1. junktions.com

    Submitted by Junkyard Dogs

    FreeCycle is an extremely vibrant online community dedicated to the re-use of things that people no longer need. However, the community was organized using Yahoo Groups and all transactions are handled through e-mail which can be cumbersome at this volume and for the type of short lived transactions that are prevalent in this community.

    For JunkTions, we hacked together a 'Smart Assistant' that aggregates FreeCycle, Craigslist and Twitter information into a browse-able, searchable interface that adds value to the individual listings by integrating with several Yahoo APIs including Term Extractor, PlaceMaker and Shopping through YQL and Pipes. We also want to be cognizant of maintaining the vibrancy of the community and we've hacked reverse posting APIs that post back to the Yahoo Groups and on social media channels.

    This hack also involved the last-minute repurposing of a different site as the interface for using all these heterogeneous data sources.

    • Junkyard Dogs Members
    • David Yang
    • Bethany Soule
    • Lou Zell
    • Sebastian Himberger, Shaun Farrugia
    • Status
    • Finished