1. Annotate Anything

    Submitted by Buzzters

    In the age of everything becoming "social", you can listen to the same songs as your friends, read what news stories your friends are reading, and know about their locations in real time.
    For meaningful interaction though, its hard to know what your friends are saying about stories you read - either their comments get buried in 100s of comments, and often it's just boring to keep scrolling to see what friends are saying.
    Additionally, you just lose context about what exactly your friends are talking about - and we thought, it would be so much awesomer to see comments right in the context where they were meant to be seen? We have created a Chrome Extension, which lets you rightclick and annotate any text in a webpage or new site you are reading, and lets you see annotations made by your friends as your read through the story!

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    • Sanika Mokashi
    • Shibani Medhekar
    • Adhish Bhobe
    • Rohit Mathews, Amol Shintre
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