1. Traffic Lights

    Submitted by HackerZero

    Traffic Lights is a user powered traffic information system.

    Problem: We spend most of our time in traffic. Isn't it good to know the dense of the traffic around you so that you can take some alternative route?

    Solution: Here comes the Traffic Lights, It's for the users and by the users. For Example, User "Bob" is stuck in a traffic for so long, he is driving. He wants to share that there is a Jam at his location. He checks-in using traffic lights mobile website.

    User "Rob" found that there is a Traffic Jam near his location which is the information updated by "Bob". So he plans to take other route to his destination.

    User can check-in using either of the three buttons available on homepage

    RED: Heavy Traffic Jam
    ORANGE: Moving Traffic
    GREEN: Empty Road (Enjoying the Driving)

    This can be used for Traffic Statistic purposes or for the User Benefit so that he don't waste time by leaving to the Traffic Jam.

    Google Maps in India doesn't have Traffic Tracking yet.

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