1. S.S.D.D

    Submitted by Wolfpack

    Fact #1 Todo lists are boring.
    Fact #2 Todo lists dont help you get things done.

    S.S.D.D is a smart todone-er which helps you with suggestions in getting things done.

    Being in NYC, this todone-er is tailored towards getting clothes shopping done efficiently and quickly.

    The app uses your facebook login, to identify the clothing brands that you "Like". Based on these, the app provides focused, relevant information on the deals on those brands.

    The application also has an advertising engine, which is monetized to provide "Sponsored Links". These ads are more focused than web search ads as it targets your clothing purchase needs at the right time.

    The app provides recommendations on related clothing/accessories to help you to create a complete "todone-er" without missing things out.

    • Wolfpack Members
    • Niranjan B Prithviraj
    • Rengarajan Venkatachari
    • Status
    • In progress