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    Textual meta-data in tittle , tags and surrounding texts associated with the video powers the todays video search engine. For e.g. if i upload a video of some random event and tag it with Tom Cruise, Hollywood Movie Star etc., it is very likely that current video search engine will return this video when searched for Tom Cruise. Current search approach falls severely short by ignoring the richness of information within the video medium; an engine should ideally use this information to help a user search and navigate content.

    Next generation video search engine needs to provide users with the ability to search for sections within a video; allow users consume bits and pieces of a video that would be of interest to them; and let the users kill time during lunch breaks in creative ways. In addition, instead of offering just one thumbnail as representation for a whole video, it would be great to be able to partition a video into its constituent narrative themes and allow users to navigate through a video on a more granular level with better video surrogates.

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