
    • Nigel Crawley
    • Mr Duck
  24. 255

    Fetured Flickr Photo Gallery for Media Wiki

    Submitted by

    A simple featured flickr photo gallery for Mediawiki

    • Members
    • Sankatha Bamunuge
  25. 256

    Should I Backup My...

    Submitted by

    Tells the user wether they should backup their online data from a service based on the news info on the company. Then also provides with some links on how to backup the data. Uses YQL with Term extraction, and the Guardian APIs to detect company/product's status.

    • Members
    • Cristiano Betta
  26. 257


    Submitted by Dundee

    Accessible search using canvas

    • Dundee Members
    • Chris Brett
    • Laurence Hole
    • Matthew Ross
  27. 258

    London Undersound

    Submitted by

    By combining the data gathered by an Oyster card with last.fm scrobbles we can visualise what music is listened to where on the London underground!

    • Members
    • Dan W
  28. 259

    "Flying through space" visualization of flickr photos

    Submitted by

    Grabs flickr photos by tag and shows animation similar to classical "flying through space" screensavers but with photos in place of stars. Default flickr tag is "openhacklondon" but you can specify your own in URL, like this: http://cu.serveris.lv/stars/?interesting

    • Members
    • Peteris Caune
  29. 261


    Submitted by Team Newspan

    Implement a bayesian filter upon incoming news feeds, to provide more selective and relevant news.

    • Team Newspan Members
    • Mark Norman Francis
    • Richard Boulton
    • James Aylett
  30. 262


    Submitted by BadAPI

    When we're all using APIs to build mashups, we often forget that these APIs can go down, and it can really wreak havoc on your application. This is an App Engine app that reliably fails in a very predicatable and configurable way, to enable you to test your application's resilience to misbehaving APIs.

    • BadAPI Members
    • Andrew Betts
  31. 263

    XFN Profile Detection

    Submitted by George Brocklehurst

    A greasemonkey script that looks for XFN rel="me" links on a page and then using a combination of YQL and the Google Social Graph API finds all related profile pages. You can then quickly flick through the user's profiles and follow them or add them as a friend on many social networks without ever having to leave the page you were originally on.

    • George Brocklehurst Members
    • George Brocklehurst
  32. 264

    Physical Twitter

    Submitted by Willy Koop

    real life physical twitter

    • Willy Koop Members
    • Willem Koopman
  33. 265

    Flickr Photo Gallery Plugin For Media Wiki

    Submitted by Code Blocks

    This is a media wiki plugin to have a quick flickr photo gallery in your media wiki page. You can insert the photo gallery by using the following wiki syntax search=london; limit=20; thumbnail_image_size=small; zoom_image_size=medium; Config Params =========== serach: Flicker Photo Title To Search limit: number of searched photos to be included thumbnail_image_size: values can be small,medium & large zoom_image_size: values can be small,medium & large

    • Code Blocks Members
    • Sankatha Bamunuge
    • Neomal Jinapriya
  34. 266

    Purple Pedals Projected Points

    Submitted by

    Show your Purple Pedalled ride with a little help from flickr, yql and openlayers.

    • Members
    • Andrew Larcombe
  35. 267

    The Fabulous Human-Powered Browser

    Submitted by Kizoom

    In-tro-duc-ing... the one and only... the fabulous... human-powered browser. With robot finger, scooter scrolling and bean bag locations! Roll on up... roll on up...

    • Kizoom Members
    • Adam Cohen-Rose + Dan Fitzgerald
    • Matthew Smith + Joyce Stack
    • Neomal Jinappriya + Sankatha Bamunuge
  36. 268


    Submitted by angoru

    An Event creation application using pictures from flickr to show things, yahoo maps for the location and twitter for spreading all over the internet. I wanted to create this for a couple of friends that make an exibition of their paintins. I'll try to make it mobie.

    • angoru Members
    • Angel Gonzalo
  37. 269

    Hadoop Visual Studio

    Submitted by Shevek

    A visual studio for Hadoop: * Rapid prototyping of Hadoop operators. * Integration of operators into complex workflows, not just simple map-reduce * Graphical visualisation and manipulation * Continuous integration on the desktop * Ability to execute on local thread, virtual or live cluster TODO: * Ability to use non-hadoop components * MultiViews (e.g. source) for editing workflows.

    • Shevek Members
    • Shevek
  38. 270

    Mobile Steel

    Submitted by Benefits ULTD

    Indispensable application for all mobile pedal steel guitar players.

    • Benefits ULTD Members
    • Henry Senior
    • Daniel Sikar
    • Hans Fraiponts
    • Peter De Keyser
  39. 271

    Good Beer Map

    Submitted by Good Beer Map Crew

    A much needed hack to help you find the nearest good pub by mashing up the waypoint data from CAMRA's Good Beer Guide with a YUI Map.

    • Good Beer Map Crew Members
    • Chris Neale
    • Iain Collins
  40. 272


    Submitted by

    Using a map as a backdrop we're playing pong with a ball that represents images found at the location of its current position.

    • Members
    • Marko Mrdjenovic
    • Marko Samastur
  41. 273


    Submitted by WoW Pwnerz

    Updates what gear you change on your World of Warcraft character and tweets it.

    • WoW Pwnerz Members
    • Russell Smith
  42. 274

    Street Tag

    Submitted by

    Allows scallywags to exercise their urges for vandalism without incurring charges of property damage by virtually graffiti tagging buildings with Google Street View.

    • Members
    • Murray Steele
    • Ben Griffiths
  43. 275


    Submitted by We Have Bagels

    A mashup of epic proportions Geocaching + Pub Crawls... ""Its going to be bigger than twitter""

    • We Have Bagels Members
    • Dom Hodgson
    • Dan Smith
    • Tim Nash
    • Shaun
  44. 276

    Bill Tweets

    Submitted by @billtweets

    Helping you stay informed about bills before parliament. For each bill, this hack operates a twitter account that tweets about billl readings, divisions, blog and news mentions. You can now reference bills in your twitter conversations.

    • @billtweets Members
    • Rob McKinnon
  45. 277


    Submitted by KitHub

    Social 'analogue' design;)

    • KitHub Members
    • Ed
    • Fabien
    • Aurelie
    • Anna
  46. 278


    Submitted by

    Aggregates all tweets posted by the members of the Open Hack London community. The community consists of everyone who has posted a tweet with #openhacklondon hashtag. Uses Twitter API, YUI, Python.

    • Members
    • Liga Besere
    • Uldis Bojars
    • Peteris Caune
  47. 279

    Flickr celestial coordinates

    Submitted by

    An open table definition which extends the flickr API to add celestial coordinates, RA and Dec, to flickr photos. Values are parsed from flickr machine tags and returned as a new table, flickr.photos.astro, with columns for photo id, title, url and coordinates. This should allow location-based searching for astro photography.

    • Members
    • Jim O'Donnell
  48. 280

    Tweet My Ride

    Submitted by Two Saalim's...

    A simple way of finding someone to share your ride home.

    • Two Saalim's... Members
    • Salim Virani
    • Saalim Chowdhury
  49. 281

    The Flu Code Search

    Submitted by Team Flu Code

    Having observed the recent debacle regarding media coverage of the pandemic risks of swine flu, I thought it might be useful to harness Yahoo BOSS search API to create a custom search engine for flu that only searches a curated list of sites that are accurate and trustworthy regarding pandemic flu risks and strategies

    • Team Flu Code Members
    • Mamading Ceesay
  50. 282


    Submitted by Drunken Master

    Shows you drunk people on Twitter. Uses Pipes. Built in about 5 minutes.

    • Drunken Master Members
    • Tom Morris
  51. 284


    Submitted by xabcDcbA


    • xabcDcbA Members
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
  52. 285


    Submitted by eGFiY0RjYkE


    • eGFiY0RjYkE Members
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
  53. 287


    Submitted by xabcDcbA


    • xabcDcbA Members
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
    • xabcDcbA
  54. 288


    Submitted by eGFiY0RjYkE


    • eGFiY0RjYkE Members
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
    • eGFiY0RjYkE
  55. 290


    Submitted by

    Based on the user's current location, mail will show relevant advertisments and provide information on local events /shows

    • Members
    • Manav Raman
    • Amit Jaiswal
  56. 291

    abdul salam

    Submitted by samson afridi

    i m only change the this site picture and logo.

    • samson afridi Members
    • abdul salam
    • abdul salam
  57. 292


    Submitted by sextaxie


    • sextaxie Members
    • 4231257
  58. 293

    Hack password user

    Submitted by Pisank_rebos


    • Pisank_rebos Members
    • 1
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3