1. SmsMail

    Submitted by L3GACY

    The User can send E-Mail with attachments to a destined E-Mail Address, all while sitting at a location far away from any computer, all by sending a Mobile SMS.

    This remote transfer triggered by a mere Mobile SMS is safe, fast and requires simply an active Mobile connection.

    The files being sent by the user are kept at a safe location - FTP Server on which the user has an account.

    The user sends an SMS to the "application server" giving the details of his FTP Account, attachment files, and E-Mail destination, that's it. And we're done! Your file has been sent!

    • L3GACY Members
    • Kunal Jain
    • Saket Bharambe
    • Harshit Dubey
    • Vipul Raheja
    • Status
    • Finished