1. Happoning

    Submitted by The Happoning Team

    Ever wanted to throw a last minute BBQ? But it wouldn’t be worth firing up the grill unless at least five friends committed to going. Or go out for drinks? But it’d be way more fun if three people joined you. Or maybe throw a big party? If 50 people come, drinks are on you!

    We introduce Happoning.com - collective partying power!

    The key idea here is that when planning an event, the host can specify some simple extra constraints. You’ll only throw X event if Y people commit before Z deadline. This allows for impromptu planning, potentially on very short time scales (e.g., this weekend, after work, in one hour). When an invited user visits the event page, they know “its happoning” only if it passes the tipping point by the deadline. This encourages people to commit in a timely manner. It also means the host is off the hook if not enough people commit. If enough people commit, the host has time to get things ready.

    Oh yea, it’s happoning!

    • The Happoning Team Members
    • Chris Harrison
    • Stephen Oney
    • Jason Wiese
    • Turadg Aleahmad
    • Status
    • In progress