1. RemindMe - IIITH

    Submitted by GAPS

    In this busy world, we need reminders for many events in day to day life. Sometimes we forget to set our reminders. Do we need a reminder for setting a reminder ? ;) .. How about our friends adding reminders to our list. This is what our "RemindMe" does. We planned for a Y! Desktop widget, but for now made a simple web app using CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Twitter API. It connects to the user's twitter account and extracts the reminders and display them in a interactive UI. Other simple extensions could be, generating ICAL format and thus integrating with Google Calendar, OutLook etc.,

    • GAPS Members
    • Anil Kishore
    • Girish Kumar Vakati
    • Srikanth Reddy
    • Praveen Maremanda
    • Status
    • Finished