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    When you want to share your online contact details with someone, what would you be giving? Just an E-mail ID? No, professionals like to share their LinkedIn accounts, some might like to share their blog site url, and the current trend is the twitter id, of Facebook link. Or you might just have your website address. But, your personal data is spread across so many places on web. I might end up sharing many URLs (like I saw speakers do at end of tech talk sessions). And this list will just grow if you want to add yahoo profile, google profile, github...

    So the good thing is all these sites allow you to share your data in a controlled way (oauth mostly).

    So my hack aims at building a simple site where user can share profile information about all their public profiles and my application gives them back a URL unique to each user. Going to this URL will display the profile data mashed up from different accounts directly or provide links to respective sites.

    This will be like a virtualized profile combining best of all the awesome sites already available.

    So effectively I can share the professional part of me from LinkedIn, More private part of me from FB, Y! and my feeds (blogs, tweets) at one link.

    I have built this using app using javascripts, and JSP/Servlets hosted on Google App Engine. OAuth, YQL, JSON, CSS3 are few more interesting things used. Eclipse and dreamweaver as IDEs and Photoshop for UI. As on today [07/31/2011], many enhancements are pending to be implemented and I hope to have this site running in full strength shortly.

    Thanks to Yahoo! for providing such a wonderful platform.

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