1. Travel Assist

    Submitted by Beanbag-Hackers

    The Problem:
    Planning a travel…want to know the whereabouts of the city like:
    • Where to stay??
    • Where/What to eat??
    • What “Not to Miss”??
    What do all of us do?
    Search on the internet – Yahoo!, Google, travel related websites, blogs etc.
    What do we get?
    -- Heaps of incomplete, untrusted information.
    The Actual Problem:
    1.) Ambiguous data.
    2.) Trust someone’s opinion who we don’t know…HOW???
    We end up calling our friends and taking their opinion...

    The Solution: Travel Assist
    Let your friends put the crisp and meaningful information.. that you can search when you are visiting a new place and get feedback on the city whereabouts rather than searching on the web and getting dumps of ambiguous information.Similarly, you help your other friends by putting your opinion after/during your visit. Make sure that your friends receive your feeds/inputs!
    Extensibility Options:
    1.) Mobile Application using blueprint.
    2.) Can be made granular to any “famous” place in a city [which has a woeid].
    3.) Authentication using “open id”.
    4.) Add/Customise more info like "weather".
    5) Travel rating among friends; Win the title of "Best Rated Travel Assist"

    Technologies Used:
    In Demo: GeoPlanet + YQL +OpenSocial To be For Extension: FireEagle + Blueprint

    • Beanbag-Hackers Members
    • Nidhi Chaudhary
    • Anurag Jain
    • Status
    • In progress