1. SlideShare App for Mobile

    Submitted by scriptease

    The problem: people can use SlideShare to watch and share presentations worldwide using a computer, but not on mobile.

    The solution:
    We're attempting to bring SlideShare to mobile using Yahoo! Blueprint. So, people can watch presentations on their mobiles and use some features relevant to the mobile context. We will show your slideshows, your SlideShare contact's slideshows, push feeds like latest, popular, featured slideshows from SlideShare, slideshows tweeted on Twitter and you can search for slideshows. You can do live broadcast of your slideshow remotely to any number of clients all over the world using our sync tool. You can share a slideshow you like with your SlideShare contacts by email. If they have Yahoo! Mail, and have SlideShare mail app added (yay!), then they can watch the shared slideshow right on the app page. You can also tweet a slideshow you like (this is flaky). We also have built in an interface to help the user jump to a particular slide while watching a slideshow.

    Ability to show contextual ads alongside the slideshow is definitely a commercial thing worth considering.

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