1. Inhabited Web 2.0

    Submitted by Burgh!

    Humans infer a great deal about their environment by looking at how other people move about it. For example, before entering a new restaurant, we often look at how crowded it is. Shopping offers another example - we tend to be drawn to busier retailers, as they are more likely to have the latest fashions or biggest sales.
    Interestingly, despite the fact that the internet is teeming with millions of people, this most-basic of social phenomena is invisible to us. There's no notion of crowds on the web - where users are congregating, and where they are flowing to and from.

    Our system embeds a small, simple visualization into web pages, next to the browser's scroll bar. Each triangle represents a single user and their position on the current page (scroll position). Collectively, this allows you to see where people are congregating on a web page - perhaps next to a great deal, interesting news story, or funny video.

    To illustrate what this all looks like, we've created several demo pages. In addition to real web surfers (like yourself), we're simulating a thousand users moving about our website. This populates our demo pages.

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    • Chris Harrison
    • Bryan Pendleton
    • Julia Schwarz
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