1. Give+

    Submitted by Philanthropals

    The hack is a facebook application to make donations to children in India. We know that as of today we have so many aspirants who really want to pursue their education but the only thingsholding them back is financial constraints. Our app makes it extremely convenient for an individual to make a donation and in turn be informed of how exactly the money he/she has shelled out is making a substantial difference to a child. The student wil have to register to an NGO and the NGOs will have registered using this app. When a philanthropist wants to make a donation there will appear before him a list of students he can choose from with the details.

    • Philanthropals Members
    • Ganesh Hegde
    • Ashwini Naik
    • Rahul Ramakrishnan
    • Vikas Jain
    • Status
    • In progress